How to Choose Washing Powder For Newborn Baby

The market is crowded, and often, young moms choose the most expensive options, although there are more than enough domestic analogues. They are no different from the goods of well-known brands and are no less effective and safe.



1. The first requirement is that the product must meet its hypoallergenicity. The skin of infants is very delicate and reacts to the slightest overdose of detergents.

This can develop a rash on the delicate skin of the newborn, which is very difficult to treat. But, you have to understand this: a rash is just the tip of the iceberg and an external symptom of what is happening inside the body.

That is, the skin through a rash gives a signal that the liver and kidneys can not process the chemistry that entered the blood through the skin (in case of damage) or the respiratory tract.

So, before eliminating the rash, it is necessary to eliminate the factors that cause it. And the powder, in this case, is one of the essential sources of poisoning.

2. In addition, the powder should wash well, as stains on clothes and bed linen of the baby can be very much.

And, of course, it is very desirable that the powder was economical in terms of consumption and was affordable since it is necessary to wash often.



Children are very susceptible to any infection, especially infants.

In addition to washing, young mothers must carry out daily wet cleaning, ventilate the room and monitor the cleanliness of their own hands.

Since you have to wash daily, or even several times a day, it is essential to choose a powder that will not harm the baby but your hands (if you wash by hand).

This is important because from harmful products on the skin of the hand’s microcracks are formed, in which the infection “feels” very accessible, and it is not easy to wash your hands before feeding or other procedures in this case.

If you have the opportunity, choose products with softeners and herbal extracts, and if not, do not forget to lubricate your hands with cream after washing. Cracks and drying should not be allowed.

Also, after washing, it is desirable to iron the child’s things with a hot iron on both sides. This, of course, will not save from allergies if the powder was harmful, but it will protect against infections of a different kind, which, sometimes, are much more dangerous than a sour powder.



It’s undoubtedly not powder. But we could not help but say about it because it is an excellent alternative to any powder. To wash things in a machine, you need to rub a third bar on the grater.

Soap should be chosen not just for children but also for newborns since it will not cause allergies.

The only disadvantage of this tool is that soap does not remove stains well; therefore, this option is not practical for solid contaminants.



And now, let’s look at the rating of the most popular powders for newborns, and you will know what to look for on the store’s shelves.

Note: Not all powders that are listed on this list are recommended to buy. We write only truthful information based on the personal experience of the editorial board, as well as numerous reviews on the Internet.

Therefore, please read our comments regarding each brand carefully; some of them are negative, and you should be aware of them.

And here is a good video review from two homemakers and mothers who decided to test popular brands of baby powders. We are talking not only in the context of washing newborns but still recommend seeing it.



We’ve covered a lot of options in detail. Now you know that washing powder for newborns does not have to be expensive, and which is better to choose – already your decision!

I would also like to say that the powder for washing is still more profitable from an economic point of view than simple soap. Although at first glance it seems that soap is cheaper. But keep in mind that for one wash, you spend a third of the bar, and this, in the end, comes out quite costly.

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