kashi halwa

Udupi special kashi halwa,a special traditional dish from  Karnataka. Few days back I went to a marriage function and tasted this halwa there. The most delicious halwa with tempting colour. This halwa was made of ash gourd. In Karnataka its called kashi halwa and made for special occasions like wedding and festivals.

Ash gourd,also known as winter melon,white gourd, winter gourd ,and only eaten when it is mature.after being mature it has a waxy surface that’s why it’s also called wax gourd.it has a hard greenish cover with white pulpy fruit inside.

When  tender, ash gourds are used as a fruit to prepare certain fruit drinks because of its sweetness. But after mature it is used as a vegetables as it loses its sweetness.

The good thing is this vegetable can be stored for an year. In India it is used in preparing traditional sweet dish called petha and also used in curries.

I have tried this halwa many times and finally after successful attempt I am sharing here with my viewers. This halwa is absolutely delicious and melt in mouth. But it’s a time taking dish and worth cooking.

This halwa can be prepared in two ways,with adding milk and without adding milk. I am going to share kasha halwa without adding milk.


  • Grated ash gourd                                 1 ½ cup
  • Sugar                                                      3/4th cup
  • Clarified butter/ghee                          5 tbsp
  • Cashew nuts                                         6-8 no
  • Raisins                                                   6-8 no
  • Cardamom powder                             1 tsp
  • food colour                                           2 pinches


  1. Cut the ash gourd in length wise into two pieces.
  2. Then cut into small pieces and peel them.
  3. We don’t need the seed part, so take those out and start grating the rest of the parts.
  4. Heat a pan and add tbsp of oil .when  oil is hot add grated ash gourd, add pinch of salt and fry continuously till its turns completely dry and all the water evaporate.
  5. This is a very important stage of this dish. The ash gourd should not burn so stir it continuously till it cooks completely. This procedure will take 15-20 minutes.
  6. When all the water evaporate from the ash gourd and it looks completely dry, take this out and keep it in a plate.
  7. In the same pan add rest of the ghee and fry the raisins, take this out and keep aside.
  8. Add cashew nuts in the hot oil and fry it till it turns light brown. Take those out and keep aside.
  9. In remaining ghee add fried ash gourd, cardamom powder , sugar & food colour.stir continuously.
  10. After few minutes the halwa will leave the side of the pan the ghee will ooze out.it will looks like a dough. Its means its done.
  11. Add fried nuts ,mix once and take the halwa out of flame.
  12. Enjoy the delicious halwa.


  • As i have written above sauteing ash gourd is very important,if its left raw it will not tastes good.
  • The food colour is optional.
  • Few kesar strands soaked in warm milk can be used for flavor and colo