How to wash a matte stretch ceiling without streaks


Sooner or later, caring for such ceilings comes to everyone installed in the kitchen and other rooms.



As you probably know, stretch ceilings are of two types, depending on their material, namely:

  • Fabric
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

Fabric is more expensive, but at the same time allow you to achieve aesthetic “seamlessness” over the entire surface of the tension.

The colour capabilities of this type, compared to PVC, are slightly less. These ceilings can withstand and briefly retain water in case of neighbors flood your neighbors flood you. Their installation is somewhat reminiscent of the tension of a vast canvas for drawing. However, after such “neighbourly” water, there will be spots on the canvas that can no longer be washed off, and the ceiling will have to be changed entirely. Alas.

Stretch ceilings made of PVC, popularly film, are distinguished because they can be made in various forms, textures, colours and even imitate the daytime or starry sky. This is achieved through high-quality photo printing on film and the competent location of lighting elements under it.

All stretch canvases are either matte or glossy. Each of them has its pros and cons, as well as a different need for care. If you have not yet decided on the view, we recommend reading which stretch ceiling is better for the kitchen.



Wash stretch ceilings, both glossy and matte, you need only as they become dirty.

For example, tiny droplets of fat and moisture formed during cooking can settle on the kitchen ceiling.

This can happen even if you have a hood. Sometimes you can accidentally leave a stain when you inaccurately open bottles of highly carbonated water or champagne.

In other rooms, the most private pollutant is ordinary dust, which especially likes to settle in the corners, at the ends of the levels and the joints. Naturally, to maintain a glossy stretch ceiling in cleanliness and shine, it must be lightly wiped as often as possible.

At home, this is easy and simple; we will talk about this further.



So, let’s give the key recommendations for care products:

1. Use only soft tissues, fibre or sponges. No scratching or stiff brushes, as well as moulting rags or piles.

2. To eliminate fat spots, it is recommended to dilute and smear in a bucket or basin the usual dishwashing detergent. Please do not overdo it; you need only a little concentration; the ceiling is not a frying pan.

3. To wash any glossy stretch ceilings at home in 90% of cases will be enough detergents for windows and mirrors.

The most convenient and economical will be a spray for washing glass surfaces. Due to alcohol or ammonia, which are contained in such bouquets, the surface dries very quickly and, most importantly, without stains.

4. In any case, you can not use any abrasive powder products, as well as those that contain acetone. They spoil the appearance of the surface. Therefore, before using a particular cleaner, please carefully read its composition.

Before starting the cleaning, you should:

1. The first thing to learn before starting washing is to control the force when pressing with a cloth, sponge or mop on the surface of the ceiling. It should be minimal but sufficient to eliminate dust or stain. We recommend practising on some remote part of the ceiling to fill your hand.

2. If you have high ceilings, you will need a stepladder and, most likely, a mop or sponge with a long handle. Make sure in advance that the stepladder is serviceable, does not stagger in all directions, and its height is enough to get to the canvas. The mop or other tool of your choice should be as light and short as possible.

3. Remove rings, bracelets, wristwatches from your hands – you can touch a fragile surface with them and leave a scratch or dent.



So, how to properly wash stretch ceilings at home:



For greater clarity, we give you a small video showing two options for washing stretch ceilings; it is worth watching.

Stretch ceilings, exceptionally glossy and especially in the kitchen, are pretty demanding to care about.

Their beauty and grace go hand in hand with fragility and the need for careful treatment of them. In this regard, it is recommended to refrain from:

  • the use of highly heated lighting elements (halogen bulbs);
  • tall houseplants and flying pets (giant parrots);
  • experiments with the rapid opening of champagne, etc.;
  • children’s games with darts, as well as toys that shoot plastic bullets and balls.

We are sure that now you know everything about washing stretch ceilings at home so that there are no stains and damage to the canvas.


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