How to Choose a Good Electric Kettle for Home

It isn’t easy to find a person who does not like to drink tea or coffee. Therefore, every day thousands of people boil water. Therefore, it would seem that problems with the choice of a kettle should not arise. It is not difficult to find a suitable model for the price and capacity. In addition, the shops offer a wide selection of electric kettles for every taste.

The key to delicious drinks is the correct boiling of water

However, here lies the main difficulty: finding a good kettle is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Some may be unreliable and break in a couple of months, and some are completely harmful to health.

In this article, we tried to figure out how to choose a high-quality electric kettle and what you should pay priority attention to when choosing.


Case material

The first thing we pay attention to when deciding which electric kettle to buy for the house is the appearance. Significant likes modern glass the role in, and someone wants cozy ceramic models.

However, not only the appearance depends on the material: different kettles and behaves differently. In addition, some materials are more reliable than others, and some are more convenient in everyday life.

Therefore, we have compiled a comparative database, where we clearly described the advantages and disadvantages of various electric kettles.

Choosing a plastic kettle

Plastic is the most inexpensive material. If desired, you can find a model worth only four hundred rubles. This is due to the low price of electric kettles. They are often purchased for a dacha or office – if it breaks, then it is not a pity to throw them away.

A plastic kettle is an inexpensive option for everyday use.

However, this accessibility hides the main danger of such devices: cheap plastic can cause significant harm to your health. Many mixtures release toxic formaldehyde when heated. This is not dangerous in some appliances, but in the case of a kettle, the substance goes directly into the water you drink. When accumulated, formaldehyde causes severe allergic reactions and affects the liver.

Perhaps you should completely abandon plastic kettles? No, if you choose them correctly. A more expensive version of plastic is polycarbonate. It is safe for health, so you can safely purchase models from it. The price for them starts from 1000 rubles, but you will be sure of the quality.

Caring for kettles made of different types of plastic is very simple: it is enough to wipe them regularly from dirt. In addition, thanks to the low price, you can not worry about the breakdown – it will be quite easy to replace the unit.

The latter quality is especially relevant, given that the average service life of such a kettle is only two years.

The disadvantages include that most plastic kettles are produced by Chinese manufacturers that do not provide certificates. Therefore, buy devices only in trusted stores.

Carefully check the quality of the kettle.

As for how to choose a safe plastic kettle, we recommend sniffing it. For example, polypropylene will emit an unpleasant pungent aroma, whereas polycarbonate has no smell at all.

In addition, you need to inspect the device. Seams should be smooth and sealed, without protruding parts. On the body should not be scratches, scuffs, roughness, uneven color. Notice one or more signs? Most likely, the kettle was made of non-food plastic of poor quality. In this case, the purchase will have to be abandoned.


How to choose a stainless steel kettle

Shiny and stylish stainless steel is another favorite among electric kettles. Many people prefer these models for their strength and reliability. However, to choose the right kettle so as not to run into a fake, you also need to be able to.

A steel kettle is a reliable and durable option.

First of all, remember that sometimes unscrupulous manufacturers try to pass off ordinary aluminum as stainless steel. Such kettles quickly fail, and when heated, they release iron oxide harmful to health into the water. Identify them is quite simple: if you hold a pointed object on the surface, there will be a trace on the aluminum, but stainless steel will not suffer.

In addition, do not be led to too low a price – a good stainless steel kettle can not cost less than two thousand rubles.

For this price you get a lot of advantages:

  • Stainless steel is considered an environmentally friendly material, so it does not contain any harmful impurities. Therefore, it is harmless to your health.
  • Even if the kettle falls, it has a good chance of surviving due to the material’s high strength.
  • The average service life of a stainless steel kettle is six years. This is significantly higher than most analogs.
  • On sale, there are models with double walls. We recommend paying attention to them. Due to their high heat resistance, they do not pass heat, so you do not risk burning your hands if you accidentally touch a kettle with boiling water.

However, keep in mind that the care of the stainless steel kettle should be as careful as possible. If you damage it from the inside, the unit will have to be thrown away: it can cause harm to your health.

Now steel is painted in different colors, so you can easily find an option for your kitchen.

And the price is not happy – affordable models start from two thousand rubles, and there is practically no upper bar: it depends on the manufacturer, design, and functionality.


How to choose a glass kettle

Stylish electric kettles made of glass are now at the peak of fashion. They look unusual and can become a real decoration of your kitchen. According to statistics, this is perhaps the most popular material.

In addition, manufacturers, trying to meet trends, produce a wide variety of models: bizarre shape, painted patterns, lighting or I, imitation of water coloring. Therefore, you can easily pick up a kettle for every taste.

It’s easy to pick up any glass teapot design.

In addition, glass is the most environmentally friendly material, so such kettles can be conditionally called the safest for health. Why conditionally? In any case, only the case will be glass. The heating element and lid are made of plastic or metal, so it is important to show the same attention to their quality as in previous cases.

Otherwise, you risk buying a kettle that is harmful to your health. In addition, at the moment, glass kettles at a price are the most expensive. Especially when it comes to devices made of impact-resistant glass – and it makes sense to buy only such. Ordinary glass is not resistant to mechanical damage, and it can be easily broken.

Check the quality of plastic and metal parts – your health depends on them.

Take into account the peculiarities of care: you will have to use only bottled water since any plaque immediately catches the eye. And outside, you will have to wash it almost every day – prints and the slightest specks of dust are noticeable on the glass.


How to choose a ceramic kettle

In the case of electric kettles, ceramics are a relatively new material. Ten years ago, it was practically not used. Therefore, many do not know how to choose the right kettle from ceramics and what to pay attention to.

Ceramic kettle gives any kitchen comfort.

First of all, you need to consider that if there are children or people with hand diseases in the family, it is better to think about another model – ceramics are quite heavy. The lightest model weighs at least one and a half kilograms.

In addition, clay products are not too strong – if they are dropped, they are likely to break. Given the not the lowest price, this can be very unpleasant. And possible injuries should not be excluded.

In addition, the kettle is not suitable for those who are accustomed to sleeping longer in the morning and then assemble in a matter of minutes: it heats up longer than any analog model.

On sale are rarely found ceramic kettles capacity more than one and a half liters. This is enough for 3-4 people but thinks about another type if you have a large family or often have guests.

On the other hand, by heating slowly, it cools down just as slowly. Furthermore, counterfeit ceramic teapots are excluded: baked clay has not yet learned to imitate, which means that you are guaranteed to purchase a kettle made of environmentally friendly material.

Clay can be given the most bizarre shape.

And, of course, do not forget about the appearance: ceramic teapots look very unusual and are ideal for kitchens in the style of country or retro. On sale, you can find a wide variety of models of any color, with patterns or unusual shapes “antique.”

Having decided on the material, proceed to the main part of choosing an electric kettle – its filling, the technological component.


Types of electric kettles

Modern electric kettles are not always just heating devices. About fashionable features like remote control, we will talk a little below.

Immediately we offer to understand what electric kettles are:

  • Electric kettles with an open heating element in the form of a spiral are the most inexpensive. Most often, they use a spiral made of stainless steel or chrome plating. The power output is located on the side.
  • For dummies with a closed heating element, the power connector is located at the bottom, in the center of the stand. It’s much more convenient and neater. In addition, the stainless steel heating element is hidden under a thin protective layer, which completely prevents contact with water and contributes to its safety.
  • One of the latest achievements of technology is the so-called thermopots. They combine the options of both a conventional electric kettle and a thermos. The device included in the network can maintain the water temperature at a given level for up to several hours, if necessary, simply heating it.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of different types of electric kettles.


Pros and cons of an open spiral kettle

Since the heating element is located in the tank of the kettle, it is constantly in the water. Due to this, heating is faster, but the care of such a model is much more difficult: scale quickly forms on the spiral, which must be properly removed. On how to deal with scale, read here.

An open spiral heats water faster.

It is essential to monitor the water level in the electric kettle: if the spiral is not completely immersed, the spiral can burn, and if you use a plastic kettle – it even provokes a fire.

As already mentioned, the heating time for such kettles is concise – depending on the volume of the tank and the device’s power, it can be from 2 to 9 minutes.

The noise level varies depending on the model, but many reviews note that such kettles are much quieter than those in which the heating element is hidden.

Keep in mind that their service life rarely exceeds three years – since you are constantly mechanically acting on the spiral, trying to clean it.

In general, such kettles can be safely recommended to those who do not boil water several times a day or use it in the country.


Pros and cons of a kettle with a hidden spiral

Since the heating element does not come into contact with water, the service life of the kettle is much higher – at least you can count on five to seven years.

In addition, it makes it much more hygienic: it is easier to wash a kettle with a flat surface than a spiral of complex shape. So, after cleaning, there is practically no scale left in it.

The hidden spiral is a more modern solution.

And special care is practically not required: it is enough to periodically boil a kettle with citric acid or a special tool and then rinse it.

Kettles with a hidden spiral are characterized by increased safety: they do not turn on if there is insufficient water in the tank. However, even outdated models without such an option are safer than kettles with an open spiral – the main thing is that there is at least one cup of water to cover the bottom completely. Thus, fire or short-circuit is practically excluded.

The volume varies from two to seven liters, depending on the model. However, they also have a significant drawback: such kettles most often provide a high noise level. And the price for them is much higher than on the model with an open spiral.


Thermopot: better or worse than an electric kettle?

The ability to maintain the temperature at a given level for a long time is an undeniable advantage of a thermos pot over ordinary ones.

If you like to drink tea or coffee all the time, have a large family, or often have guests, a thermos pot can be a great choice. In addition, their capacity is larger – from three to five liters.

Thermopot is a choice for a large family or party lovers.

However, remember that even the most economical model consumes more electricity than a simple electric kettle because it works for several hours.

If you decide to purchase a Thermo pot, choose models where the stored temperature can be set manually – this is more convenient than those initially fixed at the same level.

In addition, monitor the quality of the water – if it is too complicated or there are impurities in it, the thermos pot will quickly fail.


Choose an electric kettle by power.

The assortment of household appliance stores provides a wide range of choices of kettles in terms of energy consumption – from 0.7 to 3 watts. So which one should I prefer? Now let’s see.

Many people mistakenly believe that the higher the power, the better the kettle. However, this is not entirely fair.

Size is not an indicator of the enormous power of the kettle.

On the one hand, the powerful device heats up faster. But, on the other hand, it carries an additional load on the network and significantly adds to the electricity bills.

Is it worth the water heated a minute earlier burnt wiring and extra five hundred rubles a month? We’re not sure. And powerful models are usually much more expensive.

From the point of view of experts, it is necessary to give preference to a kettle of medium power – one and a half to two watts. So you do not have to wait for hot water for 10-15 minutes, but the load on the network will be optimal.


How to choose the volume of the kettle

As in the case of power, the principle of “the more, the better” is not entirely true here. If you have a family of two or three people, why would you buy a kettle for seven liters?

Most likely, you will overpay for electricity. And given that it is not recommended to boil water again, it is also for water supply. Well, or harm your health, which is even more undesirable. In addition, roomy units take up a lot of space in the kitchen.

For a small family, a kettle for one and a half to two liters is enough. But, do you have a lot of household members, or do guests often come? Here it makes sense to think about a kettle with increased capacity. Just count how much hot water you use at a time — and proceed from that.


Stand shape

Many do not pay attention to this parameter, but it should also be considered – the convenience of using the kettle depends on it.

The classic stand is a simple panel on which the kettle is placed in the standard position. This may not always be convenient, especially if you have a small kitchen or injured your right arm. Therefore, it is worth considering such models only from the point of view of accessibility – they are cheaper than the so-called Pirouette.

It got its name because the kettle can easily be rotated in any direction on a round base. Thus, you can turn the handle as you like – in any order.

Without a doubt, the second type is much more comfortable in everyday life – but such electric kettles are a little more expensive.


High-tech technology: modern electric kettle chips

Many manufacturers of electric kettles now offer a real technical miracle instead of ordinary heating devices.

Some kettles look like mysterious space instruments.

Let’s see what the additional options are and at the same time decide whether they are needed:

  • The adjustable thermostat is an electric kettle that allows you to set the temperature of water heating up to one-tenth of a degree. On the one hand, it is convenient – it is not necessary to boil water if it just needs to be heated. On the other hand, you will overpay for the option of two or three thousand rubles at least. Is it worth it not to wait an extra 10 minutes for the water in the cup to cool?
  • The function of additional boiling kills microbes and bacteria, ensuring the purity of the water. Such kettles make sense to buy those who live in a house with an old pipeline and pour water from the tap. If the communications are new or you use bottled water, you can do without this option.
  • Kettles with backlighting or various hologram effects look very impressive. Of course, there is no practical benefit from them – but they can become a natural kitchen decoration in high-tech style.
  • A smart kettle capable of brewing coffee and tea. It seems that the thing is valuable – one device for the price of two, with an additional option for brewing tea. On the other hand… Now the cheapest model costs 27 thousand rubles. Maybe it’s easier to buy a teapot, coffee maker, and a regular kettle?
  • A kettle with remote control using a smartphone can be turned on at a distance. If you live alone and return home in cold weather, it’s nice to have hot water waiting for you. However, reviews say that everyone usually safely forgets about this opportunity, having played with an innovative model in the first week.

General recommendations for choosing an electric kettle

So, you have roughly decided which model and with what characteristics you need. It remains to choose the proper kettle.

The perfect kettle for everyone.

With our recommendations, you can easily do it:

  • Pay attention to the manufacturer. It is impossible to answer which manufacturer of electric kettles is better unequivocally: everyone can have their own opinion. However, you should not buy products from an unknown company, trying to save money – most likely, you will get a not too high-quality kettle. Even in the ranks of giants like Samsung, Bosch, Electrolux, you can find relatively affordable models.
  • Always check the build quality of the selected kettle. It is essential to assess the quality of adhesions of joints, tightness of the container, insulation of the wire. If you miss at least one factor from attention, the kettle can not be considered safe. At the same time, it is worth checking even models of well-known brands – there is always a risk of accidental error in the manufacture. In addition, in this way, you will exclude a fake.
  • Do not buy equipment without a warranty card. It will be either a cheap replica of the original or a scam on the part of the store. In both cases, it is better to refuse the purchase.
  • Be sure to read reviews on electric kettles. In addition, study our rating – there are collected the best models of 2022.

We are sure that with these tips, you will get the perfect kettle for your family!

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