10 Best Foot Massagers in India 2022 (For Pain Relief in Foot And Calf)

Are you still stressing about finding the best foot massager in India? If yes, you will find all your answers with us.

Nothing can be more relaxing than enjoying a nice soothing foot massage after a long tiring day. Isn’t it? But, do you book an expert appointment to enjoy a foot massage every time? Stop right there!

We tried exploring all potential aspects of the massagers during our research and use. The detailed buying guide and frequently asked questions will help to better understand the massagers for making the best choice! Thus, we are here with our comprehensive list of the top 10 best foot massagers in India.


Best Foot Massager in India 2022

RoboTouch Classic Leg, Foot, and Calf Massager for Pain Relief and Relaxation:

RoboTouch Classic Leg, Foot, and Calf Massager for Pain Relief and Relaxation

Overall Score: 4.7/5

The first name we have mentioned on our list of the best foot massager offers complete massage solutions for legs and calf areas. With its distinguishing features and aesthetic looks, this foot massager would never miss a chance to make a lasting impression.

One of the best things that we liked about this foot massager is that it provides instant relief against pain. It can also be trusted to enhance blood circulation and tone the muscles. This foot massager makes an ideal choice for diabetic patients with all these benefits.

Its design is divided into 2 sections – up and down, including the overturn function. Moreover, it provides the perfect balance of intense kneading and vibrating reflexology to work actively on the painful leg areas.

The users can choose a suitable working mode from the available 5 intelligent functional programming modes. Also, it contains 30 in-built airbags and 3 sole rollers, which help stimulate the foot’s reflex points to offer the desired relaxation to the users.

Well, the ultimate relaxation of this foot massager isn’t limited to this. It also combines the benefits of heating, foot rollers, and kneading to provide deep relaxation to the entire leg area starting from the calf to the feet. The users can adjust the massage intensity between – low, medium, and high, according to the liking, preference, and need.

Even the design of this foot massager is totally impressive and eye-catch. It doesn’t consume much space at your place and can be easily stored without any hassles. Lastly, it offers a 1-year warranty time to the users.


  • Designed with 5 intelligent programming modes
  • 30 airbags combined with 3 air massage options
  • Offers 3 different massage intensities – low, medium, and high
  • Automatic shut-off feature after 15-minutes massage cycle
  • Enabled with carbon fiber heating
  • Detailed control panel for convenient use


HealthSense Elegant Leg and Foot Massager:

HealthSense Elegant Leg and Foot Massager

Overall Score: 4.6/5

We loved the amazing functionalities and benefits offered by the HealthSense Elegant Leg and Foot Massager. The machine has all the qualities to be your reliable companion offering deep massages after a tiring and hectic day.

This foot massager combines various massaging techniques for the foot and legs to ensure instant relief. Moreover, users can use it in different foot sizes and legs size. You can trust the complete and thorough massaging feature of this massager to get instant relief from the pain and soreness of your tired legs and feet.

The users can choose a suitable massaging option from the available options like 3D kneading massage, acupressure, reflexology, infrared heating massage, compressed air pressure massage, point vibration 3-in-1 foot massage, etc. The regular massage from this product improves blood circulation to reduce stress and anxiety.

If you struggle with chronic pain, you can rely on the shiatsu massage option. It comes with a user-friendly control panel to easily adjust the massage intensity between low, medium, and high.

Highlighting its design, it comes in a subtle yet attractive beige color to perfectly match the modern décor. Also, thanks to its compact size, it takes minimal space. We also liked the portability feature, allowing users to easily take the massager from one place to another.

Apart from this, you can trust this foot massager for its steady and strong body. The adjustable stand and side grip handle helps ensure its convenient working and use. We also liked the easily removable and wash-friendly covers to maintain the required cleanliness and hygiene of the machine.

It also offers a total warranty time of 1-year to its users. It won’t be a disappointment for any of your massaging needs.


  • Offers different massaging technology options
  • Includes shiatsu massage pads; 3 intensity levels
  • Auto shut-off feature after 15-minutes cycle
  • Compact size, portable design, and steady body
  • Washable and removable covers


Lifelong LLM99 Foot, Calf and Leg Massager:

Lifelong LLM99 Foot, Calf and Leg Massager

Overall Score: 4.6/5

The brand needs no introduction as it has made its unique place in the Indian market with its distinguishing and exceptional products. One of the most attractive features of the brand is that it designs its products according to the users’ needs and requirements. Thus, you can be sure of getting maximum satisfaction with the product, just like we did.

We really enjoyed the spa-like experience delivered by the flexible rubber kneading pads during the use. You can experience ultimate relaxation with this massager for your foot, ankles, and calf pain.

This foot massager is designed with 4-customized massaging modes to offer maximum convenience to its users. The users can choose between – kneading, rolling, vibration, and heating modes, according to their preference and need. Moreover, the users can also choose between heat and vibration technology to get the maximum benefits.

One of the best things that we liked in this foot massager was the electronic stimulation. Its unique design provides the right stimulations at particular pressure points to ensure instant pain relief. Moreover, it also helps to improve blood circulation, muscle flexibility and toning, and blood pressure without any hassles.

This premium foot massager is one of the best additions you can have at your place. Thanks to its compact and portable design, the users can easily carry it anywhere they want, without consuming any additional space. We also liked the easy adjustments mechanism to get the desired comfort during use.

The machine is stable and can be easily handled using a bright and clear digital display. It ensures an amazing performance using its powerful 80-W copper motor. Lastly, it offers a warranty of 1-year to the users.


  • Enabled with 4 customized massaging modes
  • Automatic shut-off feature after 15-minutes
  • User-friendly digital display for easy access
  • Offers maximum coverage with adjustable height option


JSB HF72 Leg and Foot Massager Machine for Calf Pain Relief:

JSB HF72 Leg and Foot Massager Machine for Calf Pain Relief

Overall Score: 4.5/5

JSB is one of the leading brand names in offering reliable, durable, and efficient massager machines. Talking about this machine, it has been specially designed with advanced features and technologies to provide an excellent massage experience to the users.

With the use of its rubber kneading pads, the machine gently massages the foot, ankles, and calf simultaneously. Moreover, it has been enabled with different kneading and vibration modes to offer instant relief against pain and soreness.

The most distinguished feature of this foot massager is vibration reflexology technology. This special technology provides a smooth and relaxing massage, feeling like human hand pressing. Thus, this machine makes an excellent product option for senior citizens and elderly users.

This foot massage can be operated using its 2-speed settings. Along with this, the users can easily choose between the various preset programs and levels to deal with different stressed muscles. We really enjoyed reclining the massager at 45-degree and using it either as a recliner or sitting chair.

Apart from its amazing features, we fell in love with the eye-catchy design of this foot massager. Its premium finish, sturdy body, and reliable motor – all impressed us thoroughly during the use. It is a compact machine that requires minimal space at your place for its use and storage.

We also loved the high portability of the machine; thanks to this, the users can easily carry the machine anywhere they want and need. It offers a maximum warranty of 1-year to its users.


  • Uses vibration reflexology technology for human-like massaging
  • 3-different modes of vibration and kneading to improve blood circulation
  • It can be used at 2-different speed options
  • 45-degree reclining to offer maximum relaxation and comfort
  • Automatic shut-off feature after 15-minutes of massaging cycle


Robotouch Pedilax Pain Relief Leg Foot Massager:

Robotouch Pedilax Pain Relief Leg Foot Massager

Overall Score: 4.4/5

The Robotouch Pedilax Pain Relief Leg Foot Massager is a reliable foot massager designed to offer users customized and innovative massage relaxation. It is an affordable option, and thus, users can easily buy it enjoy a relaxing experience after a hectic and tiring day.

What really impressed us were the different combinations of massaging options. This foot massager brings the best benefits of vibration and kneading functions accompanied by foot rollers and heat therapy to give a complete massage experience to the users. To give the best experience, the machine is enabled with 4 flexible kneading discs which completely cover the foot and the calf.

The users can also rely on the 3 automatic reflexology massaging programs to stimulate the leg, ankle, sole, and calf pressure points. Other than this, it also contains shiatsu rollers with adjustable angle settings to ensure better stimulation. The users can easily control the intensity of the massage using the 3 different levels – low, medium, and high.

Thanks to this, the users can get instant relief against the pain and foot soreness after a tiring day. Apart from this, the foot massager can be trusted to improve blood circulation to enhance overall health. Many users trust this machine to keep their blood pressure in control.

Along with this, the users can enjoy the compact and portable size of this foot massager to use it anywhere they need. The users can easily remove and clean the covers to keep the massager clean and hygienic. It offers a 1-year warranty time to the users to get all the assistance they need in case of any defects.


  • 3 automatic reflexology programs to rejuvenate feet, leg, and calf
  • Shiatsu rolling massager with adjustable angle for better stimulation
  • 3 different intensity massaging modes – low, medium, and high
  • Requires minimal power consumption
  • Easy to remove and clean covers


AGARO Relaxing Foot and Calf Massager:

AGARO Relaxing Foot and Calf Massager

Overall Score: 4.3/5

If you are tired of suffering from continuous leg and calf pain, then you should definitely invest in buying the AGARO Relaxing Foot and Calf Massager. The brand brings some of the amazing features and technologies to provide instant relief against pain and soreness.

This foot massager understands the needs and requirements of the users and thus, brings 3-different kinds of massage functions. These functions help target the muscle points and help improve the blood circulation to enhance the overall health quality. The users can easily choose between kneading, rolling, and arch scrapping to experience instant muscle relaxation.

We found this foot massager to offer 3 automatic and 3 manual massage options during use. The users can either choose the automatic or manual options to target the respective pressure points of the legs, calf areas, sole, foot arch, etc. The users can use the kneading pads to completely cover the calves and foot for a comfortable massage.

Along with the massaging features, we fell in love with the machine’s ergonomic design, which can easily be tilted according to the body’s requirements. The users can easily adjust the height and sitting posture of the machine to get a suitable and comfortable massage to relax their tiring body after the hectic routine.

The foot massager also ensures easy movement from one place to another, thanks to its compact size and portable design. The users can also remove and wash the available covers to keep the machine clean and hygienic at all times. The brand offers a maximum warranty of 1-year to its users.


  • Provides 3 automatic and 3 manual massage options
  • It offers 3 different massage modes – kneading, rolling, arch scrapping
  • Adjustable height, seat, and kneading pads to cover the entire foot and calf area
  • Compact and portable design with easily removable and washable covers


Quantico Reflex 6 Foot Calf Massager with Vibration Massage:

Quantico Reflex 6 Foot Calf Massager with Vibration Massage

Overall Score: 4.3/5

Your search for an excellent massager, offering you 6-in-1 benefits, ends with your choice of the Quantico Reflex 6 Foot Calf Massager with Vibration Massage. This massager is specially designed to offer intense massage using heat and electromagnetic waves for the best results.

The massager is designed with the advanced Figure-Six technology and CirQlation technology. These advanced technologies offer complete massage in upward, rolling, and wave-like motions. If you have been struggling with foot and calf pain, this product will give you the best results.

As a result, the massager is a complete package to treat the pain and soreness of the legs, calf areas, and feet. Thanks to its full coverage, the users can experience maximum comfort and support within no time.

This Quantico Reflex 6 Foot Calf Massager improves blood circulation, according to the experts. It also uses effective rollers that can be trusted to gently massage the sole and heel of your feet. With regular use, we observed improvement in the overall health.

The users need not worry about managing its functioning. It comes with a bright and convenient digital display to easily manage all the advanced features.

We also liked the massager’s compact size, allowing the users to easily use and store it anywhere without any worries about the space. Moreover, the users can also enjoy the maximum portability of this massager to carry it anywhere needed.

Besides offering maximum ease with its working, it also ensures convenient cleaning and maintenance. The users are also given the maximum warranty of 1-year to take care of any manufacturing defect.


  • Designed to offer 6-in-1 benefits to treat foot and calf pain
  • Combines the benefits of reflexology massages and electromagnetic wave
  • Comes with kneading pads, foot compression pads, calf rollers, etc.
  • Digital display to highlight massage time, intensity, and mode
  • Compact and portable design with washable fabric


Dr Physio Powerful Electric Leg, Foot and Calf Massager Machine:

Dr Physio Powerful Electric Leg, Foot and Calf Massager Machine

Overall Score: 4.2/5

Suppose you are looking for a leading, reliable and affordable brand providing the best personal healthcare products. In that case, there can be no better choice than Dr Physio Powerful Electric Leg, Foot, and Calf Massager Machine. The brand is known to provide innovative and advanced products to be the best companion of the users according to their needs.

Before discussing its features and advanced technologies, we like to highlight its ergonomic design, stability, and high durability. It comes in a compact size to consume minimal space at your place. Moreover, it is lightweight and portable for easy transfer from one place to another.

Thanks to the ABS plastic construction, the machine can last long without any scratches or defects. We also liked that it is designed with removable and washable covers to maintain its cleanliness and hygiene. Lastly, it offers a maximum warranty of 6-months.

Coming to its unique massaging features, the users can enjoy different massaging modes like kneading, acupoint, scraper, air pressure, rolling, calf massage, etc. The users can choose any of the massaging modes, according to their preference, using the user-friendly digital display.

The machine makes sure to work on the pressure points to provide instant relief in pain and stress body areas. It automatically turns off after 15-minutes of massaging cycle. Along with this, the users can easily adjust the massaging speed using the control panel.

By reducing body pain and soreness, it can be trusted to improve the users’ blood circulation and overall health.


  • It can be used for 3-different massaging modes supporting different massage functions
  • Ergonomic design, steadiness, stability, and high durability
  • Compact size, portability, and removable covers
  • Automatic shut-off feature after 15-minutes of working
  • Designed with power motor; ensuring long-lasting performance


SToK ST-FM01 Electric Foot Massager Machine:

SToK ST-FM01 Electric Foot Massager Machine

Overall Score: 4.1/5

The next name that we have on our list is none other than the SToK ST-FM01 Electric Foot Massager Machine. The machine has been a big hit amongst the users with its brilliant performance and excellent features. Many users and healthcare experts trust this foot massager to relieve their leg and foot pain.

The massager offers 3 different reflexology therapies to target different body organs. Also, the users can use kneading, rolling, and massaging altogether with this foot massager. The users can also enjoy the 3 customized massaging modes by adjusting between the massage speeds.

Apart from all these fantastic benefits, this foot massager offers the ease and convenience of operating using a remote control. The users can easily control all the functionalities and speed of the massage with the press of a single button.

We also liked the thoughtful ergonomic design of the massager, primarily to target the sensitive pressure points. Other than targeting the foot and legs, the massager also works its best to relax the entire body within no time. Also, with improved blood circulation, the users can be sure of living an active and energetic lifestyle.

It comes in a compact size, making it easy to store and use at any particular place. Moreover, the machine is portable, making it easy for the users to carry it anywhere with them without any hassles. We also liked the stable base, which prevents any chance of mishappenings.

The digital display is easy to use. Even if you are using the foot massager for the very first time, you won’t feel a thing. Lastly, the users are also given the maximum warranty time of 1-year against the manufacturing defects.


  • 3 customized massage modes with reflexology technology
  • It relaxes the entire body with improved blood circulation
  • Compact and portable design with remote control easy access
  • Convenient cleaning and washing the covers


Reach Mellow Leg Massager:

Reach Mellow Leg Massager

Overall Score: 4/5

If budget is not a constraint while choosing the best foot massager, then you should not miss an opportunity to pick the Reach Mellow Leg Massager. It is one of the most recommended massagers by experts as it ensures delivering 360-degree relaxation to the legs and feet.

The most distinguishing feature of this massager is its compression technology which gently removes the pain and swelling from the concerned body parts. It can also be trusted to improve blood circulation to target overall health improvement.

This massager is scientifically designed with human hand technology to reproduce the magic and feel of human hand massaging. It masters the optimal timing with perfectly placed airbags to offer the ultimate relaxation to the users.

The users get the convenience of easy adjustments to get the desired comfort while using the massager. Moreover, it is enabled with 3-different intensity levels, low, medium, and high, which can be easily controlled and chosen by the users according to their needs.

Quick Tip – to get the ultimate relaxing massage, it is recommended to use the massager at a low intensity and then switch to high intensity. Your body will get enough time to adjust to the vibrations and sensations.

Another attractive benefit of this massager is its compact size and portable use. It hardly takes any special efforts to carry the massager anywhere and everywhere. Moreover, thanks to its compact size, the users can easily store it without any hassles.

Its excellent 360-degree massage relaxation and attractive design make it extremely easy to clean the massager. After completing the 15-minute massage cycle, the massage automatically shuts off to maintain its efficiency. Lastly, it extends a warranty of 6-months to the users.


  • Uses compression technology to remove pain and improve blood circulation
  • Designed to give massage pleasure of human hand technology
  • Auto shut-off feature with extreme safety measures
  • 3-different intensity levels with easy adjustments according to the need
  • Easy access using the handheld controller


Benefits of using the best foot massager in India:

A carefully chosen best foot massager offers the following benefits –

  • Provides instant relaxation against pain, sore foot, and other related problems
  • Promotes blood circulation for better foot health
  • It will help remove stiffness and results in softer feet
  • Regularly using the foot massager can promote better sleep quality
  • It also helps to have a peaceful and relaxing mood throughout the day
  • The foot massager is also trusted to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression


Buying Guide – How to choose the best foot massage in India?

Picking up the best foot massager can be challenging. If you have been struggling with foot pain, buying a foot massager is the best solution. However, choosing the most suitable foot massager leaves up wondering between the various options available.

However, before making any choice, you should focus on some of the essential factors that ease the selection. Do you care enough to explore such factors? Here are some of them for your interest:

1. Type of Foot Massager:

The first thing you should decide is choosing between the types of the foot massager. Different types of foot massagers deliver different benefits; thus, you should choose the optimal one.

You can choose between the following types of massager –

  • Manual Massager: These massagers need manual efforts for operation. After placing your feet, you need to move them forward and backward to enjoy a soothing massage experience
  • Electric Massager: These massagers skip the manual efforts and are operated using a power source. You just need to plug in these massagers and simply sit to enjoy the benefits
  • Water Foot Massager: These are quite commonly used in the parlor and combine the perfect mix of water and soap. They have in-built rollers to let the users enjoy and relax


2. Need of the Massager:

Do you need a foot massager for regular use or occasionally use it? Are you planning to buy it to find relief against foot pain? In simple words, you should define the exact purpose of buying the foot massager.

With a better understanding of the foot massager’s exact need, you can easily find the ones that satisfy that need. It will simply narrow down your search to help you choose the right one without any hassles.


3. Space:

Most of us live in limited space flats or apartments. Thus, there is hardly any space to accommodate anything extra other than the basic essential items. As a result, you should be absolutely sure about the total space that your chosen foot massager needs.

Do you have enough space to use and store the foot massager? Or would you like to buy a portable massager to carry around anywhere?

Using and storing the device in an inappropriate space will increase the risk of damages. The portable massagers benefit the users to enjoy a delightful foot massage at any place like watching TV, reading a book, etc.


4. Design:

After you are sure of having enough space to accommodate a foot massager, the next thing that should attract your attention is its design. If the design of the chosen foot massager is not comfortable, you won’t be able to enjoy and relax during the massage. Moreover, using a massager with a complicated design may further enhance the complexity of pain.

Also, when looking at the design of the foot massager, consider the machine’s weight. According to the experts, it is best to choose a lightweight foot massager.

A Quick Tip: avoid buying heavy-weight foot massagers, as it will be challenging to use, clean, and move them from one place to another.


5. Technology Used:

The technology used in the foot massager plays a significant role in highlighting its effectiveness and quality. If you are using outdated technology in the foot massager, you won’t be able to get desired relaxation and relief.

Thus, it is recommended to choose a foot massager which is enabled with the advanced or latest technology. Also, advanced technology-enabled foot massagers will provide instant relief to foot pain or other health issues.


6. Stability:

Have you been missing considering stability as one of the buying factors for foot massagers? If yes, then you are making a big mistake. Just imagine using a foot massager, which isn’t stable. You will be all shaky while trying to maintain a balance rather than enjoying the massage.

Be sure that the chosen foot massager is stable and can be firmly placed on the ground. You should also ensure that the foot massager will not break mid-way because of unstable use.


7. Budget:

One of the most important factors that should be prioritized when choosing the best foot massager is none other than its price or your budget. Do you want to buy an expensive one or look for an affordable choice? What is the maximum budget you can invest in buying a foot massager?

The best solution is to divide your budget into the desired categories and try different foot massagers from each category. This will be quite helpful in choosing a suitable foot massager without over-spending.


8. Additional Features:

Along with paying attention to the basic features of the foot massager, it is important to know the additional features offered. For the best use, choose a product that is enabled with additional features like auto switch-off, power-saving mode, washable covers, convenient use, digital display, etc.


9. Warranty:

Lastly, you should check the warranty of the foot massager when choosing. The warranty covers all the assistance and supports you would need when struggling with any damages or defects in the product.

Therefore, choosing such a foot massager that offers the maximum warranty time to the users is recommended.



1. Are foot massagers really effective?

Yes, foot massagers are one of the most reliable and effective machines to relieve knee, calf, and foot pain and swelling. It also helps in improving blood circulation to offer maximum relaxation during use.

All you need is to choose a suitable foot massager and relax while using it.


2. Is it important to choose a foot massager with vibrations?

It is recommended to buy a foot massager with effective vibrations as vibrations provide ultimate satisfaction. Moreover, vibration targets your feet’ pulse points and thus ensures maximum benefits. There isn’t any point in using a foot massager which doesn’t support suitable vibrations.


3. How many times can you use a foot massager in a day?

A foot massager can be used 2-3 times a day. However, you should be particular about using the massager maximum of 30-minutes during one sitting. The continuous over-use of foot massagers can also cause some health difficulties for the users.


4. Is it harmful to over-use the foot massager?

Though there are no major side effects or harmful consequences of using a foot massager, you should still avoid over-using it. Rather than over-using the foot massager, it is better to use it frequently for short intervals. Also, it is essential to choose a suitable foot massager to get the best results.


5. What should you do after using a foot massager?

After using the foot massager, you should apply a moisturizer to your feet to keep them hydrated. Also, you should drink lots of water to avoid body dehydration.

You should avoid consuming caffeine or alcohol, as they can reduce the beneficial effects of a relaxing massage.


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A foot massager is no more a luxury item, but it has become a reliable companion for most of us. Suppose you also want to experience relaxation in leg pain and reduce soreness. In that case, we recommend you buy the RoboTouch Classic Leg, Foot and Calf Massager for Pain Relief and Relaxation.

Apart from treating the pain and soreness, this foot massager also helps in improving blood circulation to ensure a healthy result. With its utmost relaxation, you can reduce the unwanted stress and anxiety to wake up fresh every morning without hassles.

If you are still hesitant to buy a foot massager, you can contact us in the comment section. We will provide the best help to clear all the concerning doubts.

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