Split AC vs Window AC- Key Differences, Advantages and Disadvantages, and more!

Summer is approaching; hence you decided to buy a new AC for your home. The electric shop on the corner of the street suggests a split AC, while the big shop in the mall pushes you to buy a window ac! Both say the choice is your’s sir, but how to decide? 

A good way will be to look at their advantages and disadvantages- wait! We already have it ready for you! a complete guide to help you decide- split or window – which one will be the best fit for your house.


What is A Window AC?

What is A Window AC

A window AC is a compact boxed air conditioning unit that will have to be placed either on a window or in a space carved out into a wall; most of its components go inside the wall/window cavity while its face remains outside.

The basic elements of a window AC are a thermostat, an evaporator coil, tubing filled with refrigerant, a compressor, a condenser coil, and a fan. When you turn on the Ac, warm air from the room is sucked into the appliance through the fan. The warm air is passed through the cooled coils and is made to cool down and is then pushed out into the room hence making your room cool.


What are the Advantages of a Window AC?

The boxed air cooler comes with a load of advantages as mentioned below- 


  • Affordable,

A key advantage of the window ac, is that it is affordable, so if you are on a budget constraint you can easily buy a window AC for your home, A window AC can cost anywhere between 15000- 25000.


  • Easy installation

The window AC is a compact boxed structure; hence installing is easy! it will mostly require a trained professional to place in a window or wall cavity and attach it to a power source. The window AC will also not need any plumbing help and has no ducts; this makes its installation fuss-free!


  • Portable and versatile

A window AC is extremely portable you’ll just have to pop it out of its window home and pop it into another window or wall cavity, and it will work there happily! This also makes it extremely versatile as you can install it in any room of your liking. A window AC is a great choice for a family that relocates a lot, a window AC will prove a great if somewhat heavy travel partner.


What are the Disadvantages of a Window AC?
What are the Disadvantages of a Window AC

  The window AC though has its advantages has some disadvantages to counter them lets look at them-

  • Unaesthetic.

A window AC can be somewhat an eyesore, its compact body acts as an advantage, and a disadvantage, it makes it look like a bulky addition to your room. If you are someone who cares about how your house looks, the window AC may not fit your interior designing dreams. The window AC also needs to be installed in a window, so you will end up one window less in your room.


  • Noisy

The window AC is a busy bee, but as it works it emits a roaring noise that can seem irritating and noisy. It  might at night sound like an old snoring man puffing out cold air.


  • Humidity 

Humid places can end up making your window AC sputter and lower its efficiency.


What is a Split Ac?

What is a Split Ac A split ac, as the name suggests, is an air conditioner that has itself split into two main components. one will be the inside unit which will be installed in your room, the other one will be the outside unit which will go out of a window. Both of the units will be connected using pipes and electrical wires.

Both the units of a split AC contain a coil the indoor unit contains the evaporator coil, while the outdoor unit uses the condenser coil. With the help of a fan, outdoor air is sucked in and made to interact with the cooling coil inside the AC which cools it down. It is then released into the room, lowering the temperature of the room. 


What are the advantages of a Split AC?

The split AC comes with some advantages they are-

  • Install anywhere 

A split AC does not require to be mounted into a window, or a wall cavity and hence can be placed anywhere and in any room as per your liking. This makes it extremely versatile and convenient to the position.


  • Silent operation 

The split AC is a quiet worker and gets its work down while keeping the noise down, it’s what you call gets the work down and makes no noise about it! The sound emitted by the split AC is lower than 50 decibels, making it a good choice for bedrooms. The most noise of the split AC is diverted outside to its outside unit. 


  • Aesthetically pleasing 

The split AC is a beautiful machine, you buy it in different colors and designs to match the interiors of your house, it is also small in stature hence it takes up less place. This makes it a good choice for your room if you would like something that has been made, keeping design in mind.


What are the Disadvantages of a Split AC?  

The split AC comes with a lot of features but also some disadvantages, they are-   

  • Expensive

Split ACs are more expensive than a window AC they can cost anywhere between 25000 to 60,000, and this is just the cost of buying the machine add to it the cost of installation and maintenance, and you will feel your wallet getting lighter. 


  • Noisy outside 

Though a split AC is almost silent when in its workings inside, its external unit can get very noisy, this can become a nuisance for your neighbors.


  • Expensive maintenance

The cost of maintenance of split AC can get high.


Comparison Between Split AC And Window AC 

Comparison Between Split AC And Window AC 

Split AC Or window AC to make this decision easier,  you now know the details about the two and the advantages and disadvantages of both, so to give you an instant overview of the distinctions between the two you can refer to the table below-

Basis of comparison

Window AC 

Split AC 

What is the Price?  Window AC is cheaper  Is a bit expensive
How much space will be required? Will Require a large space  Can be set up in a minimal space
Which is more efficient? Less efficient  More efficient
Is it noisy? Yes  no
What is its cooling capacity? Suited for small compact rooms Suited for all types of rooms.
Cost of maintenance? Low high
Which one is better based on the design? Design constraints  Comes in various colours and designs hence is aesthetically pleasing.


So Which One Do I Choose- Split AC or Window AC?    

When making a decision on which type of air conditioner to buy you need to look at certain factors they have been given below-


1. According to Budget:

A split AC of  1–1.5 ton split AC will cost you around  20000–25700 rupees while a window AC of the same tonnage will cost you between  18000–29000 rupees.  Looking at this if you have your budget on the lower end, you should consider the window Ac, and if you can afford a higher budget, go for the split Ac.


2. According to Space and room size:

The second factor you should look at while making your decision is the space where you will be installing the Ac- If your room is big or if it’s for the living room or commercial space, you should go for a split AC as it is mounted above on the wall and will provide the best cooling in such situations 

 If you are buying it for a small room then buy a window AC but one thing you need to consider is that it will require a window to be installed.


3. Aesthetics:

If you are someone who holds your interiors of utmost importance, then you should go for a split AC as it comes in a range of colors and designs which can be matched according to your preferences, you cannot do this with a window AC which will usually come in one color that is white.


4. Maintenance:

If you worry about caring for the AC and want something that is low on maintenance then buy the window AC as it has little or no maintenance required as it is basically just one unit, while the Split AC will require frequent maintenance.


5. Portability

If you are someone who has to frequently relocate and keep changing homes then a window AC will suit you best as it is portable and one unit will not cause you much trouble while traveling, whereas the split AC with its two components can be a nuisance having to be tugged around.



Q. What ton of AC will I require?

For a room measuring up to 150-160 sq ft a split AC of 1.5 tonnages will be required and a window AC of One ton will be wanted. According to these measurements, you can calculate the perfect tonnage for your room. But when you have a large room you should prefer a split Ac.


Q. Is there a maximum capacity of AC that is available?

It depends on the type of Ac, for a window AC, you can get a maximum capacity of 2 tonnes, while for a split AC the capacity is not limited to 2.0 and can exceed.



Ac’s have become a need in the hot summer months when the temperatures outside can become unbearable,   so when you go out to buy a new AC for your home after reading this article you now know the advantages and disadvantages of both the types of ACs and the difference between the two, you also know the factors to look into while making a decision to get the best AC for your home to cool in during hot summer months!! So now you can make an informed decision.

Tell us in the comment section the point which you found the most useful!


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