Pureit Classic RO + UV Water Purifier Review

Water contamination is one of the leading problems with which India is struggling for years. Despite the many efforts taken to resolve this problem, there is only a limited drinking water percentage available for use. Moreover, it won’t be wrong to say that most of us know that even the limited accessible water is contaminated.

As a result, water purifiers are an effective solution to get high-quality purified drinking water. Water purifiers are quite common in every household and without a doubt, it is a worthy appliance to rely on.

It can get confusing to choose a water purifier’s right choice, especially when so many amazing options are available in the market. Thus, we are here with the most amazing and efficient water purifier that you can trust to end all confusion and doubts. We are here talking about the Pureit Classic RO + UV Water Purifier.

The water purifier has been doing rounds in the market for its excellent performance and appealing features. Let us take an in-depth tour of all the features, designs, and efficient performance of the mentioned Pureit water purifier.


About Pureit water purifier company:

Pureit is a well-known and established company making its statement with their every launched product. From its inception, the company has provided such amazing products, making it a global name. The company has marked its presence in more than 9 countries and is still rising high with every passing year.

Pureit purifiers are designed with the latest and innovative technologies that can efficiently filter water. They have the largest indoor water purifier range and thus fulfill their promise to deliver nothing but purity.


Review of Pureit Classic RO + UV Water Purifier:

Review of Pureit Classic RO + UV Water Purifier

The Pureit Classic RO + UV water purifier ensures delivering high-quality, safe, and healthy drinkable water at a reasonably affordable price. It is amongst the best water purifiers designed with enough storage capacity, attractive space-saving design, advanced purification technology, and appealing performance.

The purifier works according to the USEPA standards and norms to keep its every drop pure and contamination-free. As a result, the users can be completely sure of the water quality using this purifier.

The purifier can be used both by medium-sized Indian families and small-sized Indian families to assure that they will never run out of pure and safe drinking water. It is designed with the TDS removal ability up to 1800 RPM, considering which the purifier can be used for almost all the water sources.

The overall qualities and specifications of the water purifier make it a suitably perfect and reliable choice for Indian families.

Advanced features of the purifier:

The Pureit classic water purifier is designed with some amazing features that justify its performance. Here are some of the distinguishing features that make the water purifier stand out from the other options:

  1. Purification technology:

The most appealing feature of the purifier is its purification technology. The purifier is designed with 6-stage purification that works brilliantly for all the contaminations. The purification process is so detailed that the users can only be sure of getting high-quality purified water only.

  1. TDS removal:

Another attractive feature of the purifier is its TDS removal capabilities. The purifier is capable of treating hardness up to 1800 RPM TDS level. This means that the purifier works effectively for all water sources to deliver clean and safe water.

  1. Automatic on/off option:

The Pureit purifier is designed with a complete automatic on/off feature to provide convenience to the users. The purifier can automatically turn off after the water tank is full or when there is any fault in its working.

Likewise, the purifier automatically turns on when there is a need to refill the storage tank. The users need not worry about switching on/off the purifier as it is made self-dependent. This also assures maximum saving of power during the purifier’s working.

  1. Voltage fluctuation guard:

The purifier is designed to provide effective protection to the variations in the working voltage. The purifier can maintain a stable voltage throughout its working using this voltage fluctuation guard feature.

  1. Offered warranty:

Pureit provides 1 year of warranty with the purifier for assistance against any defects or failures in its working. The warranty covers all the manufacturing defects, including the defects in the body parts.

You can get the required assistance from the brand as soon as there is any fault in the purifier.

  1. USEPA certified:

Lastly, the purifier is USEPA certified, which assures its working according to the defined standards of the Environmental Protection Agency. Thus, you will not just enjoy an attractive water purifier, but you can also rely on its delivered 100% purified RO water.


The offered specifications of the water purifier:

The offered specifications of the water purifier

The purifier not just stands distinguished with its unique design and attractive features, but purifier also offers appealing specifications. The users can expect to get the following specifications from the Pureit water purifier:

  • Offered capacity – 5L
  • input voltage required – 165-240V, 50Hz
  • TDS level treatment – 200 to 1800 mg/L
  • Required power – 55W
  • Construction material used – high-quality and non-toxic food-grade plastic
  • Type of pump used – Diaphragm pump operational at 24 V (DC)
  • Pressure ratings – 5 to 30 psi
  • Type of membrane – composites of thin-film spiral wound
  • Recovery percentage – 20 to 25 percent
  • Total filtration capacity – 9 to 12L/hr
  • Installation type – easy installation with wall mounted type
  • Overflow protection – yes
  • Automatic switch on/off protection – yes
  • Compact design – yes
  • Offered warranty – 1 year
  • Germkill performance standard – it fully satisfies the defined standards of USEPA to assure complete water purification.

Wouldn’t it be too less to say that the purifier contains all the desired specifications called the best water purifier for the users?


The overall filtration process used for purification:

RO + UV filtration process of the Pureit classic is the most distinguishing feature of the purifier that makes it better than the rest. The thorough purification method ensures removing 99.99% of impurities and contaminations, making the water pure and safe for drinking.

Here is a deep analysis of the purification process of the Pureit classic water purifier –

  1. Sediment filter:

During the first stage of purification, the water passes through the sediment filter to eliminate the fine impurities. Mainly, the filter focuses on removing the dissolved dirt, dust, and chemical particles from the water.

This initial removal of the impurities reduces the burden on the carbon filter and, as a result, increases the lifespan of the carbon filter.

  1. Pre-RO carbon filter:

In the second stage of filtration, the water is passed through the pre-RO carbon filter. This filter effectively works on removing the presence of chlorine and harmful pesticides from the water.

The filter also works for removing the bad and unpleasant taste and odor of the water.

  1. Post-RO carbon filter:

The third filtration stage makes use of a post-RO carbon filter. The filter acts upon the remaining dust, dirt, and chemical contaminations in the water. The removal of these impurities from the water accelerates the filtration process in the next stages.

  1. RO membrane:

The filtration through the RO membrane is the fourth purification stage in the Pureit classic water purifier. This filtration stage removes the dissolved salts, pesticides, heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.), and water hardness.

The filter is also effective against microbial contaminations. With the removal of such contaminations, the water is made soft and clean for drinking purposes.

  1. UV chamber:

Next comes the UV filtration stage. This stage works effectively for removing the microorganisms present in water. This stage fight through viruses, bacteria, cysts, parasites, etc.

During this stage, your water gets free from all the invisible and dissolved impurities and contaminations.

  1. Post-RO carbon filter:

This is the last and final purification stage. With the use of a post-RO carbon filter, the water purifier polishes the water quality before delivering. Along with this, the filter improves the taste of water, making it completely drinkable and pure.

After completing these purification steps, the water you get is completely free from all possible impurities that can harm your health.


The uniqueness of the water purifier:

What can make your appeal to buy this Pureit Classic RO + UV water purifier amidst the other amazingly appealing options of water purifiers? Well, it is surely the uniqueness of this purifier that sets it apart from the rest models.

The Pureit purifier doesn’t need to be installed by any professional as it ensures quick and easy installation.  It works brilliantly and assures great value for your money. The use of RO + UV filtration and the 6-different purification stages hints at the perfection of the purifier for the Indian families.

Talking about the uniqueness and USP quality of the purifier, it would have to be the ‘Classic Germkill Kit.’ The activated carbon filtration of the Germkill kit removes all the unwanted harmful pesticides and impurities. Accompanying this, the UV filtration mechanism works to remove the dissolved viruses and bacteria present in water.

Finally, the polisher acts upon the chlorine residues and other minor contaminations while polishing the quality and clarity of the water. It also enhances the taste of water and makes it odorless.

Lastly, apart from its uniqueness of the Germkill kit, the purifier is designed with a high-quality plastic material that is food-grade safe and non-toxic.


The pros and cons of the Pureit Classic RO + UV water purifier:

The pros and cons of the Pureit Classic RO + UV water purifier

Just like the two sides of the coin, the Pureit classic water purifier also has its pros and cons for its performance. Here are a few things you may like and dislike in the water purifier:

Pros of the purifier:

  • Delivers 90% TDS removal. It can be effectively used for hard water with a TDS value up to 1800 RPM and turn into soft drinkable water.
  • The purifier is available at a price easily affordable for people
  • It purifies water using 6-stage filtration to remove all the impurities and contaminations
  • Compact and attractive design for easy fit and installation
  • Easy to maintain without any professional assistance
  • Suitable for small and medium Indian families
  • Pureit can be trusted to deliver amazing warranty and after-sales services

Cons of the purifier:

  • Its storage capacity is not suitable for large Indian families
  • Lacks the auto-alert feature for filter change



How the Pureit classic water purifier purifies water?

Well, the purifier is designed to offer complete water purification against all contaminations and impurities. The purifier is specially designed with its 6-stage purification technology to maintain high-quality water with maximum ease and convenience.

The various purification stages through which the contaminated passes are:

  • Pre-sediment filter
  • Pre-RO filter
  • Mini Filter
  • RO membrane
  • UV and Micro-filtration
  • Post RO carbon filter

With every stage, the purifier removes every possible bit of impurities and contaminations available in the water. Thanks to its 6-stage purification, the purified water can be trusted to be as safe as boiled water.

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How much time is taken by Pureit Classic to purify water?

The overall purification time depends upon the type of device you have chosen. The Pureit filters are capable of purifying nearly 10-12 liters of water in an hour.

Besides, the purification speed of the water purifier depends on the life and efficiency of the filters used. If the filters are new, then the purification speed will be more than the speed of working of used filters.

Therefore, it is advised to replace the filters after regular intervals to enjoy uninterrupted and continuous water purification benefits.


Is it safe to use Pureit classic water purifier?

Yes, it is safe to use Pureit classic water purifier. The purifier is designed with an advanced 6-stage purification mechanism, perfect for removing all possible water impurities and contaminations. The purifier also offers various purification features that are not available in many other purifiers in the same price range.

Also, the water purifier is designed according to the defined standards of USEPA. No harmful element is used in the purifier that can cause health problems. As a result, the Pureit classic water purifier can be entrusted for its quality and efficient working with all perspectives.


Can Pureit classic water purifier work against arsenic and nitrates?

Yes, the purifier is effective with its purification against arsenic, nitrates, and fluorides. The purifier makes use of the advanced RO purification technology, which enhances its working against these contaminations.

This is not it; the performance of this amazing Pureit classic water purifier is not just limited to this.

You can trust its performance even against the dissolved contaminations, which are hard to remove. The purifier can also deliver its amazing performance against bad odor and taste. As a result, your purified water is pure in all aspects against all possible impurities available.


Can Pureit water purifier remove chlorine?

Unlike most water purifiers, the Pureit classic water purifier can remove chlorine from the water.

The Pureit water purifiers consist of different filters which purify the water at different stages for different impurities. The purifier also comes with a polisher which is known for enhancing the taste of water. Besides working on the taste, it also works for maintaining the clarity of water for safer use.

It is the polisher that ensures removing all the unwanted chlorine residuals from the water. The final water is safe and healthy for use.


How to maintain Pureit classic water purifier?

The maintenance of the water purifier is not a difficult task. All you need is to be attentive to its working and performance to be aware of the purifier’s maintenance.

For keeping its maintenance up to mark, you should be regular in replacing its filters. The average time of replacing the filters is 6months to 1 year. Besides replacing the filters, you should timely clean the purifier to eliminate the accumulated dirt and dust on the body.

Moreover, if you find any manufacturing defects or faults in the purifier, you can get the required assistance from the brand.


Final Thoughts:

A water purifier is a need. It just makes the best sense to invest in a purifier that is best in its design, features, specifications, performance and offered benefits. The Pureit Classic RO + UV water purifier is a complete package that gives you all these luxuries at an affordable price.

The purifier has everything to make a lasting impression which you will never regret. We recommend this purifier for all medium to small-sized Indian families looking for an effective and stylish water purifier without being too hard on their budget.

In case you still have any considerations about the charm of the purifier, you can reach us in the comments. We are always open to all your thoughts and queries to offer our best help.


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