Flaxseeds, sometimes called linseeds, are small, brown, tan or golden-colored seeds that are the richest sources of a plant-based Omega -3 fatty acids , called alpha-linolenic acid  in the world !

Gluten free flax seeds are high in fiber but low in carbohydrates. flax seeds are also packed with antioxidants. its seeds helps to lower cholesterol  and losse weight, gives healthy skin and hair.

poppy seeds are commonly known as ‘khus khus‘ in Hindi.Cooking gently in a dry fry pan makes it crisp and oozes out the seed’s full nutty flavour.

chikkies are main attraction in makar sankranti, so i mix both the seeds to amke chikkies.


  • Poppy seeds – ½  cup
  • Flax seeds – ½  cup
  • Chikki gud – 1 cup
  • Oil- 1 tbsp


  1. Grease a wooden board or rolling pad and a rolling pin well, keep aside.
  2. Take a wok and dry roast poppy seeds & flax seeds separately, by stirring continuously.
  3. Roast till the flax seeds are done & poppy seeds are slightly changes the colour .
  4. Switch off the flame and take out the seeds in a bowl ,mix both together.
  5. Take gud in an another pan , when its starts melting add oil and let the gud melts completely.
  6. After few minutes some bubbles will appear on the top of the gud mixture, stir occasionally.
  7. When all the bubbles are disappear  add roasted seeds and mix it well.
  8. Switch off the flame . transfer this mixture to the greased plate.
  9. Let it cool a bit, I mean for 30 second.
  10. Using the greased rolling pin roll the chikki lightly.
  11. Make the cutting marks on the chikki and let it be cool completely.
  12. After cooling cut on the marks with a sharp knife and break into pieces.