How to Use a Portable Blender in Your Travels?

It isn’t easy to lead a busy lifestyle when always traveling. But it is easy to enjoy the smoothie of your choice anytime and anywhere.

Portable blenders help you with your blending requirements on the go. It is necessary to know where and how to use your portable blender.

However, it is also important to make sure that you know how to use this product. Every product needs to be taken proper care of! 

Here is a complete guide for using portable blenders in your travels.

Where can you use a portable smoothie blender?

Since portable smoothie blenders are very compact and convenient to use, you can carry them anywhere and everywhere. 

You can easily carry your portable smoothie blender in a gym bag and enjoy your workout. This helps you to make the post-workout smoothie of your choice then and there.

People who like to travel have been given the perfect gift of a portable smoothie blender. You can easily carry it in your luggage since it is compact and enjoy the smoothies you like in whichever country or state you are in. 

Since it has a lightweight design, you do not have to run anywhere to get the healthy smoothies you like because you can make them on your own.

They are not too heavy, which is why you can easily carry your portable smoothie blender to the beach or on hikes. Enjoying a fresh smoothie soon after you have exhausted yourself on the beach or hiking can give you an energy boost.

How to use your portable smoothie blender?

1. Before taking your portable smoothie blender anywhere, make sure that it is fully charged so that you get your perfect smoothie. You can fill your blender with the ingredients of your choice and store them there until you are ready for that fresh smoothie.

2. If you are traveling to distant places and do not require a smoothie for the trip, after you arrive, it is recommended to get fresh fruits or other ingredients of your choice after you reach there. 

3. After you’ve decided what all you need in your smoothie, combine all the ingredients inside the portable blender’s container. Your ingredients can start to go bad or start developing a rotten odor if kept in the blender for a long time.

4. Add a little liquid of your choice to the chosen ingredients for that perfect blend. You can add anything you feel like. Just make sure that you do not fill the blender till the top. To get that ideal smoothie, it is recommended to fill only 85% so that everything mixes evenly.

5. You can even add ice to your smoothies if you cannot find frozen fruits or vegetables. The portable blender does not have issues and handles crushed ice with utmost comfort.

6. After filling your portable blender’s container with all the desired ingredients, close your blender and hit the desired setting. Blades present inside the portable smoothie blender will blend your fruits and vegetables with other ingredients to your preference.

7. As soon as you are done with the blending, you do not need to empty your smoothie in another container to sip it. You can directly flip the cap and start enjoying your smoothie.

8. Make sure that you have a careful eye on your blender while mixing it. Always remember to plug out your smoothie blender after you are done, and only then consume your smoothie.

How should you clean your portable blender?

It is highly recommended that you clean your portable smoothie blender after every use. However, it might not seem easy to clean your blender when constantly moving. Although these hacks can help you clean it anywhere, you feel like.

1. Fill the dirty portable blender with warm water till it covers half of it.

2. Just add a small drop of dishwashing liquid to your blender so that you can clean it. It is recommended not to add more than two drops, or else you would have to stop to clean your blender.

3. After filling your blender with all the washing components, please turn it on and let it go for about 10 seconds.

4. Empty the dirty soap and water solution from your portable smoothie blender and clean it with fresh water.

After using these methods, you can easily use your portable smoothie blender again.


1. Can you use the portable smoothie blender while charging?

Ans: No, you cannot use your portable blender while it is charging. You can plug it anywhere using a micro USB cable to charge it, but keeping track of the battery life is recommended.

2. Can you take your portable blender on a plane?

Ans: Yes, you can carry your portable blender on a plane. It is recommended to stuff your blender in the bags that have already been checked. You can keep the entire blender in your hand-on luggage except for the blades that must be stored in the checked bags.

The Bottom Line-

Getting yourself a portable blender can be very convenient a lot of times. But cleaning them after every use and storing them properly is equally important. 

If you found this article helpful, let us know in the comment section below about how portable blenders helped you in your travels! 

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