Kent Ace Plus Water Purifier Review

Water purifiers are one of the essentialities in our modern-day lifestyle. Knowing the condition and quality of water in India, it is impossible to go without using a suitable water purifier. Also, if you choose a misfitted water purifier, you will not be satisfied with its purification.

Thus, to get pure and safe drinking water, it is essential to choose a performing water purifier. Today, we are here with one of the most promising water purifiers available in the market that will never leave you disappointed or unsatisfied with its performance.

We are here with the detailed review of ‘Kent Ace Plus Water Purifier’ to help you get a better idea about its working, specifications, features, benefits, etc. Let us begin without any further delay.


About the company – Kent:


If you are looking for premium and high-quality products with efficient performance and impeccable services, then there is no better alternative than Kent. Recognized with many global awards, the brand is a trusted name in India, ranked at number 1.

Kent came into existence in 1999, and within no time, the brand has become one of the leading names in the water purification market. The brand started with the vision to promote a healthier lifestyle around the world with their passion for being the market leaders.

Kent is well-known to introduced several advanced and latest technologies in the water purification process. The very popular RO purification technology was given by Kent, which is now used in almost every other water purifier. Moreover, the brand is trusted by millions of users worldwide, thanks to its patent purification technology that leaves no bar to purify the water from all contaminations and impurities.

Kent doesn’t just limit its innovations around the purification process, but you will find their out-of-the-box imagination in their design as well. Every water purifier from the brand has its unique design and attractions that mark its excellence. The modern purifier’s design makes them a perfect fit for all types of home décors.

Kent is continuously working to satisfy its users worldwide with its innovation and effective solutions for water purification. Surely, the brand keeps its promise to protect its user’s health by allowing them to live, eat, drink and breathe pure.


About the product – Kent Ace Plus:

Kent Ace Plus Water Purifier Review

The Kent ace plus water purifier is an advanced product designed with several latest features to deliver high-quality purified water to the users. It uses double filtration using RO and UF filters to remove all possible contaminations and impurities from the water.

The thorough purification of the water purifier ensures that the water is completely free even from microorganisms and dissolved impurities. The purifier can be trusted to treat the water hardness to make it suitable for drinking purposes. Also, the water purifier can deliver the expected water when used for different water sources as it is compatible with all water sources.

Apart from the purification advancements, the Kent ace plus water purifier also stands out with its design. Its modern and stylish looks are enough to make a lasting impression on the users. The transparent design helps users get a see-through analysis of the purifier working with an adequate indication about the water levels.

Overall, the purifier is an impressive product that can be relied on for its performance, design, affordable price, purification, etc. The water purifier also makes an ideal choice for all Indian families and thus is a popular choice in the market.

Let us now take a detailed review of the Kent ace plus water purifier to better understand its varying aspects.


A detailed review of Kent ace plus water purifier:

The Kent ace plus water purifier is a compact and advanced water purifier designed especially for Indian families. The purifier is enabled with several convincing and attractive features that make it hold its distinguished place amongst the users.

Who should buy this water purifier?

Here comes the most common thought – who should plan to buy this water purifier?

Frankly, the water purifier makes a suitable fit for users looking for a space-saver yet efficient purifier. It saves a maximum of counter-space with its wall-mounted design and thus can easily fit within a limited spacing surrounding.

Thanks to its 8L storage tank capacity, it can benefit small Indian families to medium-sized Indian families. With its sufficient storage tank space, you will never run out of safe and pure water.

The purifier is designed to work efficiently with all water sources – be it municipal or well water. As a result, the Kent ace plus water purifier can make its place effortlessly in all types of Indian households. No matter from what source you get water, you will have the protection of this Kent water purifier.

Last but not least, the Kent ace plus water purifier is also an attractive choice for people with a limited budget. The purifier is available at an affordable price range to offer convenience to the users to buy it without being troubled or bothered to go beyond the defined budget limit.

To summarize, the Kent ace plus water purifier is for all users looking for an efficient purifier that can work well with all types of water sources at an affordable price and a limited storage space.

Surely, there wouldn’t be anyone not wanting such an amazing water purifier from a reliable brand.


The detailed specifications of the Kent ace plus water purifier:

Here is a list of all the important specification details that you should be aware of about this Kent water purifier:

  • Water purifier type – electric and storage
  • Preferrable water sources – tank water, municipal water, corporation water, etc. It can be used for all types of water sources without any problems.
  • The purification technology used – RO, UF/UV, TDS controller with the patent Mineral RO™ technology
  • Storage tank capacity – 8 L
  • Purification rate – 20 L/hr
  • Mounting style – wall mounting type
  • The required input power supply – 100-250 V (AC), 50-60 Hz
  • The total power consumption – 60 W
  • The available dimensions – 380 mm X 270 mm X 505 mm (L X W X H)
  • Purifier weight – 7350 gm
  • The used body material – ABS high-quality non-toxic food-grade plastic
  • Automatic shut-off feature – yes


What makes the purifier stand distinguished from the other purifiers?

Though all water purifiers may look the same, but there is always a distinguishing factor among them. Each water purifier has its own characteristics and features that help it stand apart and highlight the crowd.

Talking about the Kent ace plus water purifier, it holds its individuality with all the amazing features it is designed with. The purifier combines all possible appealing features that ensure thorough purification and the expected ease of use to the users.

Here are some of the purifier’s features that set it apart from the rest:

Multi-stage purification:

Multi-stage purification

The essential call for any water purifier is its purification. There isn’t any point in buying a water purifier that fails to purify water thoroughly. The Kent ace plus water purifier is designed to ensure complete purification from possible contaminations.

The water purifier is enabled with multi-stage purification of RO and UF, along with a TDS controller that effectively removes the dissolved invisible impurities and the microorganisms. It is also strongly effective against bacteria, viruses, salts, and water hardness. On the other hand, the TDS controller helps control the water hardness to make it suitable for drinking use.

Apart from the multi-stage purification of this Kent water purifier, you also benefit from its patent Mineral RO™ technology. With its patent technology, the Kent water purifier ensures to maintain the taste and odor of the purified water while retaining the useful water minerals.

As a result of this multi-stage thorough purification, the water gets 100% pure, safe, and healthy for drinking purposes.


Storage capacity:

For most of us, the topmost concern in any water purifier is its storage tank space. As a result, Kent understands its importance and maintains sufficient storage tank space in all its water purifiers.

Kent ace plus is also designed with an attractive and spacious storage tank capacity. You will get 8 L of storage capacity with this Kent ace plus water purifier, making it an ideal product for small and medium-sized Indian families. All thanks to its great storage capacity, the users will never run out of pure and safe drinking water.

The purifier is also a suitable choice for offices, cafes, restaurants, etc., as it can maintain a sufficient amount of pure water.


Purification rate:

After you have approved the storage capacity of the purifier’s tank, the next thing to pay attention to is the purification rate. The purification rate defines the speed at which the purifier can make the water safe and healthier. The higher the purification rate, the quicker will be the purification process.

To avoid any disappointment from your chosen water purifier, most users look for the highest purification rate. The Kent ace plus water purifier is designed with a purification production rate of 20 L/hr. In simple words, it describes that Kent ace plus water purifier can purify 20 L water in an hour for use.


In-tank UV disinfectant:

For ensuring complete purification, the Kent ace plus water purifier is equipped with an in-tank UV disinfectant for better purification.

Generally, the stored water is at higher risk of getting contaminated due to the surrounding factors. As a result, its consumption can cause mild health problems and surely should be avoided.

The in-built UV disinfectant helps the purifier to overcome this problem. The Kent ace plus water purifier comes with a UV LED stored in its water storage tank. This helps in reducing the risk of contamination to deliver pure and safe drinking water for a longer time without degrading the water quality.


Zero water wastage:

If you have ever used or heard about RO water purifiers, you would be aware of the excessive water wastage they cause. Though there are many different ways of utilizing the rejected RO water, it requires many hassles and additional efforts for storing, handling and using it. Moreover, the use of such RO water purifiers has harmful effects on the environment as well.

How about using a water purifier to help minimize such additional efforts and control the unwanted rejected water?

Well, the Kent ace plus water purifier is designed with innovative and advanced zero-water wastage technology. Thanks to this technology, no extra water is wasted during the use of the purifier.

Instead of wasting or rejecting the water in the sink or drainage, the water purifier recirculates that water inside the tank using an effective high-power pump. The restored water is used for various other household purposes.


Essential mineral retention:

Essential mineral retention

Another important concern in most RO water purifiers is the wastage or removal of essential minerals during water purification. While removing the unwanted contaminations, the RO purifiers also eliminate some essential minerals that are otherwise essential for the body.

Unlike the many other RO water purifiers, the Kent ace plus water purifier ensures retaining the essential minerals in the water. The purifier just works on the impurities and contaminations while preserving the important minerals that benefit the health.

The multi-stage purification and in-depth maintenance of water quality combine with these minerals to ensure that the drinkable water is 100% beneficial for the users’ health.


Compact and attractive design:

If you think the Kent ace plus water purifier is just popular for its water purification, there is a lot to explore. The water purifier comes in an attractive design and looks that attract every eye.

The transparent storage water tank helps the users get a clear idea about the purifier’s working. Also, the water indication level alerts the users about the total amount of water available in the storage tank. Moreover, all the water purifier’s features are extremely easy to use, and as a result, the purifier can be accessed by anyone without any hassles or complications.

Other than this, the water purifier doesn’t even demand spacious storage space. Thanks to its compact design and size, the water purifier can easily be installed and placed, requiring minimal space.

The water purifier is a stylish and efficient product that surely needs a place in your household. Don’t miss it!


Certifications of purity:

Certificates and awards are the reflections of purity and efficient working. Thus, a water purifier like Kent ace plus, which is recognized with many awards and recognitions, cannot be questioned for its purification process. You can completely rely on the purifier’s multi-stage detailed purification process to get safe and healthy drinking water.

The water purifier is given many prestigious awards and recognitions like NSF International, etc. Other than this, the purifier is also given the Gold Seal of WQA (Water Quality Association), assuring the best and transparent high-quality purification delivered.

Kent has always taken care to design their products according to the defined quality standards, and these certifications confirm the same.



Just like you pay close attention to all the other water purifier features, you shouldn’t neglect to be aware of the offered warranty with the product. Having a clear knowledge about the available warranty confirms the users that they will get all the assistance they need as and when required.

Kent is always known to always prioritize its user’s satisfaction and thus offers a maximum warranty with its product. Talking about the Kent ace plus water purifier, the purifier comes with a warranty against manufacturing defects for 1-year with 3-years additional free services.

Overall, the purifier provides its users with 4-years of coverage against all types of problems, defects, and hassles. Kent ensures full support to its users to avail the defined benefits in the warranty period.


After-sales services:

Kent is also well-known for providing the best after-sales services to its users and customers. There aren’t any hassles or problems in relying on or availing the services. You just have to reach the brand’s customer care with your concerning problem, and you will be given the solution for the same.

Kent ace plus stands strong with its effective and reliable solutions for almost all the problems that might come your way. The brand and its products will never let you down with their performance or with their offered services. You will surely be all impressed with the way your problems will be handled in case of need.


The detailed working process of the Kent ace plus water purifier:

When you are buying a water purifier, it is important to be aware of its working to be sure that you are not cheated at any purification stage. The Kent ace plus water purifier maintains transparency in its working process, allowing the users to be completely sure.

Here is a detailed overview of the purification process used in the Kent water purifier:

  1. Initially, the raw water passes through the sediment filter. It is during this purification stage that the basic impurities are removed from the water. During this stage, the raw water gets free from the dust, dirt, solid impurities before passing to the next purification stage.
  2. Once the basic impurities are treated, the water then passes to the next activated carbon filter. The activated carbon filter is very helpful in removing bacteria, viruses, unpleasant taste, and odor from the water. Along with this, the filter works effectively in treating the chemicals present in the water, resulting in water quality improvement.
  3. After that, the water goes to the UF purification to eliminate the bacteria and cysts present in the water.
  4. Then comes the RO purification stage as the water enters the RO filter. This stage helps in removing the dissolved impurities and contaminations to remove the water hardness.

This is an important stage as it helps convert the hard water into soft water to make it suitable for drinking use. Some water is rejected during purifying water, while some of it then passes to the next purification filter.

  1. After the elimination of the most harmful and dangerous contaminations, the water enters the TDS controller stage. This is the function of the TDS controller to maintain the taste, odor, and essential minerals in the water. It is just like the water polishing stage, where the purified water is polished to improve its quality.
  2. Once the purified water is polished for better quality, it passes through UV filtration. This is the last step in the purification and helps remove any left-over impurities or contaminations in the water.
  3. Finally, after all these stages are over, the purified water is either used directly or stored in the storage tank.



Are there any environmental side effects of using the Kent ace plus water purifier?

No, the Kent ace plus water purifier doesn’t cause any environmental damages or side effects with its working. Rather, it is designed so that the purifier takes good care of balancing the environmental requirements.

The purifier is designed with the latest technology that reduces the risk of releasing harmful substances into the environment. As a result, its work does not cause any serious damages to the environmental quality. You rather will be contributing to preserving the environment against harmful contaminations and dangerous impacts.


Does the purifier’s working cause excessive wastage of water?

Unlike the many other RO purifiers, the Kent ace plus water purifier control excessive water wastage. There isn’t wastage of water during the purification process. Most of the input water is purified, and the remaining amount is used for other purposes but is never wasted.

No water is rejected during the RO purification stage. It is rather stored in the tank to be used later for additional household chores. As a result, you can be sure not just of getting highly purified and safe water for use but also for the fact that no water is wasted during the use.


How to plan the maintenance of the Kent water purifier?

Just like any other electric appliance, even your Kent water purifier needs proper maintenance and care. Any compromises made with the purifier’s maintenance can result in degrading its functioning, resulting in contaminated water.

Therefore, it is important to be sure and particular about maintaining your water purifier in the best possible ways.

Talking about the Kent ace plus purifier, it needs minimal maintenance efforts. All you need to do is to regularly replace the filters to keep up their working capabilities. Along with this, you should be sure that no dirt, dust, or other impurities accumulate on the purifier’s surface.

Just these small efforts can assure that your Kent ace plus purifier is always on-point with its purification process.


Does the purifier need huge space for its installation?

Gone are the days when you have to compromise your kitchen space to accommodate a water purifier in it. Earlier, the large sizes of the water purifiers were a problem to fit, especially in limitedly spacious houses.

Considering our current lifestyle and surroundings, most water purifiers are designed accordingly, and the Kent ace plus water purifier is not an exception. The purifier completely justifies the issues of limited installation spaces.

The purifier is designed in its compact size, making it convenient for its users to easily install.  The water purifier can easily fit without blocking much of your kitchen space.

Besides ensuring its installation in limited space, the Kent water purifier also ensures ease of installation. You don’t have to deal with any unwanted hassles of installing the purifier at your place as the brand’s technicians can thoroughly help you with it.


Is the Kent ace plus water purifier expensive?

It is quite obvious to think that a purifier with so many amazing and attractive features must be on the expensive side. But, on the contrary, the Kent ace plus is available at an affordable price.

Yes, all the available benefits and features of the Kent ace plus water purifier are available at a reasonable and attractive price which is as tempting as the water purifier itself.

The water purifier is designed especially for middle-class people, and therefore, its price is kept within an affordable range. You can buy the purifier without worrying about digging a hole in your budget.


Does the Kent ace plus water purifier remove all the water contaminations?

When you buy a water purifier, you want to be sure that it works well to remove all the possible contaminations, germs, dirt, dust, and impurities from the water.

The Kent ace plus water purifier ensures multi-stage purification, which can be trusted to remove the water impurities. Moreover, the purifier is also efficient in enhancing the taste, odor, and quality of the water with the help of the available TDS controller in its purification process.

Thus, it can be expected that the delivered water would be free from excessive contaminations and be in the best of quality, health, and safety.


Final thoughts:

Kent ace plus water purifier is an amazing water purifier that comes packed with all the necessary and expected water purification features and attraction. The water purifier has many qualities to make a lasting impression while ensuring thoroughly purified, best-quality healthy, and pure water.

We hope the mentioned details and information will be of the best help for you to understand the water purifier with its efficiencies and flaws. If the available information has impressed you, then you know what to do.

Don’t wait any longer, and buy your Kent ace plus water purifier today!

If you still need a helping hand to make a confirmed and sure decision of buying the water purifier, then we are here for you. Connect with us in the comment section with all your thoughts. You can also share your experiences of using the water purifier to help others make a worthy decision.

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