How To Clean a Ceiling Fan? (5 Easy Methods)

The struggle is real! It seems quite a task to clean your ceiling fans. Doesn’t it? Are you also sick of looking at that layer of dust embracing the blades of your fan? Are you looking for tips and tricks to make the job of cleaning your dirty fan easier for yourself? 

In this article, we will teach you a few easy and convenient ways in which you can clean your ceiling fan without having to take it out. Read on to find out.

Tips and procedures to clean your ceiling fan

Tips and procedures to clean your ceiling fan

These few tips will help you keep your fan cleaner and prevent it from getting too dusty. You will also learn what to do in case of heavy dust build-up on the surface of your ceiling fan. But you should know that the process of cleaning it becomes more manageable when the condition of your fan is not too bad.

1. Dust your Ceiling Fan using a dusting cloth

Dusting your ceiling fan is quite an easy task. You will need a duster or a clean and soft cloth. Next, grab a stool or a ladder and climb on it, and wipe the surface of your ceiling fan using the duster. In case you do not find a chair or ladder, you may use a duster with an extendable handle. 

This is a very basic and easy method of cleaning a ceiling fan and is suitable when the dust build-up is low. You can also slightly dampen the fan to remove dust easily. You can repeat this method once a week.

Note: Remember to switch off your ceiling fan before starting the cleaning process.

2. Cleaning your ceiling fan using a vacuum cleaner

Not many people are aware of this, but you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean your ceiling fan. Attach a dusting attachment at the base of the vacuum cleaner and then extend it towards the fan, using a stool or a ladder. Brush the dusting attachment over and under the blades of the ceiling fan properly, removing all the dirt.

Also, please avoid using the vacuum cleaner on wet ceiling fans, as it may cause damage to the machine.

3. Cleaning your ceiling fan using a spray cleaner

Using a spray cleaner to clean your ceiling fan is another hassle-free way of getting the job done. Wipe your ceiling fan with a dry and soft cloth first to get rid of any dust particles. The next step would be to spray the cleaner on the fan’s blades and again wipe it with a dry cloth. This will get your fan rid of any leftover dust particles. 

4. Cleaning your fan with light fixtures

In order to clean a ceiling fan that comes with light fixtures, follow this trick. Start by cleaning your fan blades like you usually would using a clean cloth. Then remove the bulbs and glass shades while being cautious. You can wash the glass using soap and water. The motor housing can be cleaned using a slightly dampened cloth. 

Tip: Always make sure to dry your fan properly after you are done cleaning to prevent corrosion. 

5. Cleaning your ceiling fan using a pillowcase

This can prove to be a beneficial trick if you are cleaning your ceiling fan after a long time. This method will help prevent the dust from scattering here and there. All you need to do is to grab an old pillowcase and slide it over the fan blade, wiping the dust off the surface and from below. 

All the dust will get collected inside the pillowcase instead of falling and making a mess of your floor. Repeat the process for each blade until you are left with a clean surface. You can follow by spraying a dusting spray on the blades and then wiping it off using a dry, clean cloth. This way, you’ll be left with a fan as clean as new.

Once you are done, you can discard the remaining dust outside or in a dust bin by turning the pillowcase inside out.

Note: It is highly advisable to be careful while cleaning your fan since the edges of your ceiling fan can be sharp and may cause injury. 


1. Why does my ceiling fan make noises?

Ans: Ceiling fans that are low in quality or come at lower prices tend to make noise because of the poor quality of the components used. If your fan makes noises, you can check for loose screws or unbalanced blades. They may also add to noise creation. 

2. How often should ceiling fans be cleaned?

Ans: It would be nice to do a light dusting of your ceiling fans once a week if it is dusty where you live. However, it would be best if you tried cleaning your ceiling fan properly once each month. 


We hope we could reduce the stress of cleaning ceiling fans for you a little. The methods and tips discussed in the article will surely help you maintain and flaunt a squeaky-clean ceiling fan.

The real trick, however, is to keep cleaning the fan regularly. This will prevent dust build-up and make the process of cleaning super easy for you. 

Meanwhile, in the comment section below, let us know what your go-to method for cleaning ceiling fans is.

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