How To Choose An Iron For The House?

Iron is an indispensable household appliance that allows each of us to look decent, thanks to the effective smoothing of folds on clothes. Surprisingly, already in the IV century BC, people paid due attention to their appearance. In particular, in ancient Greece, the technology of pleating the canvas was invented. In the XVIII, metal rods were replaced by devices running on gas. Machines with an electric heater were developed only in the XIX century. Today, the range of products for ironing is extensive. And many users do not know how to choose an iron. We will try to deal with this task.

As you have already understood, the abundance of electronics provides for a detailed analysis of the market and a responsible attitude to the study of the main parameters, which we will do. In addition, consider tips from experts, reviews from buyers and varieties of equipment so that you can purchase the necessary model among the best irons.


Types of irons

Currently, irons for home use are classified according to the following parameters: type of sole, size, additional functions. It follows that there are four types of irons:

  1. Classic – ordinary products for ironing, characterized by a small set of functions. Such inventions do not have humidification devices, and the process itself is carried out manually. For obvious reasons, these devices have a democratic cost. There must be a regulator of the sole;
  2. Steam – are the most popular because they are suitable for both dry and wet ironing. They are distinguished by multifunctionality, excellent sliding of the sole. When choosing a steam iron, pay due attention to its shape. In particular, that it provides for ironing of dense and soft fabrics under the buttons;
  3. Roads – differ in small size, which makes them convenient for transportation in bags. As a rule, technical capabilities and scope of application are limited, which is justified by mobility and weight;
  4. With sprayer – models equipped with a moisturizing device. Accordingly, they have a relatively broad scope of application but are inferior to steam analogues.

Regardless of the type of iron, the device must have a high-quality sole, power, steam supply system.


Choosing an iron by parameters

Choosing an iron by parameters

Trying to save money, users often ignore essential characteristics. If you do not know how to choose an inexpensive iron, keep in mind that the quality of the sole is a priority aspect. If the budget for the purchase is small, it is more suitable to limit yourself incapacity, but not as a coverage. For a small family, 1600 W of power is enough. There are more powerful devices for frequent ironing of large volumes of things – 1900-2400 W. But they are rarely used in everyday life. Keep in mind that the higher the power, the greater the energy costs and the figures for utilities.

Which sole to choose an iron with?

Of course, this factor has a severe impact on the quality of the ironing of different fabrics. For obvious reasons, before buying a particular model, you must decide for yourself which sole is better to choose an iron. Note that the material significantly affects the cost:

  • Ceramics – metal-ceramics is the most expensive option due to its excellent properties: easy cleaning, heat retention, and protection from mechanical damage. Such models do not scratch and easily slide on any fabric;
  • Stainless steel is the personification of a firm sole that is easy to clean. Such models are often supplemented with special spraying and holes, which has a positive effect on the speed of work;
  • Aluminium is an excellent thermal conductor, providing for rapid heating and cooling. As a rule, such models have a democratic cost but are easily damaged. Over time, burring is formed, which negatively affect the quality of ironing. It is essential that such irons were equipped with suitable spraying and did not leave traces on the fabric;
  • Teflon is a good solution for people who intend to choose an inexpensive iron for the home. The coating does not stick to the fabrics and does not burn things. However, the sole of this material is easily damaged by metal accessories.

As for efficiency, it is necessary to focus more on the quality of the steam supply. Note that the best smoothing and moisturizing have steam analogues. The more holes in the sole, the better.


Steam supply system

If you plan to choose the suitable iron for home use, keep in mind that the quality of moisturizing and steaming depends not only on the number of holes but also on their location in the sole:

  1. The classic version is that the micro-tins are on the heel and the spout of the iron. Larger ones are placed in 2 rows on the sides;
  2. Advanced models – have holes evenly spaced over the entire area of the sole in 1 or 2 rows.

The steam supply system can have several technical solutions. In particular, there is horizontal and vertical steaming. In the second case, the models are additionally equipped with steam shocks and spraying.

As for the amount of steam released during the iron’s work in 1 minute, the indicator is measured in grams: from 30 to 100. For obvious reasons, powerful models use a unique regulator, usually located in the front of the handle. This will allow you to choose the optimal feed speed depending on the type of fabric.


Important characteristics of irons

Now let’s talk about the parameters that relate to the convenience of the operation of equipment. Speaking about how to choose an iron for home use, it is essential to pay due attention:

  • cable length;
  • the comfort of the handle;
  • weight and dimensions;
  • splashing;
  • steaming;
  • steam generator (optional).

It is worth adding that there are special nozzles, for example, for delicate fabrics, vertical ironing, etc. Here everything depends on the financial capabilities of users. But, if you plan to choose an advanced iron, focus on models with a double or removable sole, which have a perfectly smooth surface. With such devices, you can fix the nozzle and soft, even fragile fabrics at low temperatures.


Optimal cable length

Currently, there are devices with a network cable and a wireless connection. In the first case, the length of the cord can vary in the range from 0.8 to 4 meters. Based on the reviews, it would help if you chose an iron with a cord length of 1.9 to 2.5 meters. It should move Pay attention to the presence of a ball mount that provides for 360° rotation. This prevents the cable from twisting. At the same time, it is desirable that it moves. Accordingly, it will last longer.

When choosing an iron for a home with a wireless connection, ensure that the connection stand is high quality. Such a device is convenient because it allows you to carry out more free movements, and the wire is not confused.


Optimum weight

Of course, the weight of the device is not the last value in terms of operation. If you intend to choose a good iron for the house, note that the mass should not exceed the mark of 9 kilograms. In this case, the weight can vary in the range from 400 grams to 12 kilograms. This characteristic does not affect the quality and sliding of the sole, but the manoeuvrable device is easier to control. Of course, this parameter is not crucial, and the weight of the iron always depends on the material of the platform. Accordingly, the steel sole is heavier than aluminium but much better. Therefore, it is advisable to sacrifice convenience in favour of the quality of ironing. But do not forget about the body and handle, which also affect the mass of the device.

If there is an opportunity to hold the device by the handle, understand how convenient it will be to use. But, if you buy the device in the online store, first of all, focus on models with a folding handle. They are more convenient and provide easy transportation.


Additional functions of irons

Due to the lack of knowledge of choosing an iron for the house, many users underestimate the importance of the quality of spraying and steaming. Note that the spraying device must be on the spout of the iron. The more powerful the module, the easier it is to iron thin fabrics. Professional models should support horizontal and vertical steaming. This will allow you to iron things on the hanger. With their help, you can improve the appearance of curtains, curtains, etc.

A handy option is “Turbopar”, which allows you to supply steam for effective ironing of dense fabrics. The choice of smoke can range from 90 to 120 grams per minute. As a rule, enhanced steam shocks allow iron and clean the material from accumulated dirt particles—a great way to clean carpets.

Judging by buyers’ reviews, an excellent addition is a self-cleaning function, which significantly simplifies the care of the iron. As a rule, this option is implemented by all leading manufacturers of equipment.


Irons with steam generator

Particular attention should be paid to irons equipped with a steam generator, which have recently become increasingly popular. They provide a continuous supply of steam, which affects the efficiency of working with different tissues. As a rule, such devices have a separate unit with a heating element and a large boiler. When choosing an iron for home use with a steam generator, a long hose is essential: from 1.5 to 4 meters. In short, there will be problems due to the restriction of movements. Accordingly, this will affect the pressure and efficiency of the device.

The larger the boiler, the better since you do not have to add water constantly. A clear disadvantage of such devices is the significant weight and size.


Tips for choosing an iron for home use

Finally, I want to talk about the importance of safety and protection of irons. Often, users leave the devices on, which leads to unpleasant consequences. For obvious reasons, experts recommend choosing models that have an automatic shutdown. As a rule, such devices are turned off after 10 minutes in an upright position.

Another helpful feature is scale protection, which prevents clogging of steam channels, thereby increasing the device’s service life thereby expanding the device’s service life.

Experts on the choice of irons recommend taking into account the quality of filters. An excellent option is an anti-drip system that prevents the penetration of droplets through small holes of the device.

We hope you know how to choose an iron for the home to meet your requirements and price/quality ratio. Share your opinion and experience of operating devices. This will help other users make the right purchase!

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