What is an Inverter Washing Machine? (Function, Advantages, Disadvantages and More)

If we talk about the most advanced and reliable washing machines, then inverter washing machines top the list. Just like different types of washing machines, inverter washing machines are one of them.

Here is a complete guide regarding what an inverter washing machine is. What an inverter washing machine is and its benefits and drawbacks are all mentioned in this guide. 


What inverter washing machines genuinely are? 

What inverter washing machines genuinely are? 

Inverter washing machines are not very different from any other washing machine that is available in the market. They do not make as much noise as any other washing machine would. 

What makes an inverter washing machine unique is the smart inverter motor that is installed in it. This smart inverter motor helps recognize the workload and adjust the speed of the motor accordingly. 

It does not consume a lot of energy compared to other washing machines. Overall, inverter washing machines are energy efficient and are the optimum choice for washing machines.


What are the essential things to know about inverter technology?

If you look at the motor of a regular washing machine that does not come with a smart inverter motor, you will find that it runs at the same speed irrespective of the load. 

Since a normal washing machine runs at the same rate, it makes much more noise than the inverter washing machines. Due to this, they are not energy efficient and require the same amount of energy for any kind of workload.

Vertible speed allows the inverter technology or inverter washing machine’s motor to change speed according to the load of your clothes. Inverter technology is also efficient if you do not want to pay huge electricity bills. 

It reduces the wastage of power in comparison to any other washing machine. You can also find that the inverter motor that is installed in the inverter washing machine has different speed settings, due to which it is not as noisier as other washing machines. 

So if you want to go and get yourself the latest model of washing machines, you should bring home one that has inverter technology.


How does inverter technology work on washing machines?

How does inverter technology work on washing machines?

Inverter technology makes use of the inbuilt sensors that are present in the inverter washing machine. These sensors determine how many clothes you put inside the washing machine and regulate the workload.

 Looking at this workload, your washing machine decides the optimum functioning speed. Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) motors or Brushless DC motors are used in inverter technology. 

These are used so that your washing machine can adjust the speed according to the workload.


What are the advantages of inverter technology?

What are the advantages of inverter technology?

Since every story has two sides, you can easily find benefits and drawbacks to inverter washing machines as well. Here are the advantages of inverter washing machines.

1. Energy-efficient:

Since an inverter washing machine can determine the optimum speed at which your washing machine should work according to the workload, it saves a lot of electricity. 

This is why inverter technology or inverter washing machines are energy efficient and do not consume a lot of energy.


2. Low vibration in noise level:

If you compare any other washing machine with an inverter washing machine, you will find that they do not produce as much vibration as the others do. Since the vibration is low, it reduces the level of noise.


3. Highly durable and long-lasting:

Due to the inverter technology, inverter washing machines do not overexert themselves. This is why they last longer and are more durable than any other washing machine.


4. Low maintenance:

You do not need to give hours and hours in maintaining an inverter washing machine. This is because of low friction and improved design.


What are the disadvantages of inverter technology?

What are the disadvantages of inverter technology?

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are the disadvantages of inverter technology.


Anything that uses the latest technology doesn’t come in cheap. Since inverter technology is one of the latest designs, it is slightly more expensive than any other washing machine. 

This is the only disadvantage that inverter washing machines have.


In-depth comparison of inverter technology in terms with Direct Drive Motor V/S Conventional Motor

1. Direct Drive Motor:

LG was the first-ever manufacturer to invent direct drive technology. Direct Drive Motor is also one of the most popular motors available and is very effective

The Direct-Drive technology uses the direct connection of the motor to the washtub to decrease vibration. Apart from reducing the vibrations, it also enhances the motor’s efficiency and makes it more durable.

All in all, Direct Drive Motor enhances the performance and durability of inverter technology. It also makes your washing machine noiseless and vibration-free.


2. Conventional Motor:

Pulley-driven technology or belt-driven technology is used to run conventional washing machines. Conventional motors are not connected to the washtub, which is why you can feel the vibration and hear the noise produced by it. 

Conventional motors are not easy to maintain and require more maintenance.


Why should you invest in an inverter washing machine?

Looking at the advantages of inverter washing machines, it is an ideal buy. Most washing machines come with equal benefits and drawbacks.

However in water washing machines just have a single drawback. They are highly efficient, do not produce a lot of vibration and noise, are highly durable, and require low maintenance. 

These are all the things we look for in anything we purchase. Inverter washing machines are modern and can make your life much easier.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Which drum is better in washing machines?

Plastic drums are better if you want easier cleaning and protect your drum against hard water. However, steel drums are more premium and can be found in all types of washing machines.


2. How much can you put in a 7 KG washing machine?

You can easily wash 5 shirts, 5 pairs of jeans, 1 towel, 1 bedsheet, and 1 pillowcase in one single wash cycle.


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The Bottom Line-

In terms of efficiency, inverter washing machines are incredibly efficient. If you think about it, you would be wasting a lot more money on maintaining other washing machines that do not come with inverter technology. 

However, inverter washing machines are a one-time investment and do not require any maintenance.

In the comment section below, let us know your thoughts on inverter washing machines.

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