Spring Mattress VS Foam Mattress: Which one Should i Buy

Spring mattress or foam mattress – well, it is always difficult to choose between the two best names. Isn’t it?

Without any doubt, sleeping on the right mattress is very essential; not just for getting quality sleep but also for the overall health benefits. Therefore, it is important to choose the right mattress that can offer the best benefits.

Now, when it comes to choosing a suitable mattress, we are most often stuck with the same old debate between a spring mattress and foam mattress.

Which of the two mattresses is better and how? Which mattress will make the most reliable option to sleep on? Are the two mattresses the same? These are some of the questions that generally pop up in the mind when struggling with the dilemma of choosing one name out of these two names.

Let us take you through all the essential details about these mattresses for ending your battle of choosing a suitable mattress for your needs and requirements.


Spring Mattress:

Spring mattress vs Foam mattress

Spring mattresses came into the light in the late 1800s. They follow the traditional design with embedded springs in a layered cushion structure which is further wrapped in fabric. Despite being a dated mattress, spring mattress hasn’t lost its charm amongst the users.

Pros of the mattress:

  • Inexpensive
  • Suitable airflow
  • Ready to use
  • No problem of being too warm
  • No outgas odor
  • They don’t mould to the body

Cons of the mattress:

  • Prone to sagging
  • Requires high maintenance
  • Uneven weight distribution
  • Can get noisy
  • Limited back support


Foam Mattress:

Foam mattress vs Spring mattress 2022

The foam mattresses became popular right after their inception. It is based on modern technology and is made with different layers to offer maximum support and comfort to its users. These mattresses mould to the body shape and targets to every need in the best possible manner. It relies on the idea of sufficient air trapped within an aerated substance; rather than using springs.

Pros of the mattress:

  • Highly durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Offers even weight distribution
  • Provides the best back support and comfort
  • Anti-microbial
  • Last longer than any other mattress
  • Supports pressure relieving properties

Cons of the mattress:

  • Slightly expensive
  • Can produce additional heat and thus can get warm
  • Requires time to mould to the body
  • Creates an odor; in some cases

Now, when we are done with the general introduction of the two mattresses, let us have a look at the various essential factors which will help you make a suitable decision.

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Spring Mattress vs Foam Mattress – Who will win?

Budget/ Cost:

The first thing that we all think before buying a mattress is its budget. We all want to get a nice suitable mattress within an affordable price range. After all, sound sleep without digging a hole in your pocket is worth to have, isn’t it?

If you have a limited budget, then you should go for spring mattresses as they are inexpensive. On the other hand, if budget is not a constraint, then foam mattress would make a suitable choice for delivering the desired benefits.



Another thing that we all look for in a mattress before buying them is its durability. Who would want to buy a mattress which doesn’t last for the expected time frame?

Talking about these two available options of mattresses, foam mattresses are more durable than a spring mattress.

Foam mattresses are designed with high-quality foam which tends to help the mattress to last longer and be more durable.

Spring mattress, on the other hand, faces a decrease in comfort after some time of use. This makes them less durable along with making them prone to sagging and less uniform.


Recommended for:

Both the mattresses are good in delivering the required benefits to the users but both are meant for different types of individuals.

Foam mattresses are designed for offering maximum support to the users who are suffering from extreme back pain. Thanks to its ability to mould to the body shape, the memory foam mattress can easily adjust according to the shape of the user’s body.

Spring mattresses are not that effective against the problem of back pain. These mattresses are designed to offer the normal spine curvature and thus keep the back in proper alignment. A spring mattress can be beneficial when you are not already suffering from back pain as they can help to prevent the same.



If you have been ignoring to consider the mattress’s ability to balance the surrounding temperature, as you select the mattress, then there may be a chance that you are making a wrong decision.

In between the two mattress options, spring mattress is a cooler option to consider than foam mattress as they do not retain heat which gets trapped from the user’s body. Spring mattresses are a suitable option for people who live in hot and humid climatic conditions.

Foam mattresses are not generally considered suitable for people living in a hot climate as they can get really warm during the use. Memory foam traps the heat and then retains the same heat which results in making the mattress uncomfortable at times. The main reason behind this is the fact that the memory foam mattress relies on the body’s heat to become adjustable to the user’s body shape and sleeping positions.


Offered bounce:

If you are one of those who prefer a bouncing mattress, then we would like to suggest buying a spring mattress. Spring mattresses are the bounciest of all and thus can offer you the best desired bouncing feel as and when needed.

Talking about the foam mattress, they are more on the side of being shock absorbing. This means that the foam mattresses can return to the desired natural position without causing much bounce for its users. Along with this, the different foam mattresses have different variability of bounce to offer to the users.


Sleeping position:

The choice of the mattress also depends on the sleeping position. There are different mattresses available for different sleeping positions.

For the users who prefer sleeping on their stomach and their side, they more often tend to prefer buying foam mattress as they get better support and cushion support from the foam mattress.

On the other hand, the users who are back sleepers prefer a mattress which is firm and soft at the same time and thus the spring mattress is one preferred choice for them.

Yes, of course, the models and style of the mattress can be different but the overall type of mattress would be more or less the same for the users.



It has been observed that the initial sleeping experience on the foam mattress can be a little unpleasant because of the chemical smell. However, after unboxing and with 2-3 times of sleep, this odor problem can get completely sorted.

Spring mattress is free from any such odor problem and thus can be used as and how it is delivered to the users. There is no such unpleasant odor problem with the spring mattress.


Partner disturbance:

If you very often face interrupted sleeping experience because of your partner’s movement, then you surely need a mattress that can offer you the benefits of zero partner disturbances. This is where memory foam mattresses come into the picture.

The memory foam mattresses are so designed that they can easily adjust to the sleeping movements of the users without causing any disturbances to the other partner sleeping along. This will prevent causing any problem to any of the user sleeping on the foam mattress.

The experience of sleeping on the spring mattress, in this case, can be a little different. If you are sleeping with a restless sleeper, then you would face some disturbances as the spring mattress will bounce back every time with the partner’s movement.



Everything in this world requires proper maintenance. This can be true but the foam mattress is certainly an exception to this. The foam mattress is so designed that they do not require any maintenance; neither they require to get flipped or rotated with time. All you need to do is to keep the cover and sheet clean and appropriately use the mattress.

Spring mattress, on the contrary, needs maintenance along with the need to get rotated after every 3-month. You should also avoid the bending or folding of the spring mattress as it can result in breaking the mattress.


Research before you sleep on the mattress:

Comfort is the ultimate benefit that all of us look forward to get from the chosen mattress. To conclude, we would like to suggest, do some research about the mattress, post understanding your sleeping needs and requirements and then buy any mattress.

Both the mattress has its share of benefits to offer to their users. The decision of the mattress is a personal choice and can vary from person-to-person. Spring or foam mattress – whichever you choose; it should offer you the best support and comfort without any fail.

Your sleep is in your hands, choose it wisely!

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