How to Buy the Right Iron? (Complete Guide to Buying an Iron)

It is a necessity to keep your clothes wrinkle-free every single day. For that, you need to iron your clothes every couple of days. 

It is essential to know all the features before getting yourself the suitable iron. If you are having any troubles with your existing iron and deciding to get yourself a new one but don’t know which one, we’ve got your back.

Here is a complete guide to taking care of all your needs regarding the purchase of an iron.


Types of Irons

Types of iron

There are many different types of irons available in the market. They are-

1. Dry Irons:

Dry Iron

One of the most common irons available in the market is dry iron. Dry irons are pretty affordable and can easily take care of your day-to-day requirements. 

However, they do not assist you with any extravagant features. Using the dry iron can be difficult because you need to keep sprinkling some water on your clothes to get a crisp press. 

However, it is perfect for day-to-day ironing needs and is available in many different models.


2. Stream Irons:

Stream Iron

Steam irons can result in a crisper press than dry irons. They are comparatively more expensive than the standard dry items. 

There is a tiny water compartment present in the steam iron that helps moisten your clothes while ironing them. 

Steam irons on the higher end can even have a heat-protective layer, auto shut off, and self-cleaning mechanisms. There are tons of steam irons available in the market.


3. Portable Irons:

Portable Iron

If you are always travelling and do not have time to iron your clothes before leaving, then portable irons are your best option. These are lightweight irons that you can easily carry in your travel bags. 

Portable iron can be both steam irons and dry irons. You can even find a few portable irons that are cordless, making them more convenient.


What features should you be looking at in an iron?

What features should you be looking at in an iron

There are different features that you should consider before purchasing an iron. They are –

1. Design and Built:

Irons can be made using both hard plastic and metals. You should always make sure that the handle of your iron is of considerable size. It would help if you were comfortable holding the handle of your iron so that it makes your ironing work easier.


2. Weight:

You should always make sure that you get yourself an iron that is easy to hold. If the iron is too heavy, then you can end up ruining your clothes. 

If the iron is too light, you won’t get the perfect press. Always make sure that whichever iron you are choosing suits your requirements.


3. Wattage:

It is always better to opt for an option that is energy efficient. However, the higher the wattage of your iron, the better results you will achieve. It will heat up faster than any other iron and remove any wrinkles with utmost ease. However, irons with high wattage can be slightly more expensive than the other ones.


4. Soleplate:

The iron plate present on the bottom is known as the soleplate. A soleplate is what heats up your iron. 

It is recommended that you go for a broader soleplate with a thin and tempered head. It will help you in getting the perfect press all over your garment. 

It is essential to check which metal is used for making the soleplate before you purchase an iron. There are different types of soleplates available –

1. Aluminium Soleplates:

Aluminium soleplates are pretty affordable but can become harder to clean. They can easily attract the clothing material which is not fit for a perfect press. However, they heat pretty well and can give you an ideal press.


2. Ceramic Soleplates:

Ceramic soleplates are one of the most long-lasting soleplates installed in an iron. 

They make sure that they distribute the heat evenly not to burn your clothes. They are smooth and do not attract any cloth, so burning your clothes is not an option.


3. Nonstick Soleplates:

Nonstick soleplate is perfect for people who have just begun ironing their clothes. They do not stick to your clothes while ironing, which is why you have a better chance of not burning your clothes. 

You can easily maintain a nonstick soleplate, and the cleaning process is easy.


4. Stainless Steel Soleplates:

Stainless steel soleplates are the easiest to maintain and clean. They do not get any scratches and help in making your ironing effortless.


5. Easy-Fill Water Tanks:

Water tanks can easily be cleaned and maintained. There are water tanks present for steam ironing. 

These tanks can be filled with water that turns into steam while pressing. Some items even come with transparent water tanks to not overfill the tank. However, some water tanks are even detachable, making it easier to fill water.


6. Steam Vents:

Steam vents come in different types and can easily be chosen according to your requirements. The steam vents depend upon the model of iron you are purchasing. 

Steam irons even come with a setting to adjust the amount of steam produced or set high or low. Clothes with thick materials like bedsheets, sweatshirts, et cetera can easily be steam cleaned. 

All you need to do is fill your water tank with water, and your steam press is ready to go. Ironing wrinkle-free clothes can become easier if a steam vent is installed in your iron.


7. Temperature Control:

You should ensure that the iron you’re purchasing has temperature control installed. Several irons come with pre-installed temperature control knobs to adjust your iron temperature according to your ironing fabric. 

These temperature control knobs are present right below the handle.


8. Cord/Cordless Irons:

Irons that have installed cords can become a little tricky to use. These cords move along with the iron when you press your clothes. However, certain irons come with a 360° swivel so that you do not have to keep on removing the cord from the way. 

If you like an iron with a cord, make sure it has this swivel. However, it is easier to get yourself a cordless iron. Cordless iron cannot retain heat for a more extended period and needs to be placed on a plugged heat plate that comes separately.


9. Warranty:

Make sure that you purchase an iron with a more extended warranty to make the maintenance cost-effective. 

The warranty that is present in your irons can depend on the manufacturers. Multiple irons come with 1 to 2 years of warranty in general. If you get an iron that offers a more extended warranty period, then go for it.


10. Movement Flexibility:

It is recommended that you go for an iron that is flexible and not too big or small. Oversized irons can become difficult to follow while pressing your clothes. 

However, if your iron is too small, then chances are that you won’t be able to remove all the wrinkles off your clothes. 

You should also make sure that the movement of your iron is not affected by the cord. The placement of the cord is essential for movement flexibility.


11. Water Tank Capacity:

It is recommended that you go for an iron with a larger water tank capacity. You would not want your steam iron to stop steaming in the middle of the task. 

350 ML tanks are ideal for a perfect iron. Also, go for transparent tanks to keep a check on the water level.


12. Technology:

Certain steam irons come with an auto self-clean function which allows the steam iron to clean itself. It also helps in removing any residue of hard water present. 

This makes these steam irons more durable and efficient. There are many different technologies available in irons. Go for the ones that are the latest and check for maximum features. The more features that your iron offers, the better it is.


13. Auto Shutoff:

It is crucial to go for an iron that has an auto-shutoff feature. This feature allows the iron to close the circuit after heated to a specific temperature. This feature helps in making sure that you do not burn your clothes. 

Even if you leave your iron unattended and forget about it, the chances are that it will not turn hazardous. However, always make sure that you unplug your iron before going anywhere.



1. What is the best wattage for an iron?

1200 and1400 words are the best-rated wattage for an iron. They will heat up quickly and iron your clothes pretty well.


2. Why does iron have a water spray?

Irons have a water spray so that you can steam your clothes before ironing them. This helps in giving a perfect wrinkle-free press to your garments.


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The Bottom Line

Ironed clothes help you make a good impression in front of the world. It doesn’t matter which iron you go for until you are satisfied. However, you should always ensure that you get the best features in your budget.

In the comment section below, let us know which iron you prefer and why.

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