Difference Between RO and UV | Which Water Purifier is More Effective


Are you sure, you are drinking pure water? Is your water 100% safe from all contaminations which cause water pollution?

Sometimes, the water that we are drinking may appear clean and safe but it contains many impurities that can cause harmful effects on our body. This is where the water purifiers become important and necessary so that you can actually make your water safe to drink.

Now, after the importance of water purifier is clear, the next thing on which you should focus is to choose the best RO water purifier. Generally, the dilemma is choosing between RO purifier and UV purifier and most times the users are seen confused. Are you also one of them?

If you too are confused between the RO and UV water purifier, then here is the right information that you need to make a suitable choice. Let us individually have a look at both types of water purifiers.


What is the Difference Between RO and UV Water Purifier?

RO Water Purifiers:

This purifier works on reverse osmosis technology which is just the opposite of osmosis technology. These water purifiers are generally used to remove dissolved solids; however, there are fewer chances to remove the invisible bacteria elements available in the water.

One of the best benefits of using RO water purifiers is the fact that it can be used in areas with hard water or water with high TDS levels. Other than this, the overall maintenance cost of these types of purifies is very less and only demands periodic services.

You can get a suitable RO water purifier within the range of 6k to 35k depending upon the features of the purifiers. The cost of the purifier also varies based on the needs and requirements of the users from the purifier.


Pros of using RO water purifiers:

  • Removes dissolved salts
  • Enhances the taste, smell and appearance of water
  • Can work effectively even with muddy water
  • Can be used to remove heavy metals from the water
  • Doesn’t release any harmful chemicals in the water
  • Can be used with hard water as well
  • Energy-efficient water purifiers

Next is the other type of water purifiers which are very popular UV water purifiers.


UV Water Purifiers:

The UV water purifiers are the ones which make use of ultraviolet rays to remove the harmful bacteria and pathogens from the drinking water. Moreover, these types of water purifiers are preferred as they target the micro-organisms which cause illness by treating their genetic core, which is there DNA.

The whole process of UV water purification makes sure that such bacteria never get reproduced and thus makes the water totally safe to drink and use. There is hardly any harmful effects in the water purified using these purifiers.

You can easily afford a UV water purifier within the price range of 5k, which will offer you with all the desired benefits. However, the cost of these purifiers may rise to 10-15k, depending upon the user’s varying needs and requirements along with the family size.

Once you have brought the purifier, the next important thing that comes to the mind is its maintenance. You will be delighted to know that these UV water purifiers demand very minimal maintenance cost and efforts. Moreover, they can be maintained without any hassles or difficulties as well.


Pros of UV Water Purifiers:

  • These purifiers are environment-friendly
  • No wastage of water
  • Takes very minimal time for purifying the water
  • Does not leak any harmful chemical inside the water
  • Makes sure to preserve the minerals of the water during the purification process
  • It kills all bacteria, viruses and other microbes
  • These are very inexpensive
  • Lesser maintenance cost
  • These are efficient even with the low-pressure water


A Quick Comparison & Between the RO & UV types of water purifiers:

Both the purifiers perform the water purification process quite effectively and thus the users need to consider the other factors to choose in between them. Let us quickly have a glance at some of the other factors that would make your decision easy and convenient.

1) Maintenance Cost:

Both the RO and UV water purifiers demand very minimal maintenance cost and thus can be maintained very easily. They also don’t demand much of manual efforts for their maintenance.

However, both the water purifiers need to be cleaned and serviced after regular intervals so that they can always be in their best working condition.


2) Family size:

The RO water purifier generally suits a family with 1-5 members. However, if you buy an RO purifier with high capacity, it can serve up to a family of 15 members as well.

On the other hand, a basic UV water purifier is the best suited for a family of 4-5 members in general.


3) Cost:

RO water purifiers are more expensive than UV water purifiers.

A general RO water purifier can be availed at a price of 6-10k which can go to the maximum of 35k; depending upon the choice of the users.

A UV water purifier, on the other hand, is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at a price of 5k which can go to the maximum of 15k according to the needs and requirements of the users.


4) Power consumption:

Even in this area, both the water purifiers are quite energy-efficient as they consume a very minimal and reasonable amount of energy for their operations. They can deliver you their best benefits and operations without digging a hole in your pocket.

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Which Water Purifier is More Effective?

Water purifiers are now a basic necessity in all the regions and that is why the demand for water purifiers has increased rapidly. Though, both types of water purifiers (RO and UV) are popular and effective in providing clean and safe water to the users but RO water purifiers are preferred by the users.

There are some RO water purifiers that also combine the benefits of UV water purification in them and thus offer 100% water purification to the users. Also, UV water purifiers somehow lack 100% water purification.

So, if you are looking for a water purifier so that your family members and loved ones can drink pure water, RO or RO+UV water purifiers should be your choice.


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  1. We must filter water before drinking it. I agree. It also true that earlier we found a different taste of water after filtration. That’s for the materials contained in the water. Now most of the water purifiers provide the same taste water through RO water purifier as well. Drink safe, live safe.


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