MANGO RASMALAI – A Tribute to Mother

Mothers hold a very special place in our heart. From  day one , Mums have cared for everything we need. Even if she is hungry Mums have always been happy to give us more than our share, just to see a sweet smile on our face.

We many learn to eat and cook but nothing more delicious than the food cooked by our  mother. There are nothing in the world that can beat a meal prepared by our mother. Agree or not !!! the taste is priceless ,unforgettable and incomparable .


MANGO RASMALAI – A Tribute to Mother 1


Mothers day is one of the most important day in a year for us and our mother. Just think of how much pain our mothers take every day as she cooks our favorite food.Her day starts  from early morning and ends at dawn, still her duty is never complete. She does many things for us and for the family. She take care of everybody and every part of the house. She perform a major role in every family. In a single word- mother is the backbone of each family.


MANGO RASMALAI – A Tribute to Mother 2


Mother’s day is the  perfect time to pamper our mother with some delightful meal. This day gives us an opportunity to show our love and care for our mother. Cooking and mother are synonymous to each other. Most of mothers like mine, spend a most of her time everyday in kitchen, preparing delicacies for us and  our whole family.

If we want to make her happy and feel special on this mother’s  day then there can be no better option than a delightful dish. Give your mum a respite from the daily chores of cooking and prepare a delectable recipe that you can use to treat her on this special day and make her proud of the cooking skill she has passed on to us.


MANGO RASMALAI – A Tribute to Mother 3


Being a working woman, it was very tough for my mother to get  enough time for cooking. But she does !! every day she managed to get time and cook for whole family. I proud to say that she managed our family very well. Despite being tired, she always like to prepare my favorite dishes. On weekends she spend maximum time in kitchen and prepare delicious dishes for all .


MANGO RASMALAI – A Tribute to Mother 4


I want to make this Mother’s day sweet and memorable for my mum and for me. I want to serve her a dish, which she loves the most. She love sweet dishes specially Rossogulla, Rasmalai and Chennapoda. So I choose Ras malai for her, gave it a twist, added  mango purée and made Mango Ras Malai. I know she will love it.

Not only it will bring delight to my Mum but my sweet gesture will also touche her heart. I am preparing a dessert on this mother’s day to reciprocate the sweetness of her love she has showered on me from the day I born.


For  rossogulla Pattie ::

  •  Full fat milk – 1 liter
  •  Lemon juice/ vinegar – 2 tbsp
  • Cardamom powder – ½ tsp

For sugar syrup :

  • Sugar – 1 cup
  • Water – 3 ½ cup
  • cardamom – 2 pods

For rabri :

  • Milk – 1 liter
  • Sugar – ¼ th cup
  • Cardamom powder- 1/4th tsp
  • Mango puree – ½ cup
  • Nuts – for garnishing



  1. Boil milk in a pan and stir continuously. When milk starts boiling lower the flame,add lemon juice, stir once.
  2. The milk will start curdling and the whey will turn greenish in colour.
  3. Add few ice cubes to it so that chenna will not be cooked more.
  4. Now strain the chenna in a cheese cloth lined on a strainer. Wash it under running water so that the smell of lemon juice will evaporate.
  5. Tie the cloth and squeeze as much as possible to drain excess water. Leave it for 30 minutes.


preparing rossogulla patties :

  1. Now take the chenna in a wide plate, add cardamom powder to it.
  2. On  another burner keep the pressure cooker ready.
  3. start kneading the chenna with heel of your palm till the chenna leaves oil and becomes soft n non sticky.
  4. Now pour water and sugar in the pressure cooker . Crush the cardamom pod and put in the syrup, let it boil.
  5. Make equal size balls out of it .The balls should be crack free and smooth. Lightly press the balls and flatten it.
  6. When sugar dissolves completely , carefully add patties and close the lid. The patties will turn double in size so your pressure cooker should be wide enough to hold the cottage cheese Pattie.
  7. After one whistle on high flame lower the flame and cook for 7-9 minutes more.
  8. Wait till the pressure releases itself.
  9. To ensure that the patties are cooked or not, carefully take out the cottage cheese Pattie and dip in cold water. If the Pattie sink in water then its done.This step is completely optional.

For malai :

  1. While the cottage cheese Pattie is cooking, prepare ras/reduced milk .
  2. Boil milk in a heavy bottom pan , stir occasionally.
  3. Stir in every few minutes to prevent burning.
  4. Reduce the milk to 1/4th .
  5. Add sugar and cardamom powder.
  6. Increase the flame to medium and cook for some minutes more, let the sugar dissolve.
  7. Let the malai to cool.


Assembling the Mango Ras Malai :

  1. Strain the mango puree and keep it in a bowl.
  2. Strain the reduced milk to get a super smooth malai.
  3. Pour the strained malai in mango puree.
  4. Whisk well .
  5. Gently Squeeze out the cottage cheese Patti and add to the mango malai mixture.
  6. Let it stay immersed for about 2 hours.
  7. Before serving top with chopped  nuts and serve.