What Is UF Water Purifier? How an Ultrafiltration Membrane Works

A water purifier is a common necessity in every household. It is almost impossible to imagine living without one.

The dirty, unsafe, and contaminated water needs proper treatment of an effective water purifier to make it safe for drinking. With their advanced purification system, water purifiers ensure to purify water to eliminate water-borne diseases that can severely impact users’ health.

There are different types of water purifiers available in the market, and each one is better than the other. Every purifier has its attractions and advantages that ensure delivering the best performance.

Considering the wide range of available options, choosing a suitable and perfect water purifier becomes difficult. Thus, to help you make a favorable decision, we are here talking about one of the best and trending water purifiers – UF water purifiers.

UF water purifiers are a known name with some impressive characteristics. The purifier nowhere lacks to mark its excellent presence for its users. Here is a detailed guide about the purifier and its related aspects to help you better understand to make your decision.

What is a UF water purifier?

UF water purifier

UF water purifier is a common and popular purification method that eliminates unwanted impurities and water contamination. This purification method removes the solid particles and large molecules with the help of a semi-permeable membrane.

The UF filtration process is also suitable for treating bacteria, cysts, viruses, microorganisms, etc. However, the purification method is not capable of removing the dissolved solids from the water. This also limits its effectiveness in converting hard water into soft water for drinking purposes.

Working of the UF water purifier:

The working of the UF water purifier is based on a simple principle. The dirty, contaminated water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane which acts as a barrier for the impurities.

Generally, a 0.02-micron membrane is used in most of the UF water purifiers. Strong hydrostatic pressure is forced on the water, which pushes it to the membrane. After reaching the semi-permeable membrane, the water molecules and mineral particles are only allowed to pass through, leaving behind the large molecules of impurities.

The purifier ensures the maximum removal of the impurities and contaminations; however, the dissolved impurities and salts are not treated well using this filtration. Therefore, the UF purification is not effective for TDS levels and is not recommended for use if the TDS level of the impure water is very high.

When should you use a UF water purifier?

As mentioned, there are so many water purifiers available in the market, then what makes the UF purifier so special? When should you choose a UF water purifier over the other purifiers?

If you have to make this decision, we have just the right information for you.

  • The UF water purifier is generally preferred by people who want to retain the essential water minerals while getting rid of the microorganisms. Generally, the RO water purifiers remove the water contaminations but also removes the essential minerals present. A UF filter does not do that.
  • Another prime reason for choosing a UF water purifier over the other purifiers is that the UF filters promise less water waste. We all know that the use of RO water purifiers leads to excessive water wastage; therefore, a RO water purifier may not be the best choice for areas with limited water availability.
  • Lastly, a UF filter also makes an impressive choice for areas with limited or no electricity access. A UF water purifier can purify water without electricity, unlike the other purifiers that run only on electricity. The purifier can assure you effective filtration even without using electricity, and thus it makes a perfect choice even for rural or less developed areas.

A UF filter should be preferred based on the mentioned information when you want to maintain essential minerals in the water while purifying it with minimal water wastage and without using electricity.

What impurities can be removed using a UF water purifier?

What impurities can be removed using a UF water purifier

You are using a water purifier to get safe drinking water after removing the possible contaminations and impurities. As every water purifier is different from the others, they are expected to treat different contamination types.

So, what are the impurities and contaminations that a UF water purifier can deal with? Here is the list for your awareness:

Partially removed impuritiesFully removed impurities
 Bacteria and Viruses
 Unpleasant taste and odor

Though, many such contaminations are not at all removed by the UF filters. Thus, to enhance the purification abilities of the UF filter, you can use a 0.05-micron carbon block pre-filter. This will make your UF filter effective against chlorine, bad odor and taste, elements of metallic traces, cysts, lead, and volatile organic compounds.

The Benefits Offered by the UF Water Filtration:

Benefits Offered by the UF Water Filtration

UF filtration process offers many amazing benefits to the users. Right from its simple use to its advanced water purification, the purifier is one of the best ones in the market.

Here are some of the offered benefits by the purifier which will surely impress you:

Operates without electricity:

One of the major attractions of a UF water purifier is its ability to operate without electricity. The purifier can operate effectively even with a normalized pressure on the normal pipeline water.

With its no-power functionality, the water purifier makes an ideal choice for areas with frequent power cuts or with a limited supply of electricity. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your electricity bill.

Ensures effective purification with muddy water:

Purifying muddy water is quite challenging for any type of water purifier. But, do you know the UF water purifier is designed to offer efficient purification even against muddy water?

Yes, you can trust a UF water purifier to remove all the germs and contaminations of dirty muddy water. Not just this, the purifier is also effective in removing the unpleasant taste and odor, dirt, and cysts from the water, which can be quite tough for other water purifier options.

Along with this, the UF water purifier can be trusted to remove viruses and bacteria from the water with a thorough purification.

Retains the essential minerals:

One of the common problems of many popular water purifiers is that it also eliminates the essential minerals and the water impurities. Although this does not make the water unhealthy, it surely restricts the health benefits that the users can get.

On the contrary to this, a UF water purifier ensures retaining the maximum water minerals during the purification process. It just blocks the contaminations while allowing the minerals to pass through with the purified water.

This ensures that they can get highly purified water well-enriched with essential minerals that can deliver amazing health benefits.

Reduces the wastage of water:

Most water purifiers work suitably for water purification, but it leads to excess wastage of water, causing severe environmental issues in the long run. This also increases the hassles of utilizing the rejected water for some of the other purposes.

Thus, to reduce the inconvenience for the users, a UF water purifier is so developed that it reduces water wastage. It relies on its simple working principle, ensuring that no water is wastage during the purification use. This helps in balancing the environmental benefits as well, along with thoroughly purified water.

Uses sturdy membranes:

A UF filter works using a semi-permeable membrane, and thus, to ensure excellent purification, the membrane used is quite sturdy and strongly designed to handle the used water pressure.

The used sturdy membrane ensures delivering pure water as they don’t break or crack during the use. This prevents any contaminations from passing through the membrane anyhow. Thus, it can be said that the semi-permeable UF membrane will never fail in its performance and effective purification needs.

The only problem that you may encounter with the membrane is a blockage in its working. However, this can easily be resolved with a thorough cleaning and timely maintenance of the membrane with proper precautions and guidelines.

Quick installation with ease of use:

If you are buying a water purifier for the first time and are not aware of its functionalities, then buying a UF water purifier would make the best decision. The UF water purifier is not designed with unwanted complexities; it rather offers ease of use to the users. There isn’t any need for complicated connections or equipment for relying on its thorough water purification.

Besides this, the UF water purifier also ensures quick and hassle-free installation. You don’t need to invest hours in installing it, thanks to its sorted installation needs.

Requires minimal maintenance:

Another major attraction of a UF water purifier is its need for minimal maintenance. Unlike the other expensive water purifiers, the UF purifier doesn’t need any special maintenance efforts.

It can work effectively with its unique arrangement of manual flushing. Using the same, the purifier treats all the possible contaminations without any hassles.

As a matter of interest, a UF water purifier can last even for 10-years with its regular maintenance and care. You will never face any such major or severe problems in a UF purifier. All you need is to timely clean and replace the filter accordingly.


Last but not least, a UF water purifier is extremely cost-effective. The purifier is just like a one-time investment that can deliver you endless benefits over time. The purifier just needs an initial investment cost without demanding anything glittery.

Moreover, after its effective use for years, you need very minimal maintenance cost as the purifier doesn’t demand special maintenance. Its affordable availability also adds up to its benefits.

Thus, a UF water purifier ensures delivering everything in favor of its users – be it thorough purification or cost-effectiveness.

The drawback of the UF purifier:

Amidst all the offered benefits, the only drawback that a UF water purifier comes with is its inability to act upon the total dissolved salt. The purification is not much effective against removing the high TDS level of water.

Therefore, it is suggested to use a UF water purifier only when using it for water with balanced TDS levels. The purifier is recommended for the community supply of water or with well water, river water, and water harvested from rains.


What is the basic principle of UF filter working?

The UF filter works using a very simple principle. The basic idea of purification using a UF filter is filtering the impurities under high pressure.

The impurities and contaminations are pushed to pass through a semi-permeable membrane using a high-pressure force to get a better idea. The semi-permeable membrane has small-sized pores, which act as a barrier for the large-sized impure particles.

Under high pressure, the large-sized contaminants are blocked by the UF membrane while the small particles and solvent pass through easily. Since the UF membrane allows some small-sized impurities to pass through, it is used in the initial purification stages.

Which contaminations are removed by a UF filter?

UF filter is basically to deal with the basic contaminations present in the water. The filter cannot remove very high contamination levels and thus is used during the initial purification stages in water purifiers. Its presence also helps the other filters to perform brilliantly as it reduces the workload of the filters present in the following purification stages.

Generally, the pore size of the UF membrane or filter decides the contamination type and size that can be removed. UF membrane is used to remove very small and minor contaminations. It can treat the suspended and colloidal particles and large-sized microorganisms to make the water free from these basic impurities.

Which material is used for the UF membrane?

Every filter in a water purifier is made using different materials to work smoothly on different impurities and contaminations.

As the UF membrane is used to collect small-sized impurity and contaminated particles, its material should be chosen carefully. The material should be very light with small pores yet effective enough to prevent impurities.

The UF semi-permeable membrane is prepared using polymer materials like cellulose acetate, polylactic acid, polysulfone, polypropylene, etc. Along with this, ceramic membrane membranes can also be used for various applications at high temperatures.

Can the UF filter remove chlorine?

UF filter alone cannot remove all chlorine from the water. The filter initiates the process of removing these contaminations but unfortunately cannot get rid of them completely. Thus, a UF filter alone cannot be trusted to thoroughly purify water against chlorine.

However, if you are using a UF filter and want to treat the water’s high chlorine levels, you can use a 0.05-micron carbon pre-filter along with it. UF filter and carbon pre-filter combination effectively remove chlorine, cysts, bad odor and taste, elements with metallic traces, and volatile organic compounds.

Is it safe to use a UF filter?

Yes, the use of a UF filter water purifier is absolutely safe. The filter, though small in size, can filter the unwanted contaminations from the water. This ensures to make the water safe, healthy, and pure for use.

The UF filter can also be trusted to remove dirt, dust, and smaller impure particles to enhance the water quality without any hassles. Thus, it can be seen that a UF filter is totally good for human health.

Another benefit of the UF filter is that it doesn’t need any electricity for its work. The UF semi-permeable membrane can capture the impurities using a high-pressure push. Therefore, you not just get pure water but also save on electricity consumption using a UF water filter.

How much maintenance is needed for a UF filter?

To ensure efficient and continuous performance from a UF filter, it is important to keep its maintenance prioritized. You should be attentive enough with the timely replacement of the filter to avoid any hassles related to purifying water.

In general, a UF membrane confirms the lifespan of 7-8 years with normal use. However, the membrane should be replaced after every 12-months to enjoy its benefits without any interruptions.

You can also use an automatic screen filter or a bag filter with the UF membrane to avoid the passing of large particles. This also improves the overall lifetime of the UF filter.

How to clean the UF filter?

Besides focusing on maintaining the UF filter, the users should also pay close detailing for cleaning the UF filter thoroughly. After all, a UF membrane is changed after every 12-months. However, you can clean your UF filter regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust and germs.

Amongst all the tried and tested ways to clean the UF filter, the use of sodium hypochlorite is one trending and popular cleaning agent. Its use is quite cost-effective, easy, and convenient.

Simply remove the filter from the water purifier and use some sodium hypochlorite. This removes the accumulated contaminations off the UF filter, which is caused because of regular use.

Final Thoughts:

UF water purifiers have made their respective place amongst the customers with their efficient and dedicated purification. The UF filtration was previously limited to large city plants, but now it is a household name benefitting each of its users by purifying water thoroughly.

The UF water purifiers tend to impress their users with their brilliant work while demanding minimal maintenance. The purifier is worth buying if you are looking for a simple, affordable, convenient, yet effective water purifier.

If you need any other information related to any aspect of UF water purifiers, then we will be more than happy to help. Write us in the comment section and let us know your queries to reach out to you with its best possible solution.

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