How to Reduce the TDS of Water?

Water is the necessity of life. We all are totally aware of this fact, aren’t we?

But are we really taking good care of this utmost necessity of our lives? Are you sure the water that you are drinking is pure? Are you sure it is free from all contaminations and impurities?

The drinking water that we are using today is contaminated with many impurities and chemicals which degrade its quality. The number of toxic chemicals, pollutants, and pesticides incorporated in the drinking water hamper the odor, taste, and color of the water. As a result of all this, the natural minerals available in the drinking water reduce to a minimal level.

In simple words, it can be said that the drinking water becomes unsuitable for drinking purpose. Even after undergoing the basic filtration process, the contaminant present in water is called as Total Dissolved Solids or TDS. With the high amount of TDS present in the drinkable water, it really becomes unsafe to consume and can cause a number of health problems.

To ensure the safety of drinking water, it is required to make use of a suitable filtration process so that all the impurities present in the water can be removed.  One of the best and the most common ways of doing so is by using the Best RO water purifier in India.


Why it is important to Maintain TDS Level present in Water?

There are many other issues and problems in all of our lives, then why do we have to deal with the hassles of removing TDS from water? This is something that most of the readers must be thinking, right?

If you too are one of them, then let us make you very clear, that the presence of TDS in water is the main cause of many health problems. Yes, you read it right. Consuming contaminated water for a long time can have adverse effects of your health and can also be dangerous.

Here are some of the major health issues that you might have to face if you are consuming TDS water:

  • It degrades the odor and taste of water
  • Reduces the natural mineral content from the water
  • Reduces the strength of metabolism
  • Causes difficulties in digesting

Aren’t these reasons sufficient enough to convince you to remove the high amount of TDS from water? Well, at least we are convinced. And thus we are excited to know about the various ways in which the TDS can be removed from the water. So, let us begin.


Ways to Remove TDS from Drinking Water:

Glass of water

Along with the use of a reliable and trusted water purifier in India, you can trust on the various other ways for removing the present TDS from water.

Yes, there are ways by which the available TDS in water can be removed without any hassles. Does it excite you to know about these available methods? Are you interested in finding which of the methods can you try for purifying your drinking water?

If yes, then let us have a look at these possibly suitable methods:

1) Reverse Osmosis:

Reverse Osmosis or RO is the first and one of the most trusted ways of removing the dissolved TDS from drinking water. It performs the needful operation by passing the water through an available synthetic membrane under high pressure.

The available synthetic membrane contains pores which only allow the molecules smaller than 0.0001 microns to pass through it. Thus, the higher TDS molecules have a hard time to pass through the synthetic membrane and thus cannot further get dissolved in the water.

After the entire filtration process, the water squeezed out of the membrane is free from dissolved metals, salts, and other impure particles. It, thus, becomes pure for drinking purpose and can be consumed without any fear.


  • Removes dissolved substances efficiently
  • Results in good tasting water
  • The process does not add any harmful chemicals in the water
  • Maintains the required minerals in the water
  • Filters with RO technology are space savers and expandable
  • It performs a different level of filtrations
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Uses less amount of energy


  • Water is wasted
  • Delivers slow output

2) Distillation:

This method can also be referred as boiling water. As the name suggests, this method is all about boiling water to a temperature where the impurities and contamination can be removed. This method is only effective against some of the dissolved impurities and thus doesn’t result in complete purification.

The present TDS or hardness in water is of two types – temporary hardness and permanent hardness. Boiling water reduces the overall TDS concentration in the water but it is not effective in knowing if permanent hardness is removed or not.

The temporary hardness present in the water can easily be removed with continuous boiling of water to a high temperature. However, this method is not suitable for removing permanent hardness. For the permanent hardness, you can use an effective water purifier.


  • Cost effective method
  • Can be re-used
  • Proves effective against a small amount of water
  • Removes many contaminations from water


  • Doesn’t make water totally pure and clean
  • Takes long to make the water drinkable
  • Requires space, when conducted in a large amount

3) Use of Herbal Mixture:

This is one of the ways which uses natural remedies for making the water pure and drinkable. Rather than relying on varying water purification methods, it works in the way of adding herbal ingredients in the water for removing the impurities and contaminations.

The herbal mixture is prepared by using ingredients like neem leaves, Tulsi leaves, vetiver root, and lemon peels. All these ingredients are collected together and then washed using formaldehyde and acid-alkaline solution. This helps in removing the dust and impurities from this herbal mixture.

Once the dust and impurities are removed from this mixture, you can either use it in this form or can dry it and convert in powder form. In either way, this mixture will prove effective in making the water pure and safe for drinking purposes.

Though, this method is quite effective in removing the majority of impurities from the water but still doesn’t make it 100% clean and pure. There are still some impurities remaining in the water, which can again be removed by using an effective water purifier. This reliable method for water purification was quite popular in old times and still can be seen in rural and less developed areas.


  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Simple process
  • Enriches the water with various nutrients and anti-oxidants
  • Heals many other body problems


  • Requires time
  • Doesn’t offer 100% water purification
  • Requires time to clean and purify the herbal mixture as well

4) De-ionization Process:

This is also one of the popular methods which are used for making the water pure and clean for drinking. This method ensures to remove most of the impurities and thus is generally preferred by the users.

This method makes use of a positive and negative electrode and water is passed through them. During the movement, the positive ions are separated from the water and are moved towards the negative electrode. After the completion of this process, the end result of this method is de-ionized water which is highly pure and safe to drink.

The one thing that should be kept in mind when using this method is to pass the water first from the reverse osmosis method to get rid of all the non-ionic contaminants. This method is simple and is quite effective in removing most of the impurities and contamination from the water in the best possible manner.


  • Removes almost all the water impurities
  • Simple and decent process
  • Offers many other benefits to the water
  • Enhances the taste of the water
  • Doesn’t add any harmful chemicals


  • Also requires the use of reverse osmosis
  • Can get a little costly
  • It May require some time with a large amount of water

These are some of the common methods which can be used to remove impurities and contamination from the water for making it safe and clean for drinking and use. Choose the best one according to what needs and requirements you have to tackle.

Yes, without any second thoughts, all the methods are reliable and can be trusted to get effective results. You might just have to maintain patience with some methods.

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Final Verdict:

We are sure you at least don’t want to have any harmful effects on your health just because of drinking contaminated water, don’t you? The one simple solution that you can try is using a suitable water purifier that can effectively make your drinking water clean and safe. Other than this, the above-mentioned processes are also convincing enough for their performance and you just have to make your correct choice.

Let us know if you further need any help or suggestions for reducing the number of TDS of water. Please do comment below any experience or recommendations that you have for our readers. We will appreciate your time and efforts.

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