Kent Grand Plus Review

The decision to buy a water purifier is becoming difficult day by day. The rapidly growing options from different brands always hold some ground for confusion. If you too are struggling to decide between buying a suitable, effective, and excellent water purifier, then we have the right product for you.

Today, in this detailed guide, we analyze the performance of “Kent Grand Plus Water Purifier.” Within no time, the purifier has impressed everyone around and has established a distinguished place for itself.

The purifier ensures to deliver many outstanding qualities to its users for not just offering the best performance but also maximum ease and convenience. The purifier is capable of purifying water from all possible sources with a TDS level up to 2500 RPM. Moreover, the patent Kent technology (Mineral RO™ and RO+TDS+UV+UF) is accompanied by the most amazing zero water wastage technology to ensure the best results.

Its transparent and attractive design also never fails to leave a charismatic impression on the users. To put all this in simple words, Kent grand plus water purifier will deliver you nothing but the best quality purified water.

Without making any further delay, let us start with a detailed review of the purifier to completely convince you about its qualities and performance. This guide covers all possible aspects, characteristics, and features about the purifier that can help you make a wise decision about the water purifier.


About the company – Kent:

Kent Grand Plus

Kent is known as one of the strongest leaders in the water purification industry that brought revolutionary RO technology. The brand made its inception in the Indian water purifier market in 1999 and now has become one of the leading and trusted global brand names.

Kent has a vision for a healthier world which is strongly supported by its innovative ideas and the advanced technologies used. The brand was the first to make use of RO + UV + UF + TDS controller to clean water and retain the essential minerals. As a result, the purifier ensures that its users are always nourished with the required minerals for their health.

Other than this, Kent prioritized minimizing the wastage of water during purification and thus introduced the zero-water wastage technology. It won’t be wrong to say that the brand thinks about its users and is also concerned about the environmental benefits.

With its worldwide satisfactory clients and users, Kent has successfully named some prestigious honours from NSF and WQA of the USA. Kent continuously uses the latest innovations and technology to offer the most amazing products to its customers to protect them from harmful health diseases and consequences.

The brand very well combines its creative ideas with next-generation technology for enhancing the everyday quality and living standards of the people. With every passing year and with its every appealing product, the brand is standing firm on its mission of protecting your loved one’s health by letting them eat, drink, breathe and live pure.


A detailed review of the water purifier:

The Kent water purifier is a fully automatic machine packed with amazing features that will thoroughly impress you. It is designed with an extensive purification system that eliminates all possible impurities from the water, enhancing its taste, minerals, and qualities.

Its performance and high-end features will always ensure that you and your family are getting safe and pure drinking water.


Who should buy the Kent grand plus water purifier?

The purifier is an ideal choice for all types of Indian families. The purifier can work with any type of water source, making it a perfect fit for every household. You can use it with tap water, saline water, municipal water and still get the best results.

Further, it comes with a pretty high storage capacity which is another beneficial factor. You can purify and store water to use later when needed. Thus, it means you are never out of clean and safe drinking water.

Since the purifier focuses more on the RO™ purification technology for getting safe and healthy water every time, it can be trusted by homes with children, kids, and elders. You can be sure that it will not cause any side effects to your loved ones and family members.


The specification of the Kent grand plus water purifier:

If you are planning to buy a water purifier, it is important to be fully aware of its specifications as it gives you a brief idea about the product. Interested in knowing the available specifications of the purifier?

Here are some:

  • Offered storage capacity – 9 L
  • The used purification technology – RO + UV + UF + TDS controller
  • The total filtration capacity – 20 L/hr
  • The maximum duty cycle available – 100 L/day
  • The total power consumed – 60W
  • The voltage of the booster water pump – 24 V (DC)
  • Inlet water temperature range – 10 degrees C to 35 degrees C
  • Inlet water pressure range – 0.3 kg/cm (2) to 4 kg/cm (2)
  • Height – 54 cm
  • Weight – 8.4 kg
  • Length – 40 cm
  • Width – 23 cm
  • Mounting type – wall mounting
  • Material of the body – high-quality non-toxic food-grade ABS plastic
  • Warranty – 1-year manufacturing warranty and 3-years servicing warranty


The offered advanced features of the Kent grand plus water purifier:

The offered advanced features of the Kent grand plus water purifier

The qualities that make this Kent water purifier amazingly remarkable when compared to the other purifiers are nothing other than its innovative and appealing features. The purifier has every possible feature that can attract a user to make this worthy investment.

So, are you ready to explore these features? If yes, then here is the list of features that will surely impress you, have a look:

Purification technology:

The very first thing that we want to highlight in this Kent water purifier is its purification technology. It uses the benefits of RO, UV/UF, and TDS controllers to make the water pure and safe for use. The double purification enhances the water quality making it suitable for drinking purposes.

Moreover, the TDS controller plays an important role. The TDS controller works effectively to reduce the TDS levels to 90%, which is not guaranteed by any other purifier. This also helps retain the natural minerals in the water to enrich its quality and make it healthier.

In simple words, the Kent purifier makes the water 100% pure by removing all possible bacteria, dust, contaminations, chemicals, pesticides, etc., along with keeping with the defined standards.


Save water technology:

Besides purifying the water against all possible contaminations, the purifier is also known to minimize water wastage with its safe water technology. The purifier is designed with this innovative technology that reduces the wastage of RO water during purification.

According to the numbers, this technology can help recover more than 50% of the rejected water without hassles. This purifier uses a pump to recirculate the rejected water in the tank, which later can be used for different purposes.


In-built UV disinfectant:

Are you aware that even your purified water is prone to microbial contaminations if it is not used for a very long time? Yes, it is true. Therefore, it is important to protect your purified water from the attack of possible contaminations.

The Kent grand plus water purifier is an excellent choice to deal with such problems. The purifier is designed with an efficient UV disinfectant that ensures maximum safety of the purified water.

The purifier is enabled with a highly effective UV disinfectant light in its storage tank, which maintains the safety, quality, and health of the purified water for the maximum time possible.


Suitable for multiple water source:

Unlike the many water purifiers that can work with a particular type of water source, the Kent grand plus water purifier is designed to work suitably with all water sources. It can work effectively to purify tap water, municipal water, pipe water, etc., and deliver the same results.

Its purification mechanism is so designed that it can handle water from different sources with the same efficiency and effectiveness for purification. This makes the water purifier suitable for almost all households and Indian families.


Storage capacity:

One of the major characteristics of a water purifier is its storage capacity. You should be careful while selecting the purifier’s tank capacity to satisfy and meet the varying needs of your family.

The Kent grand plus comes with a capacity of 9L, making it an ideal choice for large Indian families. The storage tank can store a good amount of water for later and emergency use. It won’t be wrong to say that you will never be out of pure, safe, and clean drinking water with Kent grand plus water purifier.


Purification capacity:

With its large capacity, the purifier makes a suitable fit for large families as well. But what about its purification capacity? Well, the purifier is a charm in that department as well.

The Kent grand plus water purifier comes with a purification capacity of 20 L/hr. This means that its big storage tank will never be empty of pure water as it can easily purify the water using its great purification speed.


Elegant and leak-proof design:

The Kent water purifier is designed in attractive looks. The appealing design and the transparent cover of the purifier make it a perfect fit for all types of decors. Thanks to its transparent cover, the users can get a clear idea about the working of all the parts along with the indication of water levels.

Apart from the attractive design, the purifier has a leak-proof body. It makes use of push-fit components that can handle leaks and water wastage conveniently. The use of ABS plastic for its body makes it durable, long-lasting, reliable, and safe.



You can be completely sure of the working of the purifier as it provides a warranty of 1-year to its users. This warranty time covers all the possible manufacturing defects you may encounter, giving you complete peace of mind.

Not just this, the users are also given 3-years of extended warranty to avail of the various essential and desired services. This helps in assuring complete maintenance of the purifier for its uninterrupted working.


Essential Quality Certifications:

The brand Kent is a global name with well-known awards like the Gold Seal of WQA and NSF certificate. The brand has been acknowledged with many international awards as well. It is a name recognized by global audiences for its great performance and phenomenal reach.

These mentioned features are 100% safe and guaranteed to provide a pleasing user experience along with the utmost ease of use. We hope the knowledge of these features leaves you with no second thoughts about buying this Kent water purifier.


The detailed purification process of the water purifier:

The detailed purification process of the water purifier

One of the most attractive standout features of the water purifier is its patent purification technology; it is important to have a detailed analysis. The Kent grand plus purifier works using its 7-stages of purification, resulting in the best water quality for the users.

Here are the different purification stages used in this water purifier:

Sediment filter (stage 1):

The very first stage of the purification makes use of a sediment filter. The input water is passed through the filter to eliminate out the suspended solids. The filter also helps in removing impurities like dirt, dust, particular matter, etc.

This is the initial stage that works only on the basic impurities present in the water. This also helps in decreasing the purification load on the other filters.


Activated carbon filter (stage 2):

In the second stage of purification, the filter makes use of an activated carbon filter. This is one crucial purification stage as it helps get rid of the organic compounds, chlorine, unpleasant taste, and odor from the water.

Not many of us are aware that activated carbon can block many impurities, which helps enhance the overall water quality.


RO membrane filtration (stage 3):

The RO membrane filtration is the next filtration stage that the water passes through. During this stage, the water is made free from the dissolved impurities, contaminations, and salts.

Basically, in this stage, a pressure of 30-40 psi is created around the membrane. This allows the water molecules to pass through the semi-permeable membrane while leaving behind the harmful contaminated molecules. This purification stage is also effective for removing heavy metals like pesticides, arsenic, sulfates, nitrates, lead, etc.

This is one important purification stage as water is made free from most major impurities and contaminated particles.


UF filtration (stage 4):

The water, after being purified from the RO membrane, then passes through a UF filtration. The UF filtration acts as a barrier for the macro-molecules trapped and removed from the water.

Additional to this, the water passes through the UF membrane, which traps the invisible and small-sized impurities. The water is also treated for its hardness to make it a little soft before it passes to the next stage.


TDS controller (stage 5):

If you are having troubles with hard water, then this purification stage is the best answer. This stage helps in removing the total dissolved solids from the water to improve its quality.

Generally, during the RO filtration, the essential water minerals are also eliminated. This is where the TDS controller comes into action.

The TDS controller used in the Kent grand plus purifier ensures to remove the water hardness and maintains the essential minerals in the water. As a result, the final outcome of water is enriched with good taste, quality, and minerals.


UV filtration (stage 6):

After the water is treated for its hardness along with the maintenance of the essential minerals, it is then passed through UV filtration. UV filtration is important as it helps treat the viruses, chemicals, bacteria, and germs that can harm the user’s health.

For this filtration stage, a UV lamp is used, which operates at 11W power to pass the UV radiation in the water. This UV radiation deactivates all the harmful germs and microorganisms to deliver safe water.


Post carbon filtration (stage 7):

This is the last and final filtration stage that works to improve the flavors and taste of the water. Basically, in this stage, the water is polished before being delivered to the users through the output tap.

Post the completion of all these stages of purification, you can be sure that the water you get is of extreme quality with maintained safety, health, and cleanliness.


The uniqueness of the Kent grand plus water purifier:

Every water purifier has something unique, and so does the Kent grand plus water purifier. This purifier’s uniqueness helps it stand apart from the other water purifiers available in the market.

The purifier is made distinguished from the others based on its ‘zero water wastage‘ feature. One of the major consequences of using a RO water purifier is the excess wastage of water. The rejected water can be utilized for several other purposes, but that surely increases the workload and hassles to store and use the water.

Thus, to help the users get over using the RO wastewater, this Kent water purifier uses zero-water wastage technology. This technology assures that no single drop of water is wasted during the entire filtration process. This is quite an important step to prevent the unnecessary wastage of water in most parts.

The basic implementation of this technology lies in a very simple solution used in this water purifier. According to the principle working of this technique, the rejected RO water is pushed back into the overhead tank with the help of an efficient and powerful internal booster water pump.

The rejected water stored in the tank is diluted with some freshwater to reuse it for various household needs, just as normal tap water. This cuts the chaos of many users to handle, treat and then reuse the rejected water differently.

The pros and cons of Kent grand plus water purifier:

The water purifier has its own specific pros and cons, just like the two sides of a coin. It is important to know the benefits that a product can offer and the limitations that you would have to deal with.

Thus, here are a few of the pros and cons of the water purifier for your interest.

The offered pros:

  • It comes with good storage for even large Indian families
  • The purification technology used is the latest and advanced for thorough purification
  • Recovers more than 50% water; minimal water wastage
  • It is designed with an effective TDS controller feature
  • It is enabled with an in-tank UV disinfectant
  • Designed with an automatic filter change alarm and UV failure alarm
  • Benefits the users with its automatic RO membrane flushing
  • It can be used for purifying water from all possible sources
  • It offers a 1-year warranty with an additional 3-years of free servicing
  • Its body is designed with high-quality and non-toxic food-grade plastic

The available cons:

  • Its electricity consumption is a bit higher
  • It is available at a higher side of price with a frequent maintenance need
  • It is not equipped with a pre-filter



Is it worth buying Kent grand plus water purifier?

The advanced features and high-end performance are clear proof that buying the purifier is worth the investment. Additionally, the 4-years warranty service offered with the purifier adds great value for the users’ money.

The in-depth purification process of the purifier ensures that the users always get pure, safe, and clean water. With its high storage capacity and quick filtration rate, the purifier makes an ideal choice for all types of Indian families and their needs.


How are the after-sales services of Kent?

Kent is known to provide exceptional services to its users. The brand ensures that its users are never disappointed with either their product or their offered services. All the assistances from the brand are just a call or message away.

Along with its great services, you can also rely on finding accurate and relevant spare parts for the brand’s purifiers. However, you should not buy the spare parts from any local stores; rather, you should buy them only from the authentic and recognized brand outlet to be sure of the quality.


How to maintain your Kent grand plus water purifier?

Unlike the many other water purifiers, the Kent grand plus water purifier is not tough with its maintenance. It just takes regular cleaning and replacement of the required parts to be sure of its effective maintenance.

You should change the purifier’s filters after every 6 months to 1 year time to get an uncompromised and uninterrupted performance. Also, it is advised to have weekly cleaning of your water purifier to avoid any harm from the accumulated contaminations, dust, dirt, and chemicals.


Which preferable water sources are suitable for the Kent grand plus purifier?

One of the biggest advantages of using a Kent grand plus water purifier is that it can be used with any water source and get the same desired and satisfactory results. The purifier is designed to work suitably even with the hard municipal water source.

Considering this quality of the purifier, you can completely trust its performance without any hassles or complications. It is a suitable product that can provide 100% pure water to different requirements of the users.


Are there any harmful environmental effects with the use of the water purifier?

It is believed that every RO water purifier has major environmental consequences due to the excessive wastage of water. It is surely true to some extent as well. The working of RO purifiers is so that they tend to waste a lot of water.

However, the Kent grand plus water purifier is designed to break this stereotype. The purifier is designed with one of the most advanced ‘zero-water wastage’ technology with which the purifier reduces water wastage. It ensures that 50% of the rejected water is recovered and is then utilized for some household needs.

As a result of minimal water wastage, the purifier also tends to reduce, causing any harmful side effects or consequences on the environment. This means the water purifier ensures pure and healthy water and works towards maintaining environmental quality.


Final thoughts:

The Kent grand plus water purifier never fails to disappoint its users with its on-point performance of thoroughly purifying the water. With a detailed analysis of the purifier, it won’t be wrong to consider it as one of the best water purifiers available in the Indian market.

With advanced features, high capacity for water storage, smart purification functioning, and zero water wastage combine to make the Kent purifier an excellent choice for buying. The purifier will deliver you great value for your money in all true senses.

If you are looking for an amazing water purifier with RO, UV/UF, and TDS water purification, then Kent grand plus should be your choice. You can still reach out to us in the comment section if you still have any confusion about the purifier.

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