A Step-by-Step Plan to a Clean Kitchen

There is no denying that a significant part of our lives takes place in the kitchen. But to maintain order on it is not so simple – a large number of cooking tools, jars of spices and products does not add accuracy. The cooking process can also not be considered clean: splashes of water and fat, trimmings and crumbs …

We have collected a few recommendations for you and revealedl the secrets of the super-system, which will help deal with the mess without spending much time and effort. And you will find a cool infographic with a plan for cleaning the kitchen!



At first glance, the statement may seem absurd. But if you think about it, it is.

It’s easier to maintain order than to regularly try to wash the kitchen Augean stables.

Many systems help to achieve cleanliness and accuracy with very little effort.

Start with the rational placement of kitchen utensils.

  • Take care of spices and bulk products: do not leave them in store bags. Not only does this look untidy, but it also significantly shortens their shelf life—interesting ideas for the organization of storage places you can see in our article.
  • Carefully sort out all the items in the kitchen: perhaps some of them need to be presented or thrown away. Think about whether you need three whisks for whipping, dishes that have been gathering dust idle for the second year or broken glass?
  • Replace accessories with modern ones. Neat sponges for washing dishes, cute towels in tone, grips and clothespins for bags and small things – everything should look harmonious. You will be surprised how neat the kitchen will become if you take care of it!
  • Try to train yourself to wash dishes while cooking – so you will need much less effort. It is easier to immediately rinse the pan and pan than to wait until the remains of food dry to it.
  • Watch for all horizontal surfaces – it is only necessary to leave some trinket on the windowsill, as it will be clogged with them in a few days. The same applies to dirty cups on the table: have you ever paid attention to their tendency to reproduce? Where one glass with undred juice, there will soon be ten.
  • The standard rule is often forgotten to use: spilled something – wipe, opened – close, woke up – sweep. All these actions take a few seconds, but the general cleaning of the kitchen is much easier. If it is needed at all with such accuracy.

As you can see, maintaining order in the kitchen is not so difficult – it is enough to show a little attention and not run it to a state of complete mess.

However, what if you catch up too late and the room looks more like a battlefield? Don’t give up! We will help you to return cleanliness without making extra efforts.



The main reason great plans to wash the entire room in one day fail is the fear of a large amount of work.

You start washing the stove, tidy up the floor, look at the closet… And you give up! Do not reproach yourself – such burnout is considered the absolute norm.

It is much easier to put a neglected kitchen in order using a certain cleaning system – for example, a fly lady.

The name of the American method translates – “fluttering woman”. Its essence is to put the apartment in order, not in one jerk but stages. So you will not get tired and will be able to achieve stable maintenance of order. Let’s take a closer look?

Important point: of course, you can break this rule and add time for cleaning. However, we still recommend using fifteen minute intervals, as this time is considered optimal – a person can concentrate extremely and not react to distractions. Do not forget to arrange respite between approaches if you want to change the system of fly ladies “for yourself”.



Next, we will describe step by step what you need to do to restore order in the kitchen. But, if you don’t want to read all this, then the whole system of “Fly Lady” is clearly shown in the following infographic.


Step 1. Surface cleaning

Take two bags – one for garbage, the second – for things that do not belong in your kitchen. Look through all the surfaces, throwing away everything unnecessary and putting aside items that were here by mistake.

Already at this stage, the room will look much neater. At the same time, put kitchen appliances in the cabinets, which you do not use every day. Do you need constant access to an electric meat grinder or food processor?

Interesting information: In the system of fly ladies is very popular method of littering. Every day you are invited to get rid of ten things.

Do not be afraid – it includes old drafts and wrappers and cosmetics that have lost their shelf life … Try it and you’ll notice how much unnecessary has accumulated in your kitchen!


Step 2. Putting the lockers in order

Do not try to immediately wash and polish them. Look at what needs to be thrown out of your stocks and poured into a sealed container.

You do not want to get a food moth in the products, which is very difficult to get rid of? Repeat the same for dishes: remove the one you do not use and remove the cracked and lost appearance.

After such preparatory work, maintaining order will cease to be an impossible task. It’s time to start cleaning the room directly!


Step 3. Cleanliness of the sink

Pay attention to the dirtiest area of any kitchen – the sink and its surroundings. Two foam sponges and a couple of small rags are enough to maintain cleanliness – throw away the rest. At the same time, replace the old ones – they smear more than they clean. Think about how best to organize detergents – perhaps you will like the hanging organizer.

Thoroughly, to shine, wash the sink and the surrounding areas. You may need a remedy for rust or persistent stains. All you need to do is regularly wipe the sink from the water, remove food residues and make sure that the dishes do not accumulate.


Step 4. Moving on to the stove

The principle of cleaning here is similar – we wash everything, including the handles and areas under the burners, then keep order. It is easier to wipe the hob once after cooking than to spend time scraping the frozen fat.


Step 5. Wall

Carefully inspect the walls – perhaps you need to vacuum the web, wipe off the stains of fat over the stove, wipe the washable wallpaper or tiles. It will take you another fifteen-minute stretch.


Step 6. Now the headset

Then pay attention to the lockers, the shelves, the drawers of the kitchen itself. Do you remember that you should have already dealt with their contents? Now take the time to clean – wipe from dust and wash off dirt, if necessary.

Do not forget to walk along the upper outer panel – usually a lot of debris accumulates there.


Step 7. Refrigerator

We will not focus on cleaning inside the refrigerator – it is described in detail in a separate article. But wipe it from the outside is necessary. At the same time, think about whether you need all these magnets on which dust is collected.

It is also desirable to defrost it(step-by-step instructions for defrosting any refrigerator).


Step 8. Window

One of the most time-consuming processes is window washing. Wipe the windows and window sill, wash the curtains, remove impurities from the cornice.

You will be surprised by how bright and neat your kitchen will become.

It is not necessary to dry and iron the curtains. Just hang them on the ledge wet – they straighten under their weight.


Step 9. Chandelier

Another stage is the chandelier. Wipe the lampshade, throw away the midges that fly into the light. At the same time, you can clean the ceiling above the hood and in the corners.


Step 10. Finish

Now you have to wipe the dust and wipe the floors after walking through them with a vacuum cleaner.

Now you have a plan! Of course, such a step-by-step approach will take longer. But you will get tired much less, which means there is a chance to bring your plan to the end.

It is impossible to call these recommendations universal: someone needs to wash the microwave or not store supplies in the kitchen … But we tried to explain the basic principle in as much detail as possible: fifteen minutes for each zone and methodical will help you restore perfect order and effortlessly maintain it.

There are 10 more super-ideas for organizing order in the kitchen – use them or come up with your own!

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