Dahi vada aloo dum

Dahi Vada Aloo Dum need no introduction among Odiya people, it is an aged spicy street food of Odisha.  This is such an enticing dish that you can’t escape from its aroma. Dahi Vada aloo dum is  an all time favorite food of Odiya people as it gives excellent hunger satisfaction with lot of delightful flavours. This can be a glamorous snack, a chatpata breakfast even a lunch for collegians. The name itself is enough to conjure up many childhood memories. It comprises many ingredients but its taste is exactly similar to the Indian chat.

People love to have this dish anytime of a day with great enthusiasm due to its yummy taste. This dish can be found every nook and corner of Cuttack and Twin city Bhubaneswar. Especially whoever came to Cuttack or Barbati stadium to watch cricket match they must have tasted Dahivada aloo dum.

It was born in eastern part of Odisha .Because of the extraordinary  flavours and excellent carving of people, it was able to be a intimate and adorable  dish of all Odiya people. The Uniqueness is Dahi vada is served with spicy aloo dum , Ghuguni (dried yellow peas curry) with lot of Sev, bhujiya , sliced onion with various chutneyes like mint chutney or coriander mint chutney. Last but not the least, people love to have the buttermilk with crushed green chilli to quench the thirst.

I made this Dahi vada aloo dum for my very close and blogger friend Sushma. Sushma is a truly amazing, a kind hearted person. She is a caring mom and an excellent blogger  . We met on a face book group 2 years ago.  But it’s only for last 2 months that we are connected with face book chat. I found Sushma is a very humble person; I have come across during my 2 year blogging career.When she told me to do a guest post , I became so excited that I could not make up my mind on a single recipe.  After wondering a long time, I decided to make few dishes and let her choose one. And as expected she was very kind to keep my request and finally selected Dahi Vada Aloo dum.