How to choose a vacuum cleaner

Sooner or later in the cabin of your car will need to clean up well. Of course, you can take advantage of paid cleaning of the salon, but why pay more?



Models of these devices are not so much yet. Nevertheless, they already have distinctive properties, which raises a natural question – which vacuum cleaner for the car is better.

Let’s look at the most important parameters:



Among the available model range, you can find car vacuum cleaners with the possibility of dry and wet cleaning.

Dry or ordinary cleaning allows you to cope with dust in various places, and in the lower part of the cabin will help remove the wool and other dirt.

In principle, all models of car vacuum cleaners can carry out such actions.

Wet cleaning makes it possible to clean the cabin from complex contaminants. If you use the appropriate auto cosmetics, then this task can be performed very successfully.

Nozzles can facilitate access to secluded areas of the cabin or help in eliminating any contamination. For example, if you have pets, you will need a special nozzle to remove the hair.



Experts recommend trying the selected model live before ordering it. The fact is that some manufacturers indicate concise descriptions of goods by which it is difficult to determine the worthiness of the model.

Moreover, it is essential to visually assess the quality of materials, assembly, and actual equipment. We hope that our review helped you to determine which vacuum cleaner for the car is better.


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