10 Best Mattresses in India for 2022

A good and peaceful night sleep is one of the most blissful experiences to get after a day-long of your hard work. Isn’t it? But, there are still many of us who are lacking this because of using an average quality mattress.

A carefully chosen mattress can offer you the desired support, comfort and convenience for your sleep. And that is why it is essential to pick up the best mattress in India.

But, however, it can be quite difficult for anyone to cut through all the marketing glitters and to identify the most suitable mattress amidst the various options available.

Are you too facing the same dilemma and confusion?

If yes, then we have the perfect solution for you. We have roundup everything that you need to know about the best mattresses in India including some of the best reviews.

Well, I have made my selection of the most compatible and suitable mattress. Now, it is your turn. Read along and find yours.

If you don’t have any experience in the process of buying a mattress then consider reading our mattress buying guide.


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Best Mattress in India 2022

Humans waste 1/3 of their lives on sleep. Your sleep quality depends in a huge way on your bed mattress. Most often we risk our health with a poor quality because our budgets prohibit it. You can get these products from the brands are Kurlon, Wakefit, Sleepwell, etc. Not only will I show you how to pick the best mattress for your needs and budget.

Emma Mattress – 8 inch Comfort Memory Foam Mattress:

Emma Mattress – 8 inch Comfort Memory Foam Mattress

If you want to make your sleep break-free and comfortable, then you must bring to your home Emma Mattress that is beautifully designed by German engineers. The mattress has three different foam layers. The top layer is made up of fine quality airgocell foam, and the other layers are infused with visco-elastic memory and polyurethane foam that provides extra support to your body for long and viscoelastic memory foam.

This Emma mattress is specially designed for the sleepers who move a lot during their sleep. It is a 20.3cm thick mattress that includes 2cm deep visco-elastic memory foam to help the mattress relieve pressure and 3cm deep Airgocell foam that makes it breathable for the sleepers.

This comfortable mattress is suitable for the sleepers weighing 50KG to 130KG and also has provision for electric blanket to make your sleep tight. This mattress is far better than an all-foam model for its convoluted support core and its climate regulating top layer that gives you a cooler feeling while taking your nap.

This Emma mattress has a good motion isolation effect with its medium-firm support that can be the best option for those who are suffering from joint, shoulder and hip pain issues. It is a durable product that comes with a 100-day trial period so you can easily return it if not satisfied with it.

The mattress is thoughtfully crafted with maintained pressure relief points to deliver maximum comfort to its users. Let’s take a look at the highlighted features of this product quickly. The users are also given the warranty time of 20-years with this Emma mattress to deal with any issues that come across during the use


  • Available in 13 different sizes.
  • Specially optimized with breathable air go cell-layer
  • Designed with visco-elastic memory foam
  • No motion transfers
  • Backed with a supportive layer of polyurethane foam
  • Ideal for Back Pain
  • Comes in rolled and vacuum sealed position
  • Climate Regulating Cover
  • Removable and washable mattress cover


SleepyCat Plus 8-inch Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Double Size:

SleepyCat Plus - 8 inch Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Best Mattress in India

SleepyCat is another reliable and most reputed mattress brand that can be trusted for getting high-quality mattresses. The mattress is a complete solution to get quality sleep without any disturbances.

To begin with, the mattress is designed with 8″ thickness that offers the combination of 2″ gel memory foam and 6″ of high-density foam for base support. This makes the mattress highly breathable and as a result, offers cool body temperature throughout the night sleep.

The SleepyCat Plus 8-inch Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Double Size is designed to offer maximum comfort and support to all its users even if you are on the heavier in weight. It can easily and evenly distribute the body weight and thus ensures to provide maximum comfort. Along with this, you can also trust the mattress to avoid you with zero partner disturbance benefits.

To offer its users with high-quality sleep, it lowers their body temperature and thus prevents the problem of retaining the body temperature. Sleepy Cat Mattress Gel Memory Foam users can expect to get the maximum comfort and support from this 72″ X 36″ X 8″ mattress. Besides this, the users can also expect to get the maximum sleeping space for an uninterrupted and peaceful sleeping experience.

The ultra-premium machine washable covers of this mattress simply add to the flexibility of the mattress. These covers ensure to keep all the dust, dirt and allergic particles away from the mattress to maintain its effectiveness.

The structure of this Sleepy Cat Mattress Gel Memory Foam is so that it offers just the right amount of body contouring to its users. Last but not least, the mattress is designed to be durable and also offers a warranty of 10-years to its users.


  • Suitable for back/side sleepers
  • Evenly distributes the body weight
  • High-quality anti-allergic fabric covers
  • Designed with gel memory foam and base support layer
  • Offers zero partner disturbance benefits
  • Lowers the body temperature during the night


Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam + Proprietary Responsive Foam Mattress:

Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam + Proprietary Responsive Foam Mattress, Best Mattress 2022

If you are tired of compromising with your sleep and now are looking for a complete solution for uninterrupted sleep, then there can be no better option than this Flo Ergo mattress. The mattress is designed to provide a healthy sleep without any struggles.

This mattress offers 8″ thickness to the users to provide them with the needful back support during the sleep. It also ensures to keep the back in proper alignment and thus reduces the back pain. Along with this, the mattress is available in 72″ X 36″ X8″ size which is pretty comforting for the users.

Don’t settle for anything other than the high-quality gel memory foam mattress that can offer a proprietary response and also help in maintaining the natural shape of the body. It also ensures to distribute the body weight of the users in an even manner so that they don’t feel any discomfort during the sleep.

It is also designed to offer zero partner disturbance benefits to its users along with being temperature sensitive for maintaining the required body temperature of the users. To extend its benefits for the users, the mattress also offers aloe vera gel. Thanks to these covers, not only the mattress is protected against any allergies but it also helps in keeping the users fresh and youthful.

There is no comparison of this mattress in terms of offering quality the desired support and comfort to its users. The users are also given the warranty time of 10-years with this mattress to deal with any issues that come across during the use.


  • Suitable for side sleepers
  • Offers the right amount of body support and comfort
  • Aloe vera gel-infused mattress covers
  • Provides zero partner disturbance benefits
  • Designed to be temperature sensitive for maintaining cool body temperature during sleep
  • Retains the natural body shape


WakeFit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress:

Wakefit Best Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

One of the best manufacturers of Orthopaedic mattresses in India, WakeFit is known to deliver quality products for its customers. The mattress is technically sound and is designed with a single motive of delivering uninterrupted sleep quality to the users.

This Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress is your one-complete solution for all your sleeping problems and thus is extremely popular amongst the users. It targets all the pressure points of the users and ensures to deliver relief against the same. Along with this, the users can get restful, comfortable and painless sleep on this WakeFit mattress.

The use of high-quality memory foam in designing this mattress indicates that the users can get excellent support during their sleep. The memory foam evenly distributes the body weight of the users along with easily adjusting to their sleeping position. This assures the users that they can sleep in any position they want without any hassles.

The mattress is available in size of 72″ X 36″ X 5″ and also offers the sufficient amount of firmness to the users. It ensures that users will get enough sleeping space and will not have to struggle with their sleeping position during the night.

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress is covered by high-quality premium cotton covers that simply enhance its looks and appearance. The covers are also anti-allergic and thus deliver the right amount of protection against possible allergies, dust, and dirt.

Thanks to the use of the latest and innovative technological innovations, the users can get excellent back support, comfort and deep sleep. WakeFit also offers a warranty time of 10-years to the users with this mattress.


  • Suitable for side/back sleepers
  • Designed with high-density memory foam
  • Evenly distributes body weight
  • Delivers maximum back support, comfort, and convenience to the users
  • Anti-allergic premium cotton covers are available
  • Reliefs all the crucial pressure points


Sleepwell Urbain SleepX Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepwell Urbain SleepX Best Memory Foam Mattress

The brand ‘Sleepwell’ needs no introduction when we talk about reliable and durable mattress brands. The brand has been in the market for many years and thus understands the needs and requirements of the users in the best manner. It is one of the trusted brands for many users.

To begin with, the SleepX mattress is designed to offer enough and sufficient space to its users for an uninterrupted sleeping experience. It comes in the dimensions 72″ X 72″ X 7″ and proves suitable for all its users. This mattress is ideal for large families who are looking for a comfortable sleeping surface.

Further, it is made with high-quality premium memory foam that provides optimal support to the users. The dual-layer core design of this mattress ensures to offer luxurious comfort to the users during the sleep. Also, the memory foam evenly distributes the user’s body weight and enhances their comfort.

Another great benefit of using this mattress is its ability to be active and responsive to pressure points. With its excellent back support and comfort, it can relieve all the pressure points of the users in the best possible manner.

The excellence of this mattress is also enhanced with high-quality premium looking knitted fabric which makes the mattress breathable. It is also designed to protect the mattress against the harmful effects of allergic particles and bacteria. It also reduces the body temperature of the users during sleep to prevent retaining the temperature.

With its 5-years of warranty time, you can be sure that your every night will be a good night with this Sleepwell mattress.


  • Suitable for side sleepers
  • Comes with soft and high-quality anti-allergic covers
  • Response actively against the pressure points
  • Offers excellent back support
  • Maintains its breathability to reduce the user’s body temperature
  • Evenly distributes the body weight for a comfortable sleep


Amazon Brand – Solimo Memory Foam King Size Mattress for Superior Back Care:

Best Mattres in India 2022

Next on our list is this Solimo mattress (Amazon brand) that has successfully impressed all its users with its quality and great user experience. This mattress is designed to offer the most comfortable experience to the users whether they are sleeping, sitting, resting, etc. on this mattress.

This mattress is available in king size (78″ X 72″ X 6″) that offers enough and ample sleeping space for the users. There will be no hassles or difficulties for the users to adjust on this mattress for quality sleep. This makes this Solimo mattress simply suitable for all large-size Indian families.

It is a medium-firm mattress that is designed to offer the maximum back support to the users. If you have been struggling with back pain for years, then using this mattress can bring effective results. It also balances the body weight for being the perfect sleeping mattress.

The top layer of the mattress is made with memory foam that helps users to get the maximum comfort by adjusting with their sleeping position. It is generally preferred by back sleepers but it can be enjoyed by users with other sleeping positions as well.

To further impress its users, it is designed with anti-skid soft fabric that enhances the look of the mattress. Thanks to the anti-allergic quality of the fabric, the mattress can be effectively protected against allergic particles, dust, dirt, bacteria, etc.

No matter how much you twist and turn on this mattress, there will be no complaint of sagging with this product. Lastly, it is a durable, long-lasting mattress that comes with the maximum warranty time of 10-years for the convenience of the users.


  • Offers superb back support and comfort
  • Comes with anti-skid soft anti-allergic fabric
  • Durable and long-lasting mattress with no sagging
  • Offers needful firmness with easy body adjustment ability


Sleepyhead 3 layered Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress:

Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress, Best Mattress

A 3 layer orthopedic memory foam mattress by Sleepyhead is designed for the Indian backs and thus serves the Indian users with the best quality mattresses. If you are looking for a mattress that can offer the right amount of firmness along with bounce, then there can be no better option than this Sleepyhead mattress.

This mattress is generally preferred by couples and should be avoided by elder citizens and pregnant ladies. The couples can get the maximum benefits of zero partner disturbance along with finding the right support. With this mattress, you can expect to get the best comfort during your sleep.

Thanks to the perfect layering of memory foam and spring foam, this Sleepyhead mattress is a delight for its users. This unique combination of memory foam and spring foam offers maximum breathability to the mattress and thus ensure maximum durability. Also, the users can be sure that they can use this amazing mattress during all the seasons.

Moreover, it is available in dimension 72″ X 36″ X6″ and thus ensures the users to get the maximum sleeping space. This reduces the chances of causing any interruption to the users to get a comfortable sleep.

Irrespective of your sleeping position, you can easily rely on this mattress and get the right amount of firmness. To keep the mattress free from germs, it comes with anti-allergic covers that are easy to wash and use.

To offer maximum convenience to the users, Sleepyhead offers a warranty time of 5-years along with 100-nights free trial of the mattress. During this time, the users can make up their minds about using the mattress for a sound and peaceful sleeping experience.


  • Suitable for all types of sleeping position
  • Should be avoided by elders and pregnant woman
  • Offers the right amount of firmness
  • Available with 100 trail nights
  • Adjusts to the user’s body movements


Peps Springkoil 6-inches Bonnell Spring Mattress

Peps Springkoil Bonnell Pillow Top 8-inch Single Size Spring Mattress, Top Mattress in India

Next on the list of the best mattress in India is this Peps Springkoil 6-inches Bonnell Spring Mattress. With this mattress, you can be sure to get the maximum support for your back during the sleep. Thus, if you have been struggling with the problem of back pain, then this mattress is just for you.

The rigid yet flexible core of the mattress ensures to offer the needful support to the users even if it is used for the maximum amount of time. The users can sleep, sit, relax and do any kind of activity on this mattress and feel comfortable just the way they want. Moreover, the mattress can easily adjust to its user’s body shape and thus is the perfect fit for all types.

Another great quality of this mattress is the fact that it is designed with a Bonnell spring that is known for delivering maximum comfort. This ensures the users that they can get the required and expected amount of comfort while using this mattress. Also, thanks to the use of border wires in the construction, this spring mattress can keep the user’s body alignment in perfect shape.

Peps Springkoil 6-inches Bonnell Spring Mattress is designed with an in-built pillow-top layer that not only makes the mattress look good but also maintains its softness. It also utilizes its re-usable covers to get effective protection against the dirt, dust and allergic particles. It is quite spacious for the users as it is available in 72″ X 30″ X 8″ dimension.

To offer the maximum ease and convenience to the users, it is designed in such a way that it can be used from both sides. It also offers its users a warranty time of 5-years.


  • Suitable for side/back sleepers
  • Can be used from both sides
  • Adjusts to the body shape and offers excellent support
  • Bonnell spring offers the maximum comfort
  • Maintains the body alignment


Flo Gel Memory Foam + Proprietary Responsive:

Flo Ortho High Resilience + Proprietary Responsive Foam Mattress

This mattress is specially made for users who prefer to get harder support during sleep. It is a good option for users who want the right amount of support for their back without compromising on the quality of their sleep.

To begin with, the users can get enough amount of sleeping space on Flo Gel Memory Foam + Proprietary Responsive. It is designed with dimensions 72″ X 36″ X 6″ and thus there is a shortage of space for the users. Apart from the space, the users can also be sure of getting suitable firmness from the mattress during their sleep time.

Thanks to the poly foam used, this Flo Ortho mattress can ensure that all parts of the user’s body get the maximum support and comfort. Along with this, the users can also be sure that their no body parts will sink inside the mattress more than needed. The regular use of this mattress can also bring relief against the back pain problem of the users.

To offer the users with relaxing night’s sleep, it is made with 3D airflow fabric. Thanks to this fabric, the users can get the maximum cooling effect during the night without being bothered with their body temperature.

It also comes with aloe vera infused covers that not only protect the mattress but also keeps the users fresh and youth with time. Its proprietary responsive foam understands the needs of the body and thus adjusts according to that.

Last but not least, the mattress offers a maximum of 10-years of warranty to its users along with 100 trail nights. Isn’t it simply great to get at an affordable price?


  • Suitable for back sleepers
  • Designed with a 3D ventilation system
  • Maintains the right amount of airflow to prevent being overheated
  • Offers 100 trail nights to users
  • Provides excellent back support to users with proper body alignment


Springtek Aspire Orthopaedic Memory and HR Foam Dual Comfort:

Springtek Aspire Orthopaedic Memory & HR Foam Dual Comfort 6 inches Queen Size Mattress

If you are looking for a mattress that will never compromise with your sound and peaceful sleep and also offers the perfect body contouring, then this Springtek aspire mattress should be your choice. Also, Springtek is a trusted brand for mattresses as it combines quality with advanced features in the best possible manner.

To begin with, this mattress is available in dimensions 72″ X 60″ x 6″ for being the perfect and spacious companion for its users for their quality sleep. Apart from this, the mattress is designed with the perfect combination of memory foam and HR foam and thus offers bouncy yet supportive feel to the users. It can be used for all possible sleeping positions without feeling any discomfort.

Thanks to the topmost layer of memory foam, the users can get instant relief against pressure points. It also guarantees to offer the best and relaxing rest to the users after their hard-working day. It is available in medium firmness to keep a balance for the user’s body as and how they want and need.

The mattress also maintains the right amount of airflow so that the user can get the desired temperature for sleeping. It also provides the maximum comfort to the users to get a sound sleep without disturbances.

Lastly, the mattress is designed with high-quality anti-allergic covers that prevent causing any allergic particles to stick to the mattress’s surface. It also offers 11-years of warranty time to the users.


  • Compatible with all sleeping positions
  • Suitable for side sleepers and back sleepers
  • Provides bounce yet comfortable sleep
  • Reliefs the pressure points and body adjustments
  • Helps in back pain and motion isolation


Peps Springkoil Bonnell Spring Mattress:

Peps Springkoil Bonnell 6-inch Single Size Best Spring Mattress

This is another amazing mattress from the reliable mattress brand that understands all the needs and requirements of the user’s body. The mattress comes in the dimension of 72″ X 30″ X 6″ and this ensures the users that they will not have to compromise with their sleeping space.

Thanks to the Bonnell construction of this mattress, it can guarantee the maximum comfort and support to its users. It also assures to properly align their body along with suitably adjusting with it. Moreover, it helps its users to fight effective relief against the pressure points for relaxing night sleep.

To ensure maximum durability from the mattress and to retain its shape, it is designed with the advanced border wires. The combination of poly foam and woven fabric works wonderfully and provides a long life to the mattress. The users can also get the benefits of body contouring from this Peps Springkoil mattress.

To keep this spring mattress away from dust, dirt, and allergies, it comes with high-quality covers. The covers are reusable and can be easily washed in the machine to offer the maximum ease and convenience to the users.

As an additional benefit, this mattress can be used from both the side without compromising with any of the needful benefits. Lastly, the users are given with the warranty time of 5-years along with this mattress.


  • Suitable for stomach sleepers
  • Offers the right amount of support and comfort
  • Keeps the body in proper alignment and reliefs pressure points
  • Maintain its temperature with continuous airflow
  • Can be used from both the sides


Sleepwell SleepX Ortho Memory Foam Mattress:

Sleepwell SleepX Ortho mattress - Memory foam the Best Mattress available in India 2022 & 2022

This is another amazing mattress from Sleepwell that combines the benefits of ortho and memory foam. The Sleepwell SleepX Ortho Memory Foam Mattress can suitably be used by back sleepers and the side sleepers to get the best quality sound sleep.

Thanks to the dimension of the mattress (72″ X 48″ X 5″), the users can always be sure of getting enough space for a comfortable sleep. There would be no shortage of space, even if the mattress is used by large Indian families. The users can also get enough comfort while assembling the mattress as it does not require any effort.

The Visco rebonded and Flexi rebonded core helps the users to get the desired amount of firmness during the sleep. This also proves beneficial if you are struggling with a back pain problem. To enhance the benefits for the users, this Sleepwell SleepX Ortho Memory Foam Mattress provides required relief against pressure points along with enabling the needed body contouring for the users.

The premium quality fabric ensures the users that the mattress is durable and can last for the maximum time without any hassles. It also comes with the high-quality soft knitted covers to offer the mattress enough protection against allergies, dust, and dirt. The users are also given the maximum warranty of 3-years with the product.


  • Suitable for back/side sleepers
  • Offers spacious sleeping pleasure with maximum support and comfort
  • Available with maximum durability
  • Reliefs pressure points and offer body contouring


Durfi 8-inch Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress:

Durfi the Best 8-Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Durfi is one of the reliable mattress brands in the Indian market that has made its distinguished place with its offered benefits to the users. The mattress is designed after understanding the needs and requirements of the users and as a result, offers the best results.

It is available in the dimension of 72″ X 30″ X 8″ that makes it simply enough spacious for its users. It combines medium firmness and spine care benefits to be sure that its users get the maximum comfort and support during the sleep. Also, it makes the best use of spine care and helps the users to get rid of their back pain problems without any hassles.

The cotton candy memory foam is much more responsive to the body requirements of the users and thus suitably adjusts to the body shape. The resilience comfort layer maintains the right amount of temperature with its advanced airflow technology. The mattress can offer the needed support and comfort without any problem of sagging.

It is designed with anti-allergic fabric that prevents any damages to the mattress because of allergic particles, dust, and dirt. It also keeps all bacteria and insects away from the mattress to maintain its durability for the maximum time. Thanks to its anti-skid pattern, the mattress doesn’t lose its position even after day-long use.


  • Suitable for back/side sleepers
  • Offers the maximum firmness to the users
  • Adjusts with the body shape with active response against pressure points
  • Designed with advanced airflow technology
  • Comes with anti-allergic fabric and covers with anti-skid pattern


Sleepyhead Sense – 3 Zoned Orthopaedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress:

Sleepyhead Sense - 3 Zoned Orthopedic PCM Best Cooling Foam Mattress

If you want to get rid of your back problem effectively and instantly, then you should trust this Sleepyhead mattress for sure. The mattress has gained so much popularity amongst the users as it offers them the right amount of firmness, density, bounce, and support.

With this mattress, you would never have to compromise with your quality sleep as it can be your true companion. It has its dimensions as 72″ X 36″ X 6″ to offer the needed space to the users for a sound and peaceful sleep without any interruptions. To minimize any interruptions during sleep, the users are given the benefit of zero partner disturbances.

It is made by combining 3 different layers that can assure the maximum convenience to the users. The base layer offers the needed back support to fight against the back pain problem. Along with this, the 2nd layer comes with advanced airflow technology to minimize the sleeping temperature for the users.

The top layer offers the needed firmness to the users along with being extremely comfortable. This sleepyhead mattress can easily adjust to the sleeping position of its users that further adds to the charm. It also actively responds to the pressure points while sleeping.

Accompanied by soft yet anti-allergic covers, it becomes really easy for the users to prevent the mattress from dust, dirt, bacteria, insects and other allergic particles. Lastly, the users are given the warranty time of 10-years.


  • Suitable for back/stomach sleepers
  • Offers zero partner disturbance along with excellent back support
  • Relies on advanced airflow technology
  • Design with phase changing material (PCM) to adjust with the user’s body shape
  • Offers 100 nights trail


Kurl-On Kurlo Coir Rubberised Firm Queen Coir Mattress

Kurlon Kurlo Coir Top Rubberised Mattress available in India

If you are looking for ultra-firm support from your mattress, then your mattress should be the Kurl-On Kurlo Coir Rubberised Firm Queen Coir Mattress. The mattress is designed after understanding the needs of the spine and the body of the users.

To begin with, the mattress offers a dimension of 72″ X 60″ X 4″ to the users so that they can sleep peacefully without being disturbed or uncomfortable. Along with the needed sleeping space, the users also get the maximum support and comfort from the mattress.

With the combination of the generous thickness of natural coir layer and ACD/VCT technology, this mattress is nothing less than a blessing for users looking for the best support for their spine and lower back. It also ensures to keep the body perfectly aligned in the proper shape to minimize any inconvenience for the users.

This mattress is also known to maintain the rich coir density in the middle to offer optimum back support. It is that perfect product that can offer you the best comfort along with a nice bouncy feel during the sleep. However, the mattress delivers the benefits of motion isolation to its users.

The available cotton covers ensure to offer the desired protection to the mattress against dust, dirt, bacteria, insects, fungi and other allergic particles. Lastly, this mattress offers the maximum warranty time of 2-years for its users to get the needed safety against any possible defects and issues.


  • Suitable for back/stomach sleepers
  • Offers maximum comfortable sleeping space
  • An excellent choice for getting firm support for the spine and lower body
  • Keeps the entire body in proper alignment
  • Enabled with the benefits of motion isolation


WakeFit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard and Soft:

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress - Hard & Soft Mattress

Last but not least on our list of the best mattress is this WakeFit Dual comfort mattress. The best thing about this mattress is that it can act both as a hard and soft surface for its users. This means that it can be used by all types of users without any hassles and problems.

Thanks to its dual comfort construction, this mattress can be used with either of its sides without compromising with comfort and support. It is a medium-firm on one side and medium soft on the other side that makes it an ideal choice for most of the users.

It can be used to get excellent support and relief against back problems along with getting the needed body contouring for required comfort. The users can be sure that they will get the desired body temperature during sleep as the mattress is designed with required air circulation benefit.

To be a spacious companion for its users, it is designed in the dimensions 72″ X 30″ X 6″ and offers a peaceful sleeping experience. The WakeFit dual comfort mattress is also accompanied by high-quality covers to be protected against dust and allergic particles. For extending the convenience for the users, they are given the warranty time of 3-years along with this amazing dual comfort mattress.


  • Suitable for all types of sleepers
  • Offers dual comfort and support to users
  • Can be used from both the sides
  • Designed with effective air circulation facility


What to consider before purchasing a new mattress?

How do I choose the best mattress?

Different types of mattresses:

Well, to be very honest, there can be no clear winner about the best mattress type and material. The style and the type of mattress can vary from person-to-person and thus is subjective to their personal choices.

Depending upon the individual’s body types, needs, requirements, and sleeping position, the choice and preference of the mattress can be completely different than the other person.

Here is some information about the various mattresses and their type and material so that our readers can make a suitable decision for themselves.

Memory Foam Mattress:

This mattress type is one of the most popular mattress types amongst users. It is the popular choice of most of the average sleepers that offer hug-like feel to the users along with contouring their bodies. This mattress also offers effective pain and pressure relief to its users.

Pros of Memory foam mattress:

  • Provides effective relief against pressure points, aches, and body stiffness
  • Best effective in contouring the user’s body
  • Distributes the weight evenly and thus offers the maximum comfort
  • It also isolates the motion to offer deeper and sound sleep
  • Can last up to 10-years; thus is durable
  • Suitable for removing joint tension and to prevent pressure points

Cons of Memory foam mattress:

  • There can be some off-gassing problem (new mattress smell) with memory foam mattress
  • It sometimes creates a sinking feeling and thus makes slightly difficult to get in and out of the bed
  • It can trap heat and thus cause its users a problem of overheat. However, it is now solved with many advanced technologies

Thanks to the use of new advanced making of the mattress with open-cell construction and gel construction, the memory foam mattress can now allow more air to pass through and thus have become less over-heated for the users.

You can go for the advanced and latest memory foam mattress to avoid the overheating problem.


Spring Mattress (Coil Mattress):

Spring mattress or also commonly known as coil mattress has been in the market for quite a time now. It was one of the first kinds of mattress invented and used by many people.

The mattress is simply suitable to get the maximum bounce on the bed and the required airflow. The best cooling effect, edge support, and durability are also impressive for the users.

Pros of Spring mattress:

  • It offers good bounce to the users
  • Thanks to the throughout airflow design; there is plenty of room and space for air to move in and out of the mattress
  • One of the most durable mattresses available
  • An affordable and budget-friendly option
  • It offers the best cooling effect to the users with maximum edge support

Cons of Soring mattress:

  • It can get noisy at times
  • It has a short lifespan and can last for the maximum of 3-4 years
  • It does not contour the body and thus does not provide relief from pressure points
  • No motion isolation available

These mattresses are more responsive and can offer the on-bed feel to the users within the affordable budget range. If you are looking for traditional coil support along with good support, then this mattress would make the right choice.


Latex Mattress:

Latex mattresses were introduced just a few years ago and within no time, they have made an impactful presence amongst the users. If you buy a 100% pure latex mattress, you can get an eco-friendly and all-natural sleep solution for your needs. They also have a great cooling effect, comfort, and durability to offer to its users.

Pros of Latex mattress:

  • It offers germ-free sleep as the material is eco-friendly and anti-allergic and keeps all allergies (dust, dirt, bacteria, and mold) away
  • It is one durable option and can last for a maximum time like 15-20 years
  • Effective in temperature regulation as it is a breathable material
  • Contour the user’s body and thus provides relief against pressure points
  • Offers great bounce and cooling effect to the users

Cons of Latex mattress:

  • These mattresses are expensive to buy
  • They are also quite heavy to move or rotate
  • There can be chances of off-gassing as well
  • They can also retain heat during the sleep

The latex mattress offers 2 buying options to the users:

  • Natural latex – made from all-natural and eco-friendly ingredient and thus is expensive
  • Synthetic latex – made after mixing synthetic polymer with natural ingredient and thus is less expensive


Hybrid Mattress:

A hybrid mattress is designed to offer its users the best of both the worlds – coil system and foam mattress. This mattress can offer an amazing sleeping experience and suits almost all types of users. The main focus of these mattresses is to get the maximum sleeping pleasure/benefits to the users with minimal or no hassles.

Different types of hybrid mattress combination:

  • True hybrid – this combines coil and memory or latex foam to offer great cooling, durability and bouncing effect to the users
  • Pillow top – this combines coil and pillow top to offer great comfort and maximum relief against pressure points
  • Foam hybrid – this combines different types of foams without any coil or spring to offer the maximum comfort and cooling effect to the users

Pros of Hybrid mattress:

  • Offers great support to the user’s body for a comfortable sleep
  • Provides premium feel to the users with maximum benefits
  • Prevents the stuck in bed/mattress feeling along with an easy movement to move on/off the bed
  • Also offers great bounce to the users with the best combination of cushioning
  • Maintains an effective airflow throughout to prevent the problem of overheating

Cons of Hybrid mattress:

  • It is available from the expensive side of the mattresses
  • Not so good or effective with motion isolation
  • Requires maintenance
  • They are quite heavy and thus are difficult to rotate

Make sure, you are investing in the high-quality branded hybrid mattress as they will be long-lasting and will offer the maximum benefits for the sound and comfortable sleep of the users without any hassles.


Organic Mattress:

If you are one of those few users who have super-sensitive skin that is prone to several allergies and skin problems, then organic mattresses would make the best choice for you. These mattresses are again eco-friendly and thus are in great demand.

Pros of Organic mattress:

  • These are made from all-natural materials and ingredients and are free from all chemical retardants
  • They are good and beneficial for the user’s health and environment
  • Thanks to the eco-friendly material, the mattress keeps all dust, dirt and allergic particles away
  • Offers great comfort and relaxation to the user’s muscles and pressure points to minimize pain, stress, and anxiety during sleep

Cons of Organic mattress:

  • They can get more expensive depending upon the naturalness of the material used
  • Buyers should be careful while picking only the authenticated mattresses to get the desired benefits

While buying the organic mattresses, the users can also look for third-party authentication certification that indicates the use of only high-quality natural ingredients. These certifications can act as the surety of the mattress quality and thus should not be ignored or neglected during buying the mattress.

Some of the certifications to look for are as follow:

  • CertiPUR-US ®
  • GreenGuard Gold
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100



Waterbeds were an interesting and surprising invention in the mattress market. The idea behind the waterbeds is that they make use of water instead of any coils or foams. The waterbeds would make the best choice for any user who is looking for a comfortable sleeping surface with the best body contouring.

Pros of Waterbeds:

  • Offers excellent body contouring to the users to relief the pressure points
  • Most suitable for users with chronic pains and arthritis
  • Evenly distributes the body weight of the users to provide them with a comfortable sleep
  • They make a suitable budget-friendly choice for the users
  • Prevents the possibilities of causing any allergies to its users
  • It is quite easy to clean these mattresses

Cons of the Waterbeds:

  • They are not motion-isolating and thus can interrupt a peaceful sleep
  • Prone to punctures and leaks; thus are not well-known for durability
  • Quite heavier than other mattresses
  • Requires good maintenance and care while using these mattresses

These mattresses are not for everyone as it takes time for the users to adjust and be comfortable with the mattress. You should pick these mattresses if you can invest a good amount of time to maintain them for getting the desired benefits from them.



No, these are not those blow-up mattresses that we all use of camping trips or sleepovers. These airbeds are customized mattresses filled with air and can be adjusted with their inflated and deflated position to offer the best comfortable sleep.

Pros of Airbeds:

  • Most suitable choice for couples as both can make their own individual adjustments on their side of the bed
  • Maintenance cost is lesser than the other mattresses
  • Offers great portability, satisfaction, and convenience to its users
  • They can be customized according to the needs of the users
  • They can easily be deployed with the help of an electric pump

Cons of Airbeds:

  • Since these mattresses are customized according to the needs and want of the users; they can get expensive
  • It can take time and efforts for the users to adjust with the airbeds and to find the most convenient sleeping position
  • Not the kind of bed to fall on after a tiring work day

Though, the airbeds offer quite several benefits to the users but still, they cannot replace the need and comfort of a proper bed. Also, it can get quite a hassle to use these airbeds regularly.


Best Mattresses by Sleeping Position:

You shouldn’t ignore your sleeping position while choosing your sleeping mattress as it places an important and crucial role. You can only get quality and sound sleep if your chosen mattress complements your sleeping style and position.

There are mainly 3 different sleeping positions that are mentioned below. Let us have a closer look at the mattresses that would make the perfect fit for all these 3 sleeping position types:


1. Best Mattress for Side sleepers:

Best Mattress for Side Sleeper

Side sleeping is one of the most common sleeping positions and is considered healthy for the back, hips and spinal cord. With this sleep position, you should avoid firm mattresses as it can increase pressure on the muscle joints and thus can cause discomfort in sleeping.

If you too are a side sleeper, you too should go for a softer and medium mattress that can allow your body to compress into the mattress. The soft and medium mattresses will offer the maximum contour to the body and thus will remove any kind of pressure on the user’s muscle joints.


2. Best Mattress for Back sleepers:

Best Mattres for Back Sleeper

The best mattress that a back sleeper can pick should be in between medium to firm mattress range. For any person who sleeps on his/her back, it is important to choose a mattress that can keep their spinal cord in its natural alignment along with maintaining the proper lift for the users.

The back sleepers should also choose a mattress designed with innerspring, latex or foam material as these can offer maximum cooling properties. However, you should avoid using soft mattresses as it can cause a sinking effect for your torso in the mattress and thus can cause pain.


3. Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers:

Best Mattress for Stomech Sleeper

Believe it or not, but it is the unhealthiest sleeping position as it causes the maximum pain and stress on your back. Moreover, sleeping on your stomach can also cause chronic back pain. Therefore, while choosing your mattress you should consider getting the maximum support as your top priority.

You can opt for foam-based mattresses or a high-quality innerspring mattress to get the desired quality of sleep. Even a suitable latex mattress would be a good option to rely on. You should be very sure to keep your spine as straight as you can to avoid any further pain or discomfort while sleeping.


Mattress According to Need and Condition:

Are you tired of trying different mattresses but not getting the desired amount of comfort?

Maybe a mattress change can be helpful!

No matter if you are not getting the relevant temperature for sleeping or you wake up quite frequently, there is a mattress for all your needs and conditions.

Mattress for Cooling:

In recent times, sleeping cool has become one of the prime needs of many people. There are certain mattresses, like memory foam mattresses, that retain the body heat and as a result, tend to offer hot sleep to the users.

If you too are looking for a cool sleep from your mattress, then you should pick the “gel-infused” mattresses. You can also rely on “latex or hybrid mattresses” to get a cool, relaxing and comfortable sleep. These mattresses do not retain the body heat and thus maintain the desired body temperature during sleep for its users.

Mattresses for Heavy People:

The people on the heavier side deal with many problems and finding a suitable mattress is just one of them. Because of the heavier weight and the following intense pressure, heavy people should look for thicker and firm mattresses.

A high-quality foam mattress or a hybrid mattress (innerspring and foam) will also make a suitable option for providing the desired cooling effect and support to the users. These mattresses will also relieve the pressure points of the users along with offering the benefits of body contouring.

Heavy people should avoid buying lower-end products as they are not durable and can easily sag within no use.

Mattress for Couples:

Best Mattress for Couple

One of the biggest challenges is to find a comfortable and suitable mattress for the couple, especially when both persons have different needs, preferences, and requirements.

For getting the maximum convenience and comfort during the sleep, the couples can look for customized mattresses. However, if budget is a constraint then they can also choose a medium mattress.

Also, the couples should look for a mattress that offers the maximum motion isolation benefits. The newly designed coil mattresses can be the best in maximizing the benefits of motion isolation for the couples.

Mattress for Kids:

Best Mattress for Kids

It can be quite a challenge to choose the best and the most suitable mattress for your kids. On one side, where you are looking for a mattress that can offer them the best support, you also want a mattress that can match with their sleeping position.

To be sure and to offer your kids the best sleep that they want and need, you can choose either “innerspring mattress or memory foam mattress” as these are the safest options to trust.

Both these mattresses can offer maximum satisfaction to the users along with being suitable with their sleeping position and needs.

Mattress for Pregnant Woman:

Best Mattress for Preganant Women

If you are an expecting mother, then you should be really careful while choosing your mattress as it can affect both your and baby’s health.

A “memory foam mattress” would make a good choice as this mattress can easily adjust to the sleeping position of the pregnant woman. However, you should be sure to choose only high-quality memory foam mattresses else, it would become a hot sleep mattress for the ladies.

The “latex mattress” would also be a suitable choice for a pregnant lady who gets on and off the bed multiple times. It also delivers the required support a woman needs at this point of time.

Mattress for Back Pain:

Best Mattress for Back Pain

Back pain is common amongst many people. Luckily, many such mattresses can bring the desired relief against the problem.

The most suitable mattress for people suffering from back pain would be the one that can offer cushioning and comfort along with focusing to maintain the right support for the users. Your mattress should also maintain the proper alignment of your body during sleep.

It is neither the case that firmer mattresses are more supportive and soft mattresses are less supportive. You should only look for the mattress that can offer the maximum comfort to all the pressure points of your body.

Mattress for Neck Pain:

If you are suffering from regular neck pain, then you should first consider changing your sleeping pillow. If the problem still continues, then changing your mattress would be a needful option.

You should look for a mattress that is best in keeping your body in proper alignment. It should offer the desired support to your back as well as to your neck.

However, if you often sleep on your stomach, then also there are high chances that you might suffer from neck pain. You can also consider changing your sleeping position for effective results against neck pain.

Mattress for Hip Pain:

Dealing with hip pain can be tricky. It can either be because of too much sinking in the mattress or very little sinking in the mattress. You first have to be sure of your case and then decide with the selection of the mattress.

  • For side sleepers dealing with hip pain, you can try using the medium or medium-firm mattress for better results
  • For back and stomach sleepers, you should look for a mattress with better lumbar support to avoid the problem

Overall, the people with hip pain can choose “all-foam mattresses or hybrid mattresses” that can relieve the pressure points along with delivering the required support. You should avoid using an innerspring mattress for sure.

Mattress for Snoring:

Snoring is one serious problem that most of us avoid. But, this snoring problem should be addressed as soon as possible as it can cause several other health problems.

You can elevate your head while sleeping to reduce snoring and to improve the air flow. But, an elevated head during sleep can cause stress on the back and neck in many sleeping positions. Therefore, this solution cannot be trusted much.

The best mattress solution that the users can try for their snoring problem is using an adjustable and customized mattress. These mattresses can offer the required sleeping posture and thus can bring effective relief in snoring.

Mattress for Allergies and Asthma:

Many of us don’t even care for the dust, dirt, bacteria and other allergic particles that are accumulated on our mattresses. Isn’t it?

However, if you have the problem of asthma or other allergies, then this condition can be really serious for you. All the dust, dirt and allergic particles on the mattress can make your health conditions worse.

To avoid this, people with asthma and allergies should use eco-friendly mattresses. These mattresses are designed with all-natural materials and thus reduce the chances of causing any health problems. Be sure of investing in a high-quality mattress for the best results.

Mattress for Osteoporosis:

Pressure points can be troubling for all the people, but they are the worst for people dealing with osteoporosis. Also, people suffering from this health problem have very sensitive pressure points which can further make the problem troubling for them.

To get the maximum relief against this health problem, people should look for a mattress that can offer them great support, stability, and comfort for their pressure points.

Using a memory foam mattress would be a good option for people with osteoporosis as the mattress can easily adjust to their body. However, they should use the advanced memory foam mattress and not the low-budget mattress.


Mattress According to Age:

Your sleeping needs and requirements also change as your age number changes. A baby would have different sleeping needs and preferences than a teenager. Therefore, it is important to revise your mattress according to your age.


Using the same mattress as yours for your baby can be one of the prime reasons for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The best place where your baby can rest is a crib or cot.

You should be quite careful while choosing a mattress for crib or clot. Be sure that the selected mattress is firm and is not too soft.

Toddlers and Kids:

It is quite important to look for a suitable mattress for your toddler and kid as they need proper sleeping space in their growing age. The parents can choose from these available options:

  • Twin bed – it can be suitable for the beginning but would need to be upgraded
  • Twin XL – it is suitable for tall kids
  • Full bed – it can offer the maximum space till the late teenage


During your teenage phase, your body needs more sleep as it is growing rapidly. You should look for a mattress that can offer the maximum support and comfort to your body. The teenagers can use Twin XL or full-size beds with advanced technologies to get the best sleep along with proper body alignment.


Senior users are more prone to back and joint pains and aches. Therefore, they need a mattress that can offer them suitable relief. The senior users can try the memory foam and hybrid mattresses as both mattresses can relieve the pressure points. These mattresses can also get compatible with the sleeping positions of the senior users.


Spring Mattress vs Foam Mattress vs Coir Mattress:

Choosing your suitable mattress can be confusing and therefore, you should be very careful. If you are confused about your choice amidst the various options of the mattress, then here is a quick comparison table about the qualities of different mattresses that will help you in your selection. Have a look:

Mattress TypeLifespanIdeal Sleep Position
Spring Mattress08 YearsBack and stomach sleepers
Faom mattress10 YearsSide sleepers

Coir Mattress05 YearsBack sleepers


Let us Choose Best Mattress for your Requirements with these 3 questions:

Do I need a new mattress?

In general, all the mattresses are designed for the maximum lifespan of 8-years. Thus, if you are still using a mattress that is older than 8-years, then my dear friend, it is time that you switch to a new mattress.

However, if your mattress is already in a bad condition, you should change the same earlier as well.


What size mattress do I need?

Choosing the right size of the mattress is really important if you want to get the maximum comfort and support. There is no use of having a mattress that cannot deliver you with enough space.

While looking for a mattress of perfect size, you should consider:

  • Your height
  • The room size
  • Bed-sharing conditions

After considering these points, you can look for the convenient mattress option for yourself from these following available options:

Mattress sizeSuitable for:
Twin (38” X 75”) and Twin XL (38” X 80”)Toddlers, kids, and single adults
Double bed (54” x 75”) and Queen bed (60” X 80”)Children, Single adults, Couples, Users with pets or children
King-size bed (76” X 80”), Spilt king bed (38” X 80”) and California King (72” X84”)Couples, Couples with pets and couples with children


You, as a buyer, should consider all the essential aspects along with looking at these suitable options and then should make a decision. With these considerations, you will make the most suitable choice with your mattress.

There is no fixed right option for all the users but there is always the right option for every user. The choices of people can vary according to their preferences and needs.


What type of mattress do I need?

The type of mattress needed solely depends on the needs and requirements of the user’s body. The users can choose from the following available options:

  • Spring mattress – the most common mattress in use
  • Latex foam – known for delivering support and cooling effect
  • Memory foam – known for delivering support, body contouring, pressure point relief
  • Gel mattress – delivers support and cooling effect
  • Hybrid foam – known for delivering comfort and support


Top 10 Best Mattress Brands in India 2022

A good brand name gives assurance of longevity of the mattress, that’s why it is better to invest invest into top mattress brands,

Now you might be wondering What is the best mattress brand in India?, Don’t worry we will guide you,

Here are the best mattress brands in India

  • SleepyCat Mattress
  • Sleepwell Mattress
  • Wakefit Mattress
  • Peps Mattress
  • Kurlon Mattress
  • Flo Mattress
  • Duroflex Mattress
  • Durfi Mattress


Best Way to Clean Mattress on a Daily Basis

What the following Video it will take the Only 1min,


Beaking Soda & Vaccum Cleaner that’s it!


Conclusion for Top Mattress in India 2022:

Amidst the mentioned options of mattresses, we would like to recommend the use of Emma Mattress – 8 inch Comfort Memory Foam Mattress.

To make it the most recommended mattress, it can stand compatible with all sleeping positions. It also offers convenient sleeping space to its users for comfortable and pain-free support. The mattress can also balance the body weight of the users evenly along with maintaining the desired body temperature.

Its anti-allergic covers also ensure to improve the durability of the mattress. Lastly, the mattress also offers a lifetime warranty to its users.

If you still need any helping hand with the selection of a suitable mattress, then please write to us. We will provide you with the best details and relevant information.

If you still have any doubts regarding the selection or use of the different mattresses, do get in touch with us by commenting below. We will definitely try to bring you the best solutions with the help of our team experts. Also, feel free to share any of your experiences with the mattress of your choice. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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