Woodapple serbat/woodapple panna/ bel panna/ bela pana

Happy Odiya new year to all the odiya people or Subha Nua Barsa.

This is the famous day of odisha , popularly celebrated as Pana Sankranti or Maha Vishubha Sankranti… It is the first day of the month of Baisakha as well as the solar year. This is the day we celebrate as Hanuman Jayanti or Mahabeer jayanti (birthdate of Hanumaan). On this day the sun enters the sign Labra.

This day is celebrated with famous Bela pana. “pana” means the drink made using woodapple, which helps to keep the body calm . Traditionally pana is made with wood apple pulp, water, curd, milk, cheena (cottage cheese), jaggery, grated coconut , pepper powder and chopped fruits. This pana or panna has a wide variation  .It’s made at everywhere and distributed among all.

Bela or wood apple is very delicious and healthy. In odisha Bhel tree is considered to be very sacred, Bhel leaves are offered to Lord Shiva, as well as the fruit and leaves used in making traditional medicines.

On this auspicious day  , we have a very special tradition, people knot a small earthen pot over the Holy Basil Tree,(which is must presented in every Hindu household). The pot is filled with pana or sweet drink and water  is hung on the Tulsi  tree. A shed is prepared with green leafy  branches, the pot has a small hole on its lower part, and a straw is fixed to the hole, through which water is drained drop by drop on the Tulshi Plant ,representing rain. this is called Basudhara(the stem of the earth). On this day panna made with sattu or watermelon panna is offered to god as a offering.All this procedure are done to descend the heat  .

Bhel fruit is also known as  Wood Apple , Elephant Apple, Monkey fruit etc. the fruit has so many health benefits too. It is  the fruit which can be useful in treatment of many day to day health problems like constipation,tiredness, diabetes, bolod purifier and many more.

Choose a ripe Wood apple to make juice Or pana. Use a harmer lightly or crack it  to split it open , scoop out the pulp from the two halves.soak the pulp with sufficient water, it will be easy for you to take out pulp.

Else add cup of water so that the water will completely cover the pulp. Start mashing up the pulps using your palm, so that it completely dissolves in water.use a strainer to strain the pulp . you need to press a little to completely extract the juice.discard the seeds, fibers etc left in the strainer.


Woodapple serbat/woodapple panna/ bel panna/ bela pana
 Prep Time 15 minutes
  1. Crack and open the wood apple, take out its pulp from the above mention procedure.
  2. Add all the ingredients to the Strained Bhel juice.
  3. Whisk it for a while so that all the ingredients mix well.
  4. pour in individual glasses and  Serve .
  • I didn’t use ice cubes.but I use chilled water to make fresh juice.
  • We love over sweet and thinner panna, adjust the water level as requirement.