How to Choose a Water Purifier?

Water purifier is one unsaid necessity which is a must in the present time. After all, who would prefer drinking contaminated and unpurified water? Clearly, the selection of water purifier is one of the essential needs which you should be sure about to get the best quality of drinking water.

We want you to be pretty sure that every penny that you are investing in buying a water purifier is righty invested. For this, you should be sure that you are buying the right and a suitable water purifier.

There are many people who still think that choosing a perfect water purifier amidst the many available options is really a tough job. But, is it really that tough? Frankly, no!

Choosing the desired water purifier is not that tough, if you have the idea of the factors which should be considered when selecting a water purifier. Yes, there are some essential factors which you should consider for picking up a water purifier which would satisfy your needs and requirements in the best possible manner.

How to Choose a Water Purifier? 1

Interested in knowing those essential factors? Well, then let us begin the journey.

Type of Water:

Buying a water purifier and not being aware of the type of water for which it is needed is like running on the edge with a blindfold – which certainly can be extremely dangerous.

You are buying a water purifier to clean all the impurities and contaminations present in the water. Therefore, you should be sure about the type of water you are getting along with the impurities present in that.

There are basically two types of water available:

  • Hard water – which contains a high amount of TDS in it and thus requires a strong water purifier
  • Soft water – in this the amount of TDS is lesser and thus you can use a normal water purifier for soft water

For this, you can once check the water quality that you are getting and then choose a water purifier which would do complete justification with the needs.


Types of Water purifiers:

Before making any selection with the water purifier, you should be aware of the fact that there are many types and varieties of water purifiers available in the market. You can actually get confused if you are not sure of the particular type of water purifier that you need. Understanding the basic of the technologies available in different water purifiers will help in making the right selection. Here are some different types of water purifiers available:

  1. RO water purifiers – these are the most suitable for water with high TDS content. It can remove almost all the harmful impurities and thus is highly recommended to use. However, it can also remove some of the needed minerals from water, therefore, it is important to choose an RO water purifier with TDS controller
  2. Gravity-Based water purifiers – these are the purifiers which are not dependent on electricity for their operations. They are generally used to purify water with low TDS value. Also, they are user-friendly and budget-friendly.
  3. UV water purifiers – these water purifiers are those which use a high power UV lamp for isolating the impurities from the water. However, such water purifiers are not that effective in removing all the dissolved impurities and are preferred for water with less to moderate TDS value


Storage Capacity:

Storage Capacity Tank

The next thing that should be on your list for selecting a water purifier is its storage capacity. You should pick a water purifier with sufficient capacity for your entire family. If you are living in an area where power cuts are frequent, then buying a water purifier with large storage capacity would be a beneficial decision.

Other than this, your family size also determines the storage capacity of your water purifier. If you have a large family then a water purifier with large storage capacity would be justified. On the other hand, for small family size, a water purifier with a limited capacity will also offer the desired results.


Water Purifier brand:

If you want to be sure of the performance of your selected water purifier, it is important that you choose them from a well-known and reliable brand name. Buying a water purifier from an unknown and non-reliable brand name may cause you with many troubles in the long-run.

Thus, it is always suggested to choose a water purifier from a known brand name. These are some of the brand names on which you can rely:

  • Kent
  • Livpure
  • Eureka
  • Blue Star
  • LG
  • AO Smith



How to Choose a Water Purifier? 2

Other than looking for a water purifier from a well-known brand, it is also important to be sure of the various certificates, of safety and precautions, which the water purifier holds. Certification also assures the users about the authenticity, quality, and performance of the water purifier. Also, it makes the water purifier trustworthy and reliable.

The top certifications that you should look in your water purifiers are:

  • NSF
  • WQA
  • ISI
  • CE

You should never miss checking on this essential need in your water purifier, if you wish to get the most satisfying and beneficial performance.




Next, on the list is the price of the water purifier. There is no denying in the fact that there are millions of water purifiers available in the market within low, moderate and high price range. It is important to decide on the budget which you are ready to invest in your water purifier so as to avoid over-spending while buying one.

Fix a maximum budget and then look for the options of the water purifiers of your choice available within that decided price range. Yes, surely you can go a little up and down in your budget to choose a water purifier of your choice.


Availability of the spare parts:

Suppose you are using your water purifier and suddenly you realize that one of its parts is broken. Now, you try and find that broken part but couldn’t find it anywhere in the market. Clearly, now you are stuck in a difficult situation with no other option than to either use the damaged water purifier or to get a new one.

But, you can get a middle way in this problem and that is to be sure about the availability of the broken parts of your chosen water purifier. Before, buying a water purifier, inquire about the availability of the spare parts so as to be sure that the damages caused to the water purifier can be handled easily.


Maintenance of the water purifier:

Everything in this world requires maintenance and so does your water purifier. For being sure that your water purifier performs all its desired functions in the best possible manner, it is important to timely maintain it.

However, along with the timely maintenance of the water purifier, you should be sure of the frequency in which the water purifier demands maintenance. If your water purifier demands frequent maintenance, there is no use of it. You are actually investing more time in maintaining the water purifier rather than using it. Choose a water purifier with easy maintenance.


After sale services Offered:

Would you like if you are in need of any assistance for your water purifier but you are kept waiting for a really long time? This can be the case, if you haven’t check or confirmed the after sales services that you get.

After sales services are the ones which you get once you have bought the product. You should be sure that your chosen water purifier brand offers you relevant and needed after-sales services in the best interest of your matter.



Though, most of the water purifiers can easily be installed without any hassles, but there are many others which come with the complicated installation process. Thus, to avoid the hassles of complicated installation, it is better to be sure of the fact that your chosen water purifier offers an easy hand with its installation.

All the modern and latest water purifiers available in the market offer an easy installation to their users.



This is the time in which you will get free assistance against any damages and problems in your water purifier. Most of the big brand names offer good warranty time with their products which adds on to the convenience of the users. Therefore, you should choose a water purifier which comes with the maximum warranty time.

These are some of the essential and important factors which can make the selection process of a suitable water purifier really easy. Buying a water purifier is totally a necessity. Therefore, make sure that you are investing the right amount of your energy, time, efforts and money while buying the best water purifier.

If you still have any other doubts or concerns related to the selection of the water purifier, then please do comment below. We will get back to you with the best possible and relevant information to ease out all your doubts for a perfect selection.

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