How to Clean Your Oven

No matter what kind of oven you have, gas or electric, it will be difficult to avoid the appearance of contamination during operation. Therefore, periodically every homemaker thinks about how and how to wash their oven from the old burnt fat.



To begin with, you need to decide what you will have to deal with: with recent spots or with one-year-old frozen fat.

Most modern ovens have a special enamel coating from which dirt can be removed with a damp cloth.

Only this should be done immediately after completing the cooking process, without waiting until everything dries.

If the moment is missed, you can cope with persistent dirt and effectively remove old burnt fat in the oven with the help of modern household chemicals or folk remedies.

And here is one of the most effective ways:

In the same way, you can clean the microwave.



Today, the choice of household chemicals intended for ovens can not but rejoice.

There are working powders, gel,s and pastes that are ready to cope with any fa in our stores.

We advise you to look at the composition because it should not have acid that can damage the inner coating of the oven.

We recommend paying attention to such proven products as Synergetic, Cilit Bang Anti-fat, “Shumanit”, Efsto (+ from Faberlic also proven themselves).



So, here’s how to wash the oven from old burnt fat:

In this way, you can remove even old stains. You will be amazed at the result.

If you are the owner of an electric oven, pay attention to special cleaning pastes based on “Comet” or any other cleaning agent, dishwashing balm and citric acid.

The components are mixed in equal proportions, applying to all internal surfaces, leaving for about an hour, after which we wash off the remnants of the paste well and wipe dry.

Very convenient is a unique foam in cans. It will be enough to spray it in the oven, leave it to act for 40 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

Household chemicals, although it effectively removes old burnt fat, still has some drawbacks.

The first of them is an unpleasant smell from the oven.

To get rid of it, use one of the following methods:

  • Ventilate the oven well, leaving it open. If your model of equipment has an additional fan, then the process can be significantly accelerated. Open the closet and turn it on; let the air chase.
  • Dissolve a few tablets of activated charcoal in water, put the solution in the oven, turn it on for half an hour so that the liquid boils.
  • Wipe all inner surfaces with lemon juice or vinegar.

To finally wash off all the remnants of household chemicals, it is necessary to change the water up to 10 times, which is quite long and troublesome.

Therefore, before starting to wash the oven from old burnt fat, use proven methods and folk remedies.



So, here are some old ways to wash the oven.

To remove dirt in the oven with home remedies, you can use:

Baking soda. It works exceptionally well when you need to tidy up the glass part of the oven door.

  • First, wipe the dirty glass with a well-moistened coarse sponge;
  • Next, sprinkle it with a thin layer of soda;
  • Leave the whole thing for 30-40 minutes so that the soda works;
  • After that, take a wet sponge and wipe the door thoroughly.

Table vinegar. The method of its application has long been known to everyone:

  • Just apply it to the sponge and start processing all the elements of the oven;
  • Next, close the range and leave everything for 2-3 hours;
  • After this time, wipe everything well several times with a damp cloth.

Ammonia. He can remove even ancient burnt fat. Apply the solution to a rag and rub all the walls, close the door, leave overnight. In the morning, rinse everything with a weak soapy solution.

Salt. Pour it with a slide on dirt, hardening until it becomes brownish, after which we remove and wash the surface.

Grated laundry soap, soda and vinegar should be mixed in a ratio of 30/50/100 grams (do not be afraid of the bubbling reaction of the interaction of soda and vinegar).

Apply this solution to the burnt fat. Leave for a few hours, and then rinse everything well.



In order not to encounter such a time-consuming cleaning process again, you should:

  • Each time after cooking, wipe the inner walls, baking sheets and doors with a light soapy solution;
  • Cook dishes in a unique sleeve so that fatty splashes will not fall on the walls;
  • You can choose an oven with a self-cleaning function.

A few words about the “self-cleaning” oven: yes, this option is in many modern models. But, when using it, many homemakers noticed that as a result, the stove is steamed.

Stains do not disappear anywhere; they are amenable to steam treatment. The only plus from this procedure is some softening (softening) of old colours, which facilitates cleaning the oven. It is not necessary to count on a more significant result.

We hope you are convinced that it is possible to cope even with persistent and old dirt both with the help of household chemicals and folk remedies. It is much easier and more convenient for yourself not to allow this or wipe the plaque as soon as it appears.


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