Why Are Hotel Mattresses So Comfortable? (Get Hotel-Like Experience at Your Home)

I often wonder why lying on hotel mattresses feels so comfortable. Do you feel the same?

The sleep in the hotel’s bedroom hits differently than in your own home’s mattress. Do you feel the same?

What type of material do hotels use in their mattresses? You also wonder the same, right?

Then, you have stepped in the right spot if you feel a yes.

If not, then also give it a read and try to find out how to modify your home mattress to a comfy and soft one!


What Type of Mattresses do Hotels Use?

Following are the different and most common types of bed mattresses used in luxurious hotels which make their bedding look comfortable:-

1. Latex Mattress

Latex mattressThe Latex mattress is made using synthetic rubber extracted from tree sap. They provide a good level of support to the guest’s body, making them extra comfortable.

These mattresses are good for those who like firmness in their bed mattress.

And as these mattresses are produced using natural fibers, they don’t cause any allergies to the skin and breathing problems.


2. Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress It is the most widely used synthetic mattress foam. It is very popular in hotels, motels, inns, guest houses, and other facilities that require a multipurpose mattress.

Since it remains firm to your body structure, it gives you an undisturbed and comfortable sleep.

These mattresses are a great option for those who have joint pains. Thus, it allows you to sleep in all your favorite sleeping positions.

That is the reason why visitors feel so relaxed by lying on the bed the whole day after a tiring journey.


3. Air Mattress

Air mattressAir mattresses are the most cost-effective ones.

These have separated portions rather than springs or foams. And these portions are filled with air.

Hence, the shape of this mattress can be adjusted easily according to the guests who don’t like much pressure on their body parts.


4. Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattressThese mattresses have bouncy springs below their upper layer, as per the name. Hence, it makes you jump on the bed as soon as you see it, which is way too fun.

It also provides great support to the sleepers due to the aligned arrangement of bouncy springs.

There are many gaps between the springs fitted in the mattress. Thus, allowing proper ventilation of air and body heat circulation.


How do they do that?

1. By Creating Halo-Effect

The ‘halo effect’ is the most unknown yet significant technique practiced by most luxurious hotels.

The hoteliers use white or light-shaded themes in their rooms to create a sense of peace and relaxation. So, the guests feel calm and stress-free on entering the room.

The same is with the beds and mattresses. You most probably have seen white bed sheets or cushion covers. This is because it creates a ‘halo effect’ in the room of the arrivers, making it look more clean, tidy, and spacious.

Thus, you are bound to feel at ease through this white color, leaving you relaxed.


2. By Using Mattress Toppers

Hotel management uses mattress toppers to add an extra comfort layer to the bed mattress. Hence, also providing firm support to the mattress.

You can feel comfier laying on the mattress with toppers. It reduces the pressure on the joints of your hip, shoulder, lower back, or arms.

These toppers also prevent the hotel mattresses from sagging, adding a layer of protection. Hence, they tend to last longer than the standard mattress used at home for sleeping.

3. By Using Premium Bedsheets

Bedsheets are the first thing that catches our sight the moment we look around the hotel bedroom. Thus, hotels tend to use high-quality premium bedsheets to create a more elegant look for the room.

The thread used in the premium sheets is either silk or cotton, with a thread count of around 250 to 300. It makes it appear softer and cozier.

Also, the softness of the bedsheets makes you fall asleep easily.


Want to buy one for your home?

You may have an urge to buy a comfortable mattress till now on which you can sleep in your home. And yes, it is possible to experience the hotel-level comforts at your home now.

So, you can adopt some of the alternatives listed below to help you with creating a comfy bedroom-

1. A Proper Firmed Mattress

You might have experienced that hotel mattress leaves your shoulders, back, or knees sore. Also, the hotel mattresses are a bit expensive, which might not match your shopping budget.

So, you can opt for the mattress with the firmness that suits your body structure and the one which also is friendly for your pocket. This way, you can find comfiness and support providers for your body.


2. Combo of Pillows

The pillow on which you rely your head is the most crucial for your neck and shoulders. A high pillow will make your neck muscles stiff. At the same time, a lower one will stretch your neck muscles and veins. Thus, this could be riskier for your posture.

Generally, hotels use fluffier pillows for the bedding. But they often provide firm pillows as well, because all guests have different demands.

So, go with the combo of both firm and soft cottony pillows. It will provide you with much greater comfiness and firmness.


3. Quality Bed Sheets

There is no doubt that different colored and patterned bedsheets make your room look more attractive.

But try replacing them with lighter shade bedsheets. They will also go in contrast to your wall too.

Also, while buying bedsheets, consider the ones of high quality. Look for the cottony soft, or silky texture, which counts for at least 250 threads.


4. Mattress Topper

If you are falling short of funds at the moment, how about the idea of adding a topper to your mattress?

Mattress topper doesn’t cost much and is easily available in many varieties.

A Mattress topper can be the best choice for you if you want to add an extra layer of softness to your home mattress. It can make your present mattress cozier.


How to Get a Hotel-Like Experience at Your Home?

1. Change Your Bed Sheets Regularly.

Change and wash your bedsheets with a fabric-friendly detergent on a regular basis. This will protect your mattress by preventing it from dirt or dust.

It will also help in cleaning dust mites that may reside in your mattress over time.

Studies suggest that 75 percent of people have a better and sound sleep when their bedsheet smells pleasant.

Thus, you can use scented detergents or fabric washers to make your bedsheet look refreshing-like in hotels.


2. Get a Room Freshener.

Scented rooms are very much helpful in reducing stress levels and anxiety.

Mild fragrances can make you calm and more focused on your work.

You will feel afresh every time you enter the room – just like you feel when you come back to your hotel room.


3. Make Corner Folds.

Make clean and crisp bedsheet folds at the end of four corners.

To do this,

  1.     Spread the bedsheet over the mattress
  2.     Make sure it is equal from all four sides
  3.     Get rid of wrinkles by gently moving hands over the sheet
  4.   Tuck in the sheet from all four sides except the corners
  5.   Now, make a triangle of bed sheet left at every corner
  6.   Tuck it underneath the mattress

And tada! You now have a bed that looks more appealing than before.



1. What kind of mattresses does 4-star hotel use?

General luxurious hotels prefer innerspring mattresses to provide greater comfort to their guests.


2. What is the price of a hotel bed mattress?

Many hotels have mattresses that cost between 10000 to 20000 Rs, depending on mattress quality and brand.


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Hotels prioritize their guest’s choices for the mattresses suitable for them. They don’t compromise on quality and comfort. That’s why their mattresses feel so comfortable.

Now you know how to style your room like a luxurious hotel one. You can now wake up feeling energized every morning.

You might already be in a vacation mood till now. Hence, wishing you the best with your bedroom setup.

Please do comment and let us know how you like the article. And share with your friends and family who might get help with it.

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