How to Select Kitchen Chimney?

Just imagine if you are cooking your favorite dish for your loved ones and your place is all filled with the smoke generated because of the cooking. Would it be possible for you to enjoy your meal in such surroundings? It would be tough, isn’t it?

Now imagine the second scenario, where you are again cooking your favorite dish for your loved ones and the smoke generated by the cooking is fully absorbed by your kitchen chimney. Now, would it be possible to enjoy your meal in the fresh and clean surroundings? Well, it surely will.

This clearly reflects and hints towards the importance of having a perfectly selected chimney in the kitchen. With the help of suitable chimney, all the smoke and grease generated during the cooking can get completely absorbed, resulting in the clean fresh kitchen air.

If you are already feeling the pleasure of using a chimney in your kitchen, then wait for a minute. Are you sure about the chimney that you want to buy for your kitchen? Do you know about the various things or factors that should be kept in mind before making any final decision for the proper selection of the Top kitchen chimney?

If the answer to the above questions is a no, then you should read along this article. Although, it is completely your choice but if you end up buying a wrong kitchen chimney, then don’t blame it on others.


How to Select Perfect Chimney for Your Kitchen?

07 Things to Keep in Mind During Kitchen Chimney Selection:

Buying a chimney is not that difficult, despite the availability of many options in the market, if you are aware of the factors that would make it easy. If you haven’t bought a kitchen chimney before, then don’t worry, this article would be the best help that you would need.

Here are some of the essential details and information that you should keep in mind when planning to buy a kitchen chimney for your home. Do keep all these factors in mind so as to make the most suitable decision concerning chimney selection.

1. Types of Kitchen Chimney

Deciding on the type of kitchen chimney is the first and the most important things to consider when planning to buy the chimney. You should choose the type of chimney post considering these following things:

  • Structure of your kitchen
  • Location for fitting
  • Location of the cooking platform

Once you have decided with these factors, you can choose from the following types of kitchen chimneys available in the market.

  • Wall-mounted chimney – this is the chimney which is fitted against the wall or adjacent to the wall
  • Island chimney – this is the chimney which hangs from the ceiling right above the cooking platform which is located right in the center of the kitchen
  • Built-in chimney – this is the chimney which is built inside the kitchen furniture and is located right against the wall
  • Corner chimney – as the name suggests, this is the chimney which is located in the kitchen corner right above the cooking platform.


2. Types of Kitchen Chimney Filters

Once you have decided on the chimney type for buying, the next thing that you should consider is the type of chimney filter that you will use. In general, the chimney filters are categorized into 3 types, considering their structure, material, and the filtering process:

  • Cassette filter – these filters are made of aluminum mesh. The air passes through the gap available in the aluminum mesh which captures the oil and grease. The dirt and grease particles get clogged in these gaps available in the filter and as a result, these filters require cleaning once in a week.

These filters can be easily cleaned by making use of detergent water and scrubbing.

  • Baffle filter – these are the types of filters which is the most suitable for the Indian kitchen. These filters are made in curve structure and it changes the direction of the cooking air when it passes through it.

The structuring of the filter is so that it drags down the heavy dirt and grease particles and thus purifies the cooking air. Also, these filters can work effectively without facing any effect on their suction capability, if when they are heavily filled with dirt and grease particles.

  • Carbon filter – these are the filters which are also known as the charcoal filter as they are made using charcoal. The main function of these filters is to absorb the odor and thus they are preferred to be used along with the other two filters. These filters require to be replaced after every 6-months for getting their best performance.


3. The Suction Power of Chimney

The overall suction power of the chimney depends upon the size of the kitchen in which it is installed as well as the size of the home.

  • For a smaller home, a chimney with the suction power of 500-600 m3/hour would be sufficient
  • For a larger home, a chimney with the suction power of 700-1000 m3/hour would perform properly

Thus, you should be sure about your kitchen and room size, for picking up the kitchen chimney with the perfect suction power.

4. The Size of the Chimney

One of the important things that should be kept in mind while selecting the size of the chimney is that the chimney size should be the same as the size of the cooking platform or stove. It can either be larger than the cooking stove or equal to that but the chimney size should never be smaller than the size of the cooking stove.

The main reason behind this logic is that if your chimney size is smaller than the size of the cooking stove then it would get difficult for the chimney to efficiently absorb the dirt and grease particles. On the other hand, if the size of the chimney matches with that of the cooking platform, then the dirt and grease particles would easily get absorbed.


5. The Design of Chimney

Along with the various considerable factors during the selection of kitchen chimney, one of the essential factors that shouldn’t be ignored is the design of the chimney. If you think that a chimney of any design would perform in the same manner, then you should really re-think about this. The different chimney designs perform in a different manner and thus play an important role when choosing the kitchen chimney.

In general, there are 2 designs of chimney available which are also extremely popular amongst the users:

  • Convectional kitchen chimney – these are the chimneys which are most common in design and are designed for all practical uses. They are made using stainless steel and are inexpensive. The in straight line model of these chimneys allow them to focus on their performance.
  • Contemporary kitchen chimney – thanks to the design of these chimneys, they are mostly used in modular kitchens. They are made using stainless steel accompanied by a glass or some other crystal. These chimneys are the preferred choice for those who are concerned about their style and status symbol.


6. Chimney Brands

Apart from considering the necessary specifications of the kitchen chimney, another thing that should not be ignored while selecting the chimney is its brand. Yes, you should always prefer buying your kitchen chimney from a well-known and authentic brand name for being sure to get the expected performance.

If you are not sure of the kitchen chimney brands to make your pick, then here are some of the well-known and popular brands from which you can choose your chimney:

  • Sunflame
  • Kutchina
  • Glen
  • Bosch
  • Prestige
  • Faber
  • Hindware
  • Elica
  • Kaff
  • Pigeon
  • IFB

You can pick any of these chimney brands to choose your preferred kitchen chimney and you will not be disappointed by the performance. All the kitchen chimneys available under these brands are designed accurately to meet the requirements of their users.


7. Price of Kitchen Chimney

This is another factor which most people consider when they are buying their chimney. The price range of kitchen chimney in India starts from INR 4000-5000 and it can vary based on the type of chimney you choose.

Almost all the kitchen chimney brands offer free installation to their users and thus you won’t be charged for the installation part. However, if you are installing the chimney at a distant place, then there might be some charges applicable, which may vary.


Final Verdict

So, these are some of the essential factors that you should keep in mind and should not ignore when buying the kitchen chimney. All these factors surely guarantee that your selected chimney will offer you with the expected performance. Thus, you can be sure of getting proper value for your money.

Other than these mentioned factors, if you have any other important factors that should be considered during the purchase of the kitchen chimney, then please do share it with us. Also, if you need any help or information for any of the kitchen chimney models or any factor concerning its selection, then do comment the same below. We would get back to you with the best information possible.

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