Virgin Mojito

As the summer is here, everyone need some chilled mocktails/ cocktails to refresh body & mind.

Mojito is normally coming under cocktails, which contains Alcohol. MOjito is a Alcohol based drink, which involves Rum , Mint leaves, Lemon, sugar and lot of crushed ice cubes.

When mojito prepared without alcohol that is called Virgin Mojito, which comes under Mocktail. Mocktails are non alcoholic drink.Strong soda, Sprite , 7up  are used instead of Alcohol. Sugar syrup, honey , maple syrup or castor sugar is used to sweeten this sparkling mojito.

The crush mint, strong soda and the flavor of lemon will give a refreshing blast of flavor. As the KFC Says Juicy lemon wedges will tease you & fresh mint leaves will tempt you. Doused in lemonade, it’s a refreshing & electric thirst quencher.

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It is prepared in the same glass in which you will serve. Its takes very less time to prepare. just take all the this in a tall glass muddle it, pour  sparkling water, lot of  crushed ice, and serve with lemon wedges and mint sprin.


INGREDIENTS :                           ( for 2 serving )

LEMON – 1 no

Fresh mint leaves – 15 no

Sugar – 4 tbsp

Club soda – 400 ml

Ice cubes – as required


METHOD of preparation :

Divide all the things into two parts as we will prepare two glasses of virgin mojito.

Cut the lemon into 4 parts and remove the seeds.

Take two tall glasses add mint, lemon wedge, sugar in each glasses and muddle these using a muddler or use a wooden spoonto crush these things.

Muddle for about a minute till they release their oil / juice to blend in the  flavor.

Add crushed ice cubes  top up with soda. With a spoon give a nice stir , mix well.

Serve immediately with a slice of lemon and a spring of mint.



After adding soda, serve immediately.

You can use sprite or 7up or mountain dew instead of soda.

Sugar can be replaced with honey or sugar syrup.