How To Choose A Hair Dryer?

Since ancient times, the main asset of a woman is her hair. At the same time, it is tough to maintain health and care for beautiful curls due to the environment, a vast assortment of low-quality cosmetics and equipment. Therefore, we suggest talking about how to choose a suitable hairdryer to minimize harm to health. To do this, consider the key parameters and speak about the purchase’s nuances and pitfalls, which often go unnoticed in stores.

Indeed, when buying a particular technique, you heard from sales consultants something like: “This model is in demand.” You should understand that even the best hair dryer will not meet expectations if you do not pick up the tool for yourself! Professional hairdressers’ reviews often fail to make high-quality styling only because of incorrectly selected sizes and the convenience of the handle.


Dimensions and weight

Dimensions and weight

Now there is the following trend: manufacturers are trying to reduce equipment costs due to functions, ignoring the quality of internal parts. Modern models burn out in a few months if the products produced in the 90s served for 5-10 years. In addition, current devices are increasingly small in size. If a few years ago in hairdressers you could see a miniature girl-master with a massive hairdryer, because of which she could not typically remove and control the direction of air during styling, now this factor does not interfere with the work of specialists. For home use, it is even more essential to pay due attention to this moment. Experts advise buying a compact model weighing from 400 to 600 grams. As for the dimensions, it all depends on the size of the hand. If possible, hold the hairdryer, feel the convenience of the handle, imagine how you make them styling.


Power selection for the hairdryer

Another common question is how much power a hairdryer should have? In professional models, the indicator varies from 1800 to 2400 W. There are more, but even professionals cannot find applications for such devices. Novice users generally prefer not to pick up models over 2000 W. If you choose a powerful hairdryer, pay attention to the number of modes. When using the maximum speed, do not direct the device to the scalp or burn. At the same time, for household needs, it is enough from 1600 to 1800 W. There are also less productive, budget devices up to 1500 W; however, in the presence of thick, long hair, they will have to dry for too long, up to 30 minutes.


Operating modes

Professional models have six high-speed and six temperature modes of operation. They allow you to eliminate the excess moisture and set parameters for working with weakened, thick, coloured, and other hair types. When choosing a hairdryer for home use, you will need two high-speed and three temperature modes of operation. This is quite enough to create a styling. It should be understood that the power is adjustable depending on the type of curls:

  • Solid and robust hair – dried and styled with hot air;
  • Thin and weakened hair – reduced speed and operating temperature;
  • Curly hair – laid at a low temperature using a nozzle concentrate.

Another not too important point is the location of the button. If you have long fingers, it should be on the front plane of the handle, like a trigger on a gun.


Tips for choosing a hairdryer from experts

Tips for choosing a hairdryer from experts

Speaking about what you should pay attention to, first of all, I want to talk about additional options. What is important is the supply of cooled air. It is in all professional models and is responsible for fixing, fixing the styling. When choosing a hairdryer for “naughty” hair, make sure that this option is there. Otherwise, even a powerful device will not allow you to keep the shape for a long time. With the help of a cold shot, you can quickly cool your hair, which will take only 4-5 seconds. The rest of the existing functions, for obvious reasons, do not need to be described, because in most cases, they are not mandatory.

Useful nozzles

Undoubtedly, simplifying the installation at home will help with high-quality nozzles. But, not all “buns” from different manufacturers deserve attention. Therefore, we will talk about the most valuable details:

  • the diffuser is an instrumental detail that is used at a reduced speed for styling curly hair;
  • Concentrator – designed to direct air flows where you need. A proper nozzle for novice users, which allows you to avoid the effect of protruding strands in different directions.

These nozzles are relevant regardless of the cost of the model and brand. It is worth adding that periodically there are new solutions, and they deserve attention.


Modern Features

The development of technology does not stand still and the requirements for the development of modern hair dryers. Today, no one is surprised by a cold shot because models have a ceramic heater and an ionization function. How effective are they?

  • Hairdryer with ceramic heater (Ceramic) – since the model has a ceramic heating element, the heating is distributed evenly. Heat penetrates the strands safely without burning them from the inside. If you often straighten curls, then you need this technology 100%;
  • Hairdryer with ionization (Ionic) – equipped with a generator with negatively charged ion. Such models allow you to blow curly hair without causing any harm;
  • Tourmaline coated hairdryer (Tourmaline) – produces negatively charged ions to create a smooth, obedient styling. Such models are more expensive.

The main points we have considered, and the conclusion to make you. We hope this will help you choose a suitable good hairdryer. Please note that this type of equipment does not imply savings. If you want an eligible device, focus on premium brands.

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