Hassel free mango icecream

Mango icecream is absolutely  delicious and lip smacking. Those who love to have icecream they will definitely love to have this.. Mango icecream can be prepared in many ways, some are adding condense milk to make it more delivery.check my delicious.I ve prepared another type of icecream with milk check my  mango icecream with milk its too tastes good. This icecream has only two main ingradients, mango pulp and whipping cream. Its easy and delicious.


  1. Whipping cream                          1cup
  2. mango pulp                                  1&1/4 cup
  3. Powder sugar                               1/4th cup
  4. Mango concentrate                     1/2tsp



  1. Take whipping cream in a bowl and beat it for sometime in high speed.
  2. Add powder sugar and beat in high speed till soft peak.
  3. Add mango pulp and mango concentrate and beat a little till everything is well mixed.
  4. Transfer it to a air tight container, cover it with cling film, put the lid and refrigerate it for 4-5   hour.
  5. Take it out from and Grind in a mixture grinder for few seconds. Then again Transfer it to the airtight container and again refrigerate it. Keep it for 6-7hr, till it sets. Enjoy your easy peasy mango ice cream..



  1. I didn’t find mango essence in my place so I have used mango concentrate. It has mango flavour and gives beautiful colour to the dish. But it can be replaced with mango essence.
  2. If mango pulp is too sweet and whipping cream is also sweet then sugar can be avoided.
  3. I have used fresh mango pulp but canned mango pulp can be used.
  4. If you are using fresh mango pulp then grind it few second and strain it