Difference Between Food Processor And Mixer Grinder

Food processors and mixer grinders have been extremely versatile and powerful appliances that have made life in the kitchen easier.

We can sometimes get confused about what functions come with both of these appliances. We might get a food processor when we need a mixer grinder. It’s better to be aware of all the differences they offer.

According to your requirements, here is a complete guide full of differences between food processors and mixer grinders. You will also learn about the benefits and drawbacks offered by these appliances.


Do the Food Processor requirements fulfill your needs?

Do the food processor requirements fulfill your needs?

Food processors can be a great option if your numerous tasks are to chop, grate, shred, slice, or blend. However, if you want to cut, mash, and crush your food, then there is nothing better than a mixer grinder for you.

One of the significant differences that you can see while using a food processor is the final result of how your food turns out. You won’t see perfect pieces but will get very finely ground ingredients.

1. Preference of Texture and Size of Food is Essential:

Before choosing between a food processor and a mixer grinder, you should be well aware of your food’s needs regarding the texture and size.

You will see significant differences in the cutting techniques of food processors and mixer grinders. Some food items cannot be processed in a food processor but can be done in a grinder and vice versa. However, many different food items can be processed using both.

Tip- It is recommended that you use both food processors and mixer grinders separately and not substitute each other. It can result in the degradation of your appliance.


2. Different Outcomes of Food:

It is crucial to understand that food processors and mixer grinders end up with entirely different processed foods. If you are thinking of making pastes or spreads using beans or tomatoes, it is best to go for a mixer grinder.

However, if you are thinking of making stuffing for your pizza pockets or grating your cheese, then using a food processor is best.


3. Design and Technological Differences:

By now, you know that both food processors and mixer grinders end up with differently processed food items. Since this is the case, the designs of both kitchen appliances have to be different.

The primary difference between a food processor and a mixer grinder is the placement of blades. It is also important to note how the blades work.

The chute or hopper might be installed in a mixer grinder to process your food. There might not be just one blade; there can be many. More than one blade is used to give you the desired texture you like.

Talking about food processors, we can see that they have stationary, rotating, or pump-based blades. A food processor with inbuilt stationary blades requires someone to push the food over the blade.

After this, the processed food will fall into the main container. If your food processor comes with installed pump blades, it requires the person to keep lifting and pressing the pump. This should be done throughout the process.

These blades are usually connected to the processor lid that is present inside. This is how your food is processed. If your food processors come with inbuilt rotating blades, then whoever is operating it needs to turn the crank.

The crank is a mechanism that is present inside the lid, which turns the container during this action to give you your desired results.

However, both kitchen appliances can quickly take on some things, like grinding meat or making a pastry dough.


Benefits of Food Processors:

Benefits of food processors-

Just like any other thing, food processors come with many benefits like –

1. Versatility:

Several things can be done using a food processor. This is one of the primary reasons it is known as a versatile cooking appliance.

If you want to mince, shred, chop, or slice your ingredients, then food processors are your best bet. Several food processors come with an extra kneading hook. Since it is a multipurpose appliance, all your job can be done using this one food processor.


2. Time-Saving:

Since most of the time is spent chopping or slicing your food items, you can easily save a lot of time with the food processor. You need to let the food processor do its job and begin with your cooking process.


3. Beginner-Friendly:

Food processors are best for amateur cooks since they do all the jobs. If you are a beginner and have no clue about chopping your ingredients, you can entirely rely on a food processor. It makes your job easy and mess-free.


4. Helps with Large Meals:

If you have planned a dinner for your family and friends and need a lot of chopped or minced ingredients, you don’t need to worry.

A food processor can help you do all these tasks in the minimum amount of time and large quantities. It will save you from long hours of preparing your ingredients before cooking them.


5. Mess-Free Cooking:

It is challenging to keep on chopping, shredding, or mincing many ingredients without messing. If you are too lazy to clean your kitchen afterward, food processors can make your job easy.


Drawbacks of Food Processors:

Everything that offers a benefit comes with a drawback as well. There are not many disadvantages or disadvantages of food processes. However, you should be aware of the few that are present.

You can not use your food processor to blend any liquids. Purées and smoothies are off-limits. Since there is a tiny hole present in the middle of the bowl, if you put any liquid into it, it might start leaking.

If you plan to blend something heavy, the food processor might not give you the best results.


Benefits of Mixer Grinders:


Mixer grinders offer a number of advantages. They are –

1. Variety of Food:

Mixer grinders can help you process many food items without requiring any other appliance. It is highly versatile.

You can prepare so many different types of food items using a food processor. You can quickly whip your cream without having any trouble. Ice creams and milkshakes can become sweet treats for you if you own a mixer grinder.


2. Different Speeds:

One of the best parts about owning a mixer grinder is that it comes with multiple speeds. You can go from the lowest to the highest pace in a fraction of seconds.

You can easily select the speed setting of your choice according to your requirements, and your food will be ready.


3. Quick and Effortless:

If you want to whip cream, you do not need to keep doing it for longer spans. You do not need to work on your food ingredients for hours.

A mixer grinder makes your job easy. All you need to do is dump your cream in the mixer grinder’s jar, and it will do the work for you.


4. Easy to Handle:

There is not a lot to learn when it comes to operating a mixer grinder. It is easy to operate and can be used by anybody.

All you need to do is empty your ingredients in the jar and turn on the mixer. You can quickly get the desired texture of food that you need.


5. Affordable:

One of the significant advantages of purchasing a mixer grinder is its price. Since every household requires a mixer grinder, there is more supply than demand, resulting in deflation.

You can quickly get the desired mixer grinder in the market and enjoy it.


Drawbacks of Mixer Grinder:

Drawbacks of mixer grinder

There are not a lot of drawbacks to mixer grinders; however, some of them are –

1. Noisy:

Mixer grinders can be pretty irritating sometimes. Due to the vibration caused by the mixer grinders, it leads to loud noise.

It can be problematic for other people in the house. You won’t be able to concentrate on anything else if your mixer grinder is running.

If you feel that your mixer grinder is making some extra noise, which is not normal or previously noticed, you should check the motor. It is possible that there might be some issues with the motor.


2. Sharp Blades:

It is a terrible idea to put your hands inside the mixer grinder jar to remove the processed food. You can quickly get hurt because the blades present inside the mixer grinder jar are very sharp.

It is always preferred to use different items like a fork or spoon to scrape off the items in the mixer grinder.



1. Can food processors be used as a mixer?

The answer to this question is a yes and no. Yes, Food processors can be used as a mixer for specific ingredients. However, certain things are to be processed in a mixer only.


2. Can a food processor grind coffee?

Absolutely, food processors can easily grind coffee beans. You can get a medium-fine grind if you keep on working on your beans for some minutes.


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The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter if you choose a food processor or a mixer grinder until you are happy with it. However, it is essential to list all your cooking requirements before purchasing any of these kitchen appliances. You wouldn’t want to waste your money on something you don’t want.

In the comment section below, let us know which one you chose and why.

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