How to Get Rid of Pantry Bugs

We get rid of bugs in the kitchen, wound up in cereals, flour and other products. Even in a shining clean closet, a small black parasite may suddenly appear, which will feel at ease there.


Where do the bugs in the croup come from?

Bugs can appear with perfect cleanliness. The main reason was the purchased cereals, flour, dried fruits or spices from the store. And maybe not even the bug itself, but its larva. From it, under favourable conditions, an insect is derived.

You can bring home bugs with food for pets that eat cereal products.

The main types of bugs that are most often introduced in products:

  1. Flour bug. The insect is about 2-3 mm., The body is elongated, red. It settles in flour and semolina, as well as in rice.
  2. Bread grinder. This insect is shorter in length than the mucoid. The shape is rounded. It has wings; it can move around the room and reproduce very actively.

By the way, the bread grinder, you can see only when there is a lot of it divorced. It hides very well, so it is difficult to notice it.

These insects at home are introduced less often.


What to do if there are bugs in flour and cereals

If you find bugs in the croup, you need to take action immediately. They multiply very quickly, so do not hesitate.

The best option, throw out all the cereals. The larvae are colourless and may not be noticed. And to use in food is not pleasant and harmful to health. In grains, there are waste products of insects that can cause digestive upset or poisoning.

Beetles can be in unopposed packages; they easily gnaw through bags and settle in products. It is impossible to notice holes. Therefore, it is better to throw them away or undergo processing.

To neutralize the products that you leave, you need:

  1. Carefully sort and remove insects. It can be washed in a saline solution, insects and larvae will float to the surface. Calve the products in the oven or put them in the freezer.
  2. Sift flour and semolina through a sieve. Thus, we will get rid of beetles and larvae. Calve in the oven, and flour can be used.

Everyone decides for himself whether to eat such cereals or not. Products that have been processed will not cause harm.

In the kitchen, rinse all cabinets and shelves with water and vinegar, especially pay attention to the corners of furniture and cracks. In them, insects lay larvae.

If the beetles were found in the winter, the room could be frozen. Leave the window open for a few hours. Insects at low temperatures will die. To suck beetles and larvae from the cracks, use a vacuum cleaner. With its help, most of the pests will be gathered.

There are many chemicals on sale to kill insects. It is not desirable to use them in the kitchen since there is a risk of poisoning yourself. Moreover, larvae that are in inaccessible places will not die.

To destroy insects, you can use folk methods:

  • mix and roll into balls sugar, borax and any cereal, spread out on the shelves of cabinets;
  • buy pyrethrum powder at the pharmacy, sprinkle it along the walls of the frames.

These substances are harmless to humans. They destroy only living individuals.


How to avoid the appearance of bugs

To avoid the appearance of bugs, you need to follow the following recommendations:

  1. Buy cereals, spices and dried fruits in trusted stores.
  2. Store in glass and metal jars with lids or in the refrigerator.
  3. On the shelves, spread out fragrant herbs: bay leaf, cloves, lavender or garlic. Beetles are afraid of pungent odours. Put garlic cloves in jars with cereals; this will help not to get insects. Moisten pieces of cotton wool in lavender oil spread out on shelves. Its smell well drives away beetles.
  4. Make sure that there is no high humidity in the kitchen. Ventilate the room as often as possible.
  5. Try not to buy a lot of products. Now there is no shortage, and you can buy the necessary cereals, flour, or other product at any time.
  6. Regularly check products for bugs, mainly if they used to start.
  7. Do not leave food residues on the table, especially bread crumbs or cookies.

The fight against beetles is not fast, as many sources promise. This is long and detailed work because bugs can appear again if larvae remain in the cracks.

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