Top 10 Best Sewing Machine in India 2021 (for home use)


Aren’t you tired of every time going to your trailer for tucking your button or for stitching a cut?

Interested in knowing a simple solution which can save your time and money along with delivering you professionally stitched clothes?

Get yourself a sewing machine.

Sewing machines are quite useful as they make you self-dependent for most of your basic stitching needs. And if you are a professional, then there can be no better partner than a sewing machine to experiment with your creative ideas.

Here are some of the best sewing machines names mentioned from which you can make a suitable selection. In short, this article would be the perfect help that you need for buying your perfect sewing machine.

10 Best Sewing Machine in India for Home Use 2021 (By Top Brands)

Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Sewing Machine (Automatic)

Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Best Automatic Sewing Machine in India

Usha is one of the most trusted names in the Indian market when it concerns buying home appliances. This sewing machine from Usha is simply the best as it comes loaded with many features which deliver the expected value for your money.

The best benefit that you can get from this Usha sewing machine is its hassle-free use. It is pretty simple to use and thus offers a conveniently excellent switching experience to the users. Moreover, it can be used by both experienced users as well as by the beginners.

This sewing machine is the complete package on which the users can rely on all their switching needs. This machine offers 13 built-in stitches which include button holding and many other benefits. Along with this, the users can also make the use of 21 stitch functions applications which includes rolled hemming, smocking, zip fixing, etc.

Looking for a quick solution for all your stitching needs? This Usha wonder stitch would make the perfect solution for that. It offers the stitching speed of 860 SPM to its users so that they can quickly get the desired benefits from this machine.

Thanks to the dial type stitch selector, the users can get the maximum convenience for selecting the type of operation needed for their requirements. It contains an in-built motor and in-built needle threader with free arm for easy circular stitch. This automatic zig-zag machine comes with every benefit that you expect from your desired sewing machine.

The machine is available with 2-years warranty and thus the users can be sure to get hassle-free operations. Along with this warranty time, the users are also provided with great customer care services to handle any unfavorable situation.


  • Easy to use and carry along
  • Free arm circular stitching
  • Foot changing is convenient
  • Available with a soft cover for effective protection from dust
  • 860 SPM stitching speed


  • No any cons


Brother GS 2700 Sewing Machine

Brother GS 2700 Sewing Machine,Best Sewing Machine in India 2021

For many years, the company Brother has been one of the top favorites of many people. The sewing machines from this brand are quite amazing as it offers users with many innovative stitching options for use. Just like the many sewing machine options, this machine is not an exception when it comes to delivering quality performance to the users.

Talking about this sewing machine in particular, it comes with 27 in-built stitches along with 1-step buttonhole. This machine can be used for a number of operations which adds to the convenience of the users.

You can also expect to get a convincing performance from this machine when it comes to its speed. The maximum stitching speed of this machine is 800 SPM which delivers quick results without any hassles. The machine can also be used for free arm sewing along with desired adjustments in the length and width measurements.

One attractive benefit which is available with this sewing machine is that of bright lit LED light. This adds to the convenience of the users when they are operating this machine in low light conditions or at the night.

This machine from Brother is also a delight for the beginners as it is pretty simple and sophisticated in its operations. Its operations are not complex and thus can be easily understood and followed by the users.

Some other benefits that you can get with this sewing machine are thread tension adjustments, in-built needle threader, and bobbin winder. This sewing machine will not disappoint you with any of its features and it will be a total delight experience to use it.


  • Easy to use
  • LED light enabled
  • 800 SPM stitching speed
  • 27 in-built stitches
  • Free arm sewing with length/width adjustments


  • Home service or home demo not available


Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Zig-Zag Electric the Best Sewing Machine

This is another amazing sewing machine from one of the topmost household brand name in India. Since, Usha is known to deliver simple yet innovative sewing machine, you can expect the same qualities in this sewing machine from Usha. This particular model from Usha is widely appreciated by most of the people.

If you are a beginner or a hobbyist, then this sewing machine will do complete justice to you. It has been specially designed for offering the maximum convenience to the people who are trying to use an electric sewing machine for the first time.

It makes use of Japanese technology which ensures to offer quality service with precision and efficiency. It is an automatic zig-zag machine which comes with compact free arm operations. You can also use this machine with its 7 in-built stitches along with 4-step button holding and 14 detailed applications.

Thanks to the one dial design for pattern selection, the users can get maximum ease to choose the desired working options on this sewing machine. This Usha sewing machine offers 550 SPM speed for all the operations along with the benefits like stitch length control and triple strength stitch.

The users are provided with the warranty of 2-years with this sewing machine against the possible problems. The brand is also quite famous for delivering amazing customer care services to their users for all kind of needed situations. Make sure that you use high-quality threads for effective sewing benefits without any difficulties.


  • Easy to carry with its handle bar
  • Soft cover included for protection against dust and dirt particles
  • Easy foot changing
  • Reverse stitch button option
  • Free arm circular stitching available


  • Not operated using a battery and thus needs a constant supply of electricity


Singer 8280 Sewing Machine

Singer 8280 Best Sewing Machine 2021

What would you call a sewing machine which is compact in size but still effective in its operations? Well, the answer is none other than – singer 8280 sewing machine. It is one of the best sewing machines available in India which is simply suitable for your all kinds of stitching needs.

To begin with, this machine offers 24 stitch functions along with many other attractive features and benefits. This machine is also enabled with in-built thread cutter in pressure bar which makes the working of this machine simply awesome for the different needs of the users. This sewing machine is one of the best which can be operated at an amazing speed of 800 SPM.

One of the distinguishing features of this sewing machine is its changing pressure feet which can be done within seconds. This not only makes the complicated stitching work quite easy but also provides the needed convenience to the users during stitching. Thanks to the oscillating shuttle mechanism, this machine becomes even more desirable for all kind of users.

This Singer 8280 sewing machine will also offer you the benefit of accessory storage in the extension table so that you can get all the needed accessories just at the time needed. The machine is available at an affordable price range and also offers warranty of 2-years to the users.

The machine is not only great and effective in its features but is also quite appealing in its looks. It is an easy-to-use sewing machine which is available in robust design for bringing together speed and convenience to its users. It is a great model to buy at such an affordable price range.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Durable product
  • Can be used for stitching bulky fabrics
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • 4-step button holler


  • Dust protection cover is not available


Usha Janome Allure Automatic 75W Sewing Machine

Usha Janome Allure Automaic 75-Watt Sewing Machine

This is another great model from one of the most trusted brand in the Indian market –Usha. Along with the various benefits that a Usha sewing machine is expected to deliver, its particular model is designed to be compact in size. This not only enhances the convenience for the users to use it efficiently but also to store it within a limited space.

This Usha machine is available with a 4-step button holding system along with a free arm for easy circular stitching. This automatic zig-zag machine offers 2 dials selector design. The one dial is used for selecting the desired pattern for stitching and the second dial is for stitch length selection. You can be as creative and innovative as you want with this sewing machine as it is designed for that.

To further make this sewing machine a preferred choice for the users, it is available with 13 in-built stitches and 21 applications which includes stretch stitching, rolled hemming, zip fixing, etc. This means that this sewing machine can be used for every possible use that is expected from a sewing machine without any hassles or difficulties.

With its 550 SPM stitching speed, this machine is designed to offer decent performance to the users. Its continuous use is quite satisfying as it avoids the possible delays or troubles during the use.

If you are worried about facing some problems with this machine, then this sewing machine from Usha comes with the warranty time of 2-years. The brand also offers excellent customer care services to all its users so that they can get instant results at the time of need.


  • 2 dial for pattern and stitch length selection
  • Free arm circular stitching
  • Compact size
  • 550 SPM stitching speed


  • Thread breaking, if you don’t use good quality thread


Usha Janome Excella Automatic Zig-Zag Sewing Machine

Usha Janome Excella Automatic Zig-Zag Sewing Machine

You can never get short of the variety that Usha brand offers you with their sewing machines. This is yet another amazing sewing machine which comes from the brand to impress its users with its features and simplicity of use.

To begin with, this sewing machine comes with 2 dials for adjusting the pattern setting as well as for controlling the stitch length selection. With these 2 dial system, the users can stitch anything that they like with maximum ease and simplicity. This also adds the needed simplicity for the users who are using it for the first time.

This Usha sewing machine is further made comfortable for the use of the users by being lightweight. This machine can easily be carried from one place to another without any difficulties. Also, this machine is accompanied by a carrying handle for enhancing the comfort of the users.

You can get an easy free arm circular stitching provision for the maximum ease to stitch any fabric that you need. It provides 13 in-built stitches to the users including the buttonhole stitch. Along with this, the users are also provided with 9 other applications such as stitching, button fixing, zip fixing, zip fixing, etc.

It is an auto-tripping bobbin type which is available in foot pedal type design. This machine offers the sewing speed of 860 SPM to its users for faster stitching results.

This Usha sewing machine is available with the warranty time of 2-years against the possible problems and defects that may come. You can also rely on the excellent customer care service that Usha brand is known to provide to its customers.


  • Quick stitching results
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and comes with carrying handle
  • 2 dials system


  • Lack of accessories as compared to other brands


Singer Tradition FM 2250 Sewing Machine

Singer Tradition FM 2250 Sewing Machine

This sewing machine from Singer has been designed for taking care of both the traditional stitching needs as well as the different and varying stitching needs of the users. It is designed to take care of the needs of different types of users in the best possible manner.

One of the biggest benefits of using this machine is that it enhances the overall convenience of the users by making the threading work really easy and simple. The users can get instant and quick results when it comes to different types of threading work.

Other than this, the users can get the perfect professional looking automatic buttonhole using this machine with just the use of 4-steps. Accompanying the one automatic 4-step buttonhole process, the users also get 10 different in-built stitch options with this machine. The users are also given the possibilities to control the stitch length and zig-zag width.

With the endless possibilities of varying design options, this machine can also be used for getting sophisticated work. You can prevent puckering on any fabric type along with making the seams strong enough. It also can be used for easy stitch selection change stitches with just one simple and easy step.

This sewing machine just needs 80W of power and 230V of operating voltage to deliver all its benefits to the users. This also makes this sewing machine as one energy-efficient model. The users are also given the warranty time of 2-years with this Singer tradition sewing machine for their convenience.

The users are also given many free accessories with this machine along with the dust cover to protect it against the dust and dirt problems.


  • Automatic buttonhole process
  • Can be used with any fabric
  • Really very simple to use
  • Energy efficient model


  • Only 10 different in-built stitch options


Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine

Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine

Here comes another fantastic sewing machine from Singer which is designed to provide the best option to users for all their stitching needs and requirements. It includes all the necessary basic features that you need for making your stitching simple and convenient. Along with the basic stitching needs, this Singer sewing machine can also be used for decorative sewing needs without any hassles.

Thanks to the automatic bobbin winder and easy to use threading work, this machine is one of the best models on which the users can rely. With this machine by your side, all your imagination with thread work can become a reality.

This machine includes 8 in-built stitches which are a combination of 6 basic stitches, 1 decorative stitch design, and 1 automatic 4-step buttonhole design. The 4-step automatic buttonhole design is so simple to use that it can offer you with professional looking results in the best possible manner. The easy and simple threading work ensures to deliver the best results which save the maximum time of the users.

Along with the convenience of brilliant work, this machine is also designed to offer the best benefits in terms of its design. It has been designed using heavy-duty material which allows the users to get skip-free sewing. It comes with 1 dial system for selecting the stitch pattern and combination pattern.

This machine also delivers 24 stitch options to the users to help them turn their imagination to reality. The users can operate this machine with its 1800 SPM sewing speed. The users are also given the warranty time of 2-years with this sewing machine against the possible problems and defects.


  • Easy to use
  • Thread work is easy and simple
  • Saves maximum time
  • High-speed stitching speed


  • Some time in Reverse stitching needle breakage


Best Sewing Machine for Fashion Designers (Professional Choice)

These Sewing machines are specially designed for professionals like Fashion Designers & Tailors

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine

Janome 2212 Sewing Machine for Tailor

This is one of the best sewing machines that can be used by professional users. Coming from one of the reliable brand names, the users can totally rely on the quality and consistent performance that they will get from this Janome 2212 sewing machine.

This sewing machine makes the best option when looking for a comfortable and easy option for front loading bobbin and free arm circular stitching options. It can be operated with the maximum stitching speed of 1000 SPM for getting instant stitching results.

This machine is so designed that the users are given with the benefits of manual tension control. This mechanical sewing machine comes with a manual needle threading system accompanied with reverse stitching and automatic bobbin winding feature. The users can also manually make the thread tension adjustments, whenever needed and necessary.

The users are provided with 12 in-built stitch options along with 4-step buttonhole process. The stitch length can be adjusted to the maximum of 4mm along with the adjustment of stitch length for reverse stitching in between 0-2.5 limit. This is a complete package that will offer you with the needed convenience to accomplish all your stitching needs and imaginations.

To ensure the maximum convenience and ease to the users, it is enabled with stitch width and length adjustments. The users can also take the benefit of drop feed for free motion sewing and quilting.

Coming to the looks of this machine, it gives you the professional feel that you would expect. Also, this machine is not that easy to carry along but it can easily be moved from one place to another.


  • Easy to use and dependable to work
  • Can be used for a variety of stitching options
  • Quick results to save maximum time


  • Heavy-weight
  • Not for beginners


Singer Stylist 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

Singer Stylist 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine for Professionals

Singer presents to you with the best and the most reliable sewing machine options which is designed to offer the users with the maximum convenience and ease for handling all their stitching needs and requirements. This Singer sewing machine is everything that you need in a professional sewing machine for adding the professional touch to your stitching projects.

Considering the immense benefits that it can provide to its users, it has been awarded Consumers Digest Award for 2-times. This sewing machine is made using high-quality plastic which makes it one durable product to rely on. It can last longer and thus can be used for the maximum time without any hassles.

It comes with easy threading work which can save the maximum time of the users when handling even the complicated threading work. You just need 6-seconds to thread the machine for your threading needs. The automatic needle threader is one of the biggest time-saver benefits available in this Singer sewing machine.

This machine is also available with easy to load drop-in bobbin system which makes the work really easy for the users. Also, thanks to the clear cover which makes the monitoring of the bobbin thread supply really simple and easy.

You can also be sure of getting perfection in your stitching work as this sewing machine offers a stay bright LED light above the sewing surface. The bulb can last 100,000 hours along with maintaining its cool for the maximum amount of time it is being used.

It is also enabled with 100 in-built stitch options (including 9 essential, 8 stretch, 76 decorative and 7 automatic buttonholes) from which the users can choose one of their choices. The users can also rely on the 7-fully automatic perfectly size in-built buttonholes.


  • Long-lasting, durable and reliable model
  • Immense stitching options
  • LED light on the stitching surface
  • Drop-in bobbin system


  • Specially made for professional use


Usha Janome Automatic Stitch Magic Sewing Machine

Usha Janome  Automatic Stitch Magic Sewing Machine for Fashion Designer

Usha is yet offering you an amazing sewing machine in the form of this automatic stitch magic sewing machine. It is enabled with the best technology and thus can be trusted for delivering the best stitching experience. You will love using this sewing machine for all types of thread work and stitching needs.

To offer the maximum convenience to the users, it comes with an automatic zig-zag stitch needle which is supported by in-built needle threader. The users are also given 2 dials for adjusting the pattern and the selection of the stitch length. This gives immense opportunities to the users to try their imagination with their stitching needs.

The users are also given 13 in-built stitches including the buttonhole stitch. Along with this, the users can also make the use of 9 applications such as button fixing, satin stitch, zip fixing, etc. It also offers a free arm accessing for easy circular stitching.

It is a lightweight model which comes with 2-years warranty time. To further attract the users, the brand also offers excellent customer care services to them. Overall, this sewing machine has everything that you expect in your desired sewing machine.


  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Uses the latest technology
  • 2 dial system
  • Durable and long-lasting sewing machine


  • Reverse stitching may get a little complicated


Great Sewing Machine Buying Guide:

You need a sewing machine for a lot of purposes and therefore, it is important to choose the most suitable one for your needs. And for the selection of the suitable sewing machine, you need to be aware of the factors which should be looked during the selection.

Are you aware of the essential factors or points which you should consider while buying your very own suitable sewing machine? If not, then here is some information that would help you.


Machine Type:

The first and the foremost thing that you should look in your sewing machine is its type. You should be sure enough of the type of sewing machine that you need. There are these types of sewing machines available for the users:

  • Mechanical sewing machines – if you stitch occasionally and also have a limited budget, then you should go for this sewing machine. It can be used for basic stitching needs but requires manual efforts for most of its operations.
  • Electronic sewing machines – if you stitch frequently and have no limitations with the budget, then you should choose the electronic sewing machine. These machines use the latest technologies and thus make all the manual hard work turn really simple and convenient.
  • Embroidery sewing machines – these machines are quite popular amongst the users who are looking for machines which can offer them with the embroidery feature along with the basic features. These machines make the best choice for users who are trained or are professional users of stitching machines.


Automatic Buttonhole:

This feature reduces the hard work needed to insert a hole in the shirt. With the automatic buttonhole feature, you won’t have to face any troubles or hassles when in need to have a suitable sized hole in your shirt.

Also, the automatic feature will cut down the manual efforts needed for the same. Therefore, you should look for this feature when buying a sewing machine which would make your stitching really convenient and easy.


Variety of in-built stitches:

The number of in-built stitches offered by the sewing machine makes the stitching work of the users really simple and easy. The users can easily choose from the available option from the in-built stitch and can make its use wherever necessary without any hassles.

You should look for a machine which offers the maximum number of in-built stitches so that you have maximum stitching options to choose from.


Speed control:

This feature of your sewing machine determines the maximum speed at which you can operate your machine to stitch your clothes or to satisfy your basic stitching needs. A machine which can deliver you a consistent and constant working speed will provide you with the best results without stopping in between and without damaging your fabric.

If you need to stitch quickly, then you can also buy a sewing machine which comes with higher stitching speed. The speed of your sewing machine determines the maximum time you need to complete your stitching requirements.


Dial System:

There are some sewing machines which are available with 1 dial system while there are many which are available with the 2-dial system. These dial systems are necessary as it helps the users to easily adjust the stitch pattern and the stitch length needed for their stitching design.

Remember, with distinguished dial system for different needs, the users will get the maximum convenience of use.


Brand Value:

Another thing that you should keep in mind when buying your sewing machine is the fact that you should buy it from an authentic brand. Buying your sewing machine from an authentic brand will help in enhancing its durability as well as its reliability.

Also, the brand name and value associated with the sewing machine will improve its quality and performance.

Some popular brands from which you can make the selection are as follow:

  • Usha
  • Brother
  • Kenmore
  • Singer, etc.

All these brands offer a good variety of sewing machines to their users from which they can choose the one which suits all their needs and requirements.


Price/ Budget:

Remember to choose your desired sewing machine within your decided budget. This will control the unnecessary expenses during the selection and thus you can make a suitable choice. You don’t have to invest all your money while buying the required sewing machine. Just be wise and focused and you will get your right sewing machine.


Warranty Time:

Not many people pay focus on the offered warranty time by their sewing machine brands and this is where they are prone to make mistakes. Not choosing a suitable warranty time with your sewing machine will leave you all alone at the time of emergencies.

Would you prefer dealing with all the faults and troubles in your sewing machine all alone??

Certainly not!

This can be avoided if you look for the maximum warranty time with your sewing machine.



It is advised to look and choose a sewing machine which is lightweight. This is for the reason that it will make it easier for the users to carry it and travel along with it. A heavyweight and bulky sewing machine would be very difficult to move around.

Though, it is not necessary to have a machine which is lightweight but if you want to carry your sewing machine everywhere you go, then its lightweight feature would be the best benefit that you can rely on.



These are some of the sewing machines which will be excellent in their performance, no matter for what stitching needs you are using them. Out of the following, we would like to recommend, the use of Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Sewing Machine (Automatic). This sewing machine, from a reliable brand, is a complete package that offers you the maximum ease and convenience for all your stitching needs and requirements.

If you need any other information about the sewing machine, then please do let us know by commenting below. We will provide you with the best details available with us so that you can make a wise choice.

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