10 Best Food Processor in India 2022 | Reviews By Kitchen Experts

Do you need help in your daily cooking work? Are you tired of handling all the tiring kitchen work all alone? If yes, then it is the time when you find your perfect helping partner to help you ease out the kitchen work. A food processor!

Food processors have become an essential part of the kitchen as they have made cooking a lot easier. Within no time, you are done with all the kitchen work that once took your whole day.

Excited to get your food processor right away? Wait! Have you decided which food processor would be best for you? This guide will make your task easy with its information and product descriptions.


10 Best Food Processor in India 2022 (By Top Brands)

We’ve compiled a list of all the best food processors that are sold in India. Our list of food processors have been reviewed by experts, so you can rest assured that they are among the best and most reliable products in the industry.


Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750W Food Processor:

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750W Food Processor The Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750W Food Processor is more of a mixer grinder than only being a food processor. Thanks to its great performance and incredible quality, it is one of the most preferred choices of those users who have more use of grinder than the other food processor features. Its effective 750W motor is simply amazing in its functioning and can deliver you with expected quality of results.

It comes with different safety measures which ensure that the users face no difficulty while using this product. Though it may make some noise, that is quite normal due to the consumption of high power and voltage. It is also covered with a 2-year warranty on the product and 5-years warranty on the motor.

You also get a 3 in 1 juicer jar which can be used in a different way for the different needs of the users. The stainless steel blades are so that they preserve the taste and quality of the food items. It can be also be effectively used for both the soft and hard ingredients without facing any difficulties.

The plastic body of the food processor is quite easy to clean and thus saves the time and efforts of the users. It also requires no installation and thus can be used simply after buying it. The sturdy base maintains the grip of the food processor on the surface and thus reduces the chances of any risks.


  • Powerful motor
  • Excellent grip
  • May make some noise


Bajaj FX11 600W Food Processor:

Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 600-Watt Food ProcessorBajaj is one of the oldest names in the food processing industry and thus have a reputation and trust amongst the users. The Bajaj FX11 600W Food Processor ensures to keep up to the name and reputation in the best possible manner. This food processor is a combination of high durability, performance, and strength available at an affordable price.

Though this food processor has a low power motor of 600W, it is well-supported by the effective functioning of stainless steel blades. This food processor is perfect for small and easy usages which do not put pressure on the low power motor. You also get a 2-year warranty on the product and 5-year warranty on the motor.

The feeding pipe of the processor is also small as compared to the other processors but it can be effectively used for grinding, kneading, chopping and juicing. The 3-speed variations make sure that you can use this processor as and how you like it. If you are worried about creating a mess while using this product, it also offers you a spatula which can easily be used ingredients from the blades.

The durable body of the processor ensures to last for a long time, despite the fact how frequent it is used. The interlock feature is also brilliant in this food processor which confirms the absolute safety of the user.


  • Suitable for small and easy usages
  • Affordable and high durability
  • Comes with inbuilt locking and overload protector


Inalsa Fiesta 650W Food Processor:

Inalsa 650W Food Processor

Despite being a new brand in India, Inalsa has made a recommendable presence amongst the users. The Inalsa Fiesta 650W Food Processor is the complete all in one package for the kitchen appliances needs except for cooking.

This means that you can do each and everything with this food processor without facing any difficulties. It is one of the affordable food processors that is available at an affordable price range yet it does not compromise with the quality. The 650W motor makes sure that you get consistent performance and outcome with every single use. The stainless steel blades complete the durability and charm of the food processor for its users. If you are worried about its performance at the time of overloads or emergency shut down, then you can simply relax.

The in-built safety features along with the excellent grip from the sturdy base take care of the functioning and performance of this professor at the time of emergencies. The processor covers itself with a 2-year warranty on the product and 5-year warranty on the motor. Even if you get some burning smell in the initial use, don’t worry about that. It is a normal thing to happen for the first time as the motor starts getting heated with the use.

The 3-speed variation gives the user full freedom to regulate the speed of the processor as per the need.


  • Affordable
  • The processor does make any noise
  • Elegant design and sturdy base


Morphy Richards 1000W Food Processor:

Morphy Richards 1000W Food Processor

If you want a complete and one-time solution for all your kitchen needs, then Morphy Richards Food Processor is the right choice for you. It is one of the best multi-tasking food processors that you can get. It comes with a 1000W powerful motor that can easily break, mix and grind all the ingredients together.

With this beauty in your kitchen, you won’t be disappointed with the performance. The many safety features accompanied with this food processor ensures comfortable cooking experience. It also comes with a variety of jars and bowls capacities along with a juicer in its center to make fruit juice anytime and anywhere you want.

It also has an inbuilt locking system which also includes a unique safety lock. Morphy Richards offers a 2-year warranty on this food processor for all the defects that may occur. It is a square-shaped food processor with stainless steel blade for high-speed functioning.

It offers 3 varying speed to enhance its functioning. Along with this, the 11 different kinds of attachments of this food processor make it multi-tasking and a symbol of excellent performance.

This Morphy Richards 1000W Food Processor is the perfect food processor that will help you in all the daily kitchen work. However, you may feel a little disappointed with the customer service or the after-sales services offered by the brand. Apart from that, this food processor is something that has everything loving and adorable.


  • Enabled with safety features
  • Unique safety lock
  • Auto shut facility


Inalsa INOX 1000W Food Processor:

Inalsa INOX 1000W Food Processor If you are in no mood to compromise on the quality of your food processor then you should only buy the best one in the market. The Inalsa INOX 1000W Food Processor is one of the best in quality as well as the best in its design. With its amazing features, it won’t be wrong to say that this food processor is one of the best. To begin with, this food processor uses 1000W of the motor, which means that you can use it for almost any purpose.

The 1000W motor also confirms the fact that it can be used for both soft and hard ingredients that most of the other food processors fail to do. Accompanying the powerful motor are the stainless steel blades that chops, cuts, and slices the ingredients pretty well.

The large capacity of the food processor bowls and jars make it convenient to be used even for large families. The 3 optional varying speed of the processor allows the users to grind the ingredient in any form they want.

The safety locks and in-built safety appliances ensure the fact that the users get a comfortable and hassle-free cooking experience. The food processor is also well-protected with its 2-year warranty against the possible defects. You would simply fall in love with the ease and convenience that this food processor can deliver to you.


  • Delivers high safety standards
  • Makes less noise
  • Can be used for all kitchen purposes


Bajaj Fab FX1000 (1000W) Food Processor:

Bajaj Fab FX1000 (1000W) Food Processor the Best Food Processor in India 2022 by bajaj Make your kitchen life way simpler and easier with this Bajaj Fab FX1000 (1000W) Food Processor. Bajaj is one trusted name in the market with years of experience in delivering only the quality products. This justifies about the quality and durability of the food processor that you will get.

With 1000W of the motor, your food processor can do almost anything that is demanded or expected from it. Yes, we literally mean anything! Along with this powerful 1000W of power, which will do the entire kitchen work quickly; you also get multiple speed variations that will enhance your work in the kitchen.

Coming to its operations, all its operations are user-friendly and are not at all complicated. This means that you can do all your stuff with your eyes closed. It comes with 9 attachments which can perform 16 functions very efficiently. You don’t need anything else when you have this Bajaj food processor in your kitchen.

This food processor is not only about making cooking easy and comfortable but it also ensures that the taste of the food is maintained at its best. Thanks to the SS Chrome Brushed body, you never have to compromise with the taste of your food. The interlock system of the food processor prevents all accidental injuries. This amazing food processor with a durable body and classic design also offers a 2-year warranty.


  • Keeps the quality of taste
  • Affordable and durable
  • Varying speed options with 16 functions
  • Perfect for Indian families


Bosch Lifestyle 800W Food Processor:

Bosch Lifestyle 800W Food Processor If you love cooking and eating food and love to try different recipes, then this Bosch Lifestyle 800W Food Processor can be your new best friend. This food processor can offer you with more than 50 different functions, using which you can try your creativity with your cooking. The powerful 800W motor backs up the cooking experience to deliver quick and fast processing.

If you are worried about the storage of the accessories for these 50 functions, then the food processor has a smart storage for all the standard accessories needed. The body of the processor is made using BPA free plastic along with rubber suction feet to deliver better stability and grip while cooking.

You can also be sure of the consistent performance of this food processor as it is well-equipped with 6 multi-level knives and 3 double blades. The 2-speed variants allow you to be quite handy while working with this food processor. On top of everything, the food processor is well covered with a warranty of 2-years.

You get a total of 9 attachments with this food processor which again allows you to try as many different combinations as you want. With all the great things, this food processor just lacks the overload protector. Apart from this, it has all the safety measures with which you can enjoy your cooking like never before.


  • More than 50 functions
  • Perfect for large families and hotels/restaurants
  • Comes with only 2-speed variations


Philips HL1660 700W Food Processor:

Philips HL1660 700W Food Processor If you are one of those who never likes to compromise with the quality of the kitchen appliances, then you should try the Philips HL1660 700W Food Processor. With the Philips brand, the one thing that you can be certain of is the quality of the food processor. This machine is so designed that it will start operating unless it has been assembled properly.

Embrace your kitchen with this food processor and make all your kitchen needs simply and quickly done. It is made using a power-chop technology which ensures the best chopping results for both soft as well as hard ingredients. Juicing, mixing and blending are the other operations that you can conveniently perform using this machine that comes with 2-year warranty.

All the jars and bowls available with this food processor are made using high-quality material which makes them leak-proof. It also offers more than 15 functions to the users which all can be done without any mess. It comes with 2-speed variations which can be adjusted as per the cooking needs.

The food processor is designed in compact size to ensure that it doesn’t end up taking all your kitchen space. The sturdy base of this food processor, using the 700W motor, ensures the needed stability while cooking. All the accessories are dish-wash friendly and thus they can be cleaned without any hassles.


  • Assembling of the machine is important to start its functioning
  • High-quality product
  • Works on power-chop technology
  • Can easily be washed and cleaned


Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 700W Food Processor:

Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 700W Food Processor Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 700W Food Processor is an amazing combination of power and performance. Say goodbye to the messy kitchen with a super-amazing food processor that comes with a 700W power motor. It is also accompanied by multi-functional jars which can be used as per the requirements of the food item.

The processors use stainless steel cutters that ensure the proper cutting of the ingredients without hampering the quality or taste of the food. It is known to deliver consistent output and thus can be totally trusted for a comfortable and hassle-free cooking experience. It comes with a 2-year warranty period on the product and 5-year warranty for its motor.

Considering the safety requirements, there is no match of the Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus V2 700W Food Processor. It has an overload protector which makes sure that you maintain an adequate amount of ingredients while using the processor. Apart from this, it also offers bowl covers and inbuilt locking system for delivering the needed safety while accessing the processing needs. With 14 different attachments and 3 varying speed options, you can use this food processor for all of your cooking needs. It is also designed to utilize minimum power with its auto-shut option. As soon as the processing of the food is done to the required consistency, the processor will automatically stop working.


  • Energy saving operation
  • Offers maximum safety
  • Preserves the quality and taste of food
  • 5-year warranty on motor


Philips HR7629/90 650W Power Processor:

Philips HR7629 90 650W Power Processor Your search for a trendy, comfortable, powerful yet compact food processor ends with Philips HR7629/90 650W Power Processor. It is a compact food processor that is simply perfect for all the kitchen needs like copping, cutting, grinding, whipping, juicing, etc. You can completely rely on this processor for meeting the daily requirements of the kitchen.

To begin with, the motor of this processor is just of 650W which may be lesser than the other models available in the market. Other this aspect, the food processor has a variety of other powerful features and quality design. Its attractive black metallic body clearly stands out to justify its quality design.

One of the greatest advantages that this processor has over the other processors is that it does not require any installation or assembling. However, you need to place all the parts at the correct position to start this product. Keeping the needs of large families in mind, this food processor comes with 40% larger feeding tubes.

As far as its working is concerned, it makes use of power-chop technology for delivering the expected results. To ensure proper grip, it has a sturdy bottom, which also makes cooking quite comfortable. To give a helping hand to the cooking needs, you can operate this food processor at 2-speed variations.


  • Can blend 5 times more
  • Comes with just 1-year warranty
  • 40% large feeding tubes
  • Compact size
  • Uses power-chop technology


Bajaj FX7 600W Food Processor:

Bajaj FX7 600W Food Processor The Bajaj FX7 600W Food Processor is a versatile product which can be used for all types of processing needs. Though the processor uses only 600W of power, it still can deliver consistent and high-quality results without any hassles.

This processor is perfect to be used for light uses which makes the use of soft ingredients. To begin with, you get 3-speed variations, which you can effectively use for varying cooking needs. The in-built locking mechanism ensures that the users may feel safe and comfortable while working with this processor. The large capacity of the available bowls, which are unbreakable, is perfectly designed for large Indian families. You also get the effective use of LED indicators for reflecting power on and overload condition.

The one thing that should be taken care, while using this processor, is its twist and lock mechanism. This mechanism should be applied properly for starting this processor to make the most of its uses. It has been designed in a sophisticated design which attracts most of the people. Along with this, it also has a super-clean surface which reduces the chances of any mess. To enhance the ease and convenience of the users, all the accessories of this food processor can be easily washed and cleaned.


  • Can be used for light usage
  • Meant for large families
  • Works effectively with soft ingredients mainly
  • Proper use of twist and lock mechanism to start this product


Inalsa Craze Dx 700W Food Processor:

Inalsa Craze Dx 700W Food Processor If you like food processors which are powerful yet economical at the same time, then you would love working with Inalsa Craze Dx 700W Food Processor. Inalsa is one popular name in the market which has been targeting the different needs of the users in the most suitable and convenient manner. To keep up with the name and reputation of the brand, this processor maintains the expected quality.

It comes with 700W of the motor which can be used to all sort of working with both soft and hard ingredients. You get many attachments for almost all the kitchen needs and thus, this processor proofs to be the one complete solution for its users. You can prepare as many food recipes as you want with this food processor’s help.

The 3-speed variation can easily be controlled as per the needs of the users. Along with this, you also get 3 multi-purpose jars with this food processor. One important benefit of the large feeding pipes of this processor is that you don’t have to cut the vegetables before putting them inside this processor. The sturdy base along with the inbuilt locking facility delivers the maximum security to the users at the time of cooking.

Inalsa provides a warranty of 5-years on the motor and a warranty of 2-years on the product.


  • Large feeding pipes
  • No need to cut vegetables before inserting
  • Can be used with soft and hard ingredients
  • Non-slippery base


Bajaj MasterChef 3.0 600W Food Processor:

Bajaj MasterChef 3.0 600W Food Processor If you need a trust-worthy food processor that can last for longer with the same working like that on the first day, then the Bajaj MasterChef 3.0 600W Food Processor is the right food processor for you.

As the food processor is under the brand name of Bajaj, you can completely be sure of getting high-quality from this food processor. The processor is extremely user-friendly and can be operated without any fear of damage. Complementing its ease of use are the in-built security features and a stable sturdy baseline. Both these features make sure that the processor is always in its place while the user is using it.

Along with this, the 600W motor though consumes less of power but may face a little difficulty when working with extreme hard ingredients. The cooking enthusiast can use this food processor with its 3-speed variation for getting the desired food quality. The stainless steel of this processor makes sure that the cutting and chopping of the ingredients can be done perfectly without damaging the quality or taste of the food.

You get a 2-years warranty on the product as well as 5-years warranty on the motor. The compact size of the food processor is so designed to take very little space in the kitchen. The LED indicators on the knob will always assure you with the speed limits that you are using. With this food processor, you truly can be a masterchef.


  • Last longer than others
  • Compact size
  • User-friendly access


Morphy Richards Essential 600W Food Processor:

Morphy Richards Essential 600W Food Processor Those people, who are bored of using the same conventional and boring ways of doing the kitchen work and want to try a food processor which can turn cooking into a playful and easy experience, can consider buying this Morphy Richards Essential 600W Food Processor.

It works on 600W motor power which is quite sufficient for doing all the kitchen work quickly and easily. You have to take special care with the twist and lock feature of this food processor as it will only start working when this feature is applied properly.

You also get a warranty of 2-years with this product which also assures the users to minimize the risk of any damage. The in-built locking facility will add on the needed charm on this food processor. The large size of the storage bowls of this food processor can easily be used for large families as well. Despite the large storage capacities, this food processor is compact in size which doesn’t consume much of your kitchen space.

The stainless steel blades are meant to preserve the quality and taste of the food items. The 8 attachment accessories along with the 3 speed controlling variations will be the best combination for trying many different recipes without any fear of messing up.


  • Suitable for juicing mainly
  • Compact size
  • User-friendly access
  • Affordable


Prestige Ace Food Processor:

Prestige Ace Food Processor If you have a compact family and are looking for a food processor with a small capacity within an affordable range, then the Prestige Ace Food Processor is totally unmatched. However, the small capacity does not mean doing any compromise with the quality of the performance and efficiency of the operations.

This model is perfect for those users who are living alone and don’t have many cooking needs. The 600W of the motor allows the perfect quality of output with every use. The durable body and elegant design with smooth surface finishing require less maintenance. Thus, it also saves time for cleaning. The safety lock again complements the needs of the people who are new with using these processors.

An excellent grip can also be expected from this food processor with its smooth and non-slippery base. With limited yet effective features, this food processor can be listed as a simple and efficient food processor available in an affordable price range. It is accompanied with 3 unbreakable jars and 1 juicer which can be controlled at any speed. Despite the lack of many features, this model is still covered with a warranty of 2-years on the product and 5-years on the motor.

Buy this product only if you have limited or small usage, else if you are a normal user, you may not be satisfied with its working.


  • Meant only for small capacities
  • Ideal for users living alone
  • Simple and effective use


Cello Kitchen Chef 200 500W Food Processor:

Cello Kitchen Chef 200 500W Food Processor This Cello Kitchen Chef 200 500W Food Processor comes with a complete range of kitchen accessories that allows the users to finish all their kitchen work within no time. It can be used for all the operations expected from a food processor; however, it is the most suitable for juicing and chopping.

Thanks to its power-chop technology that this food processor can perfectly and consistently chop the vegetables, nuts, etc.

Though, the users may feel a little slow execution due to the low power motor of 500W. With using this food processor, you can always keep an eye on the texture of the food being processed and thus can stop at the desired time. Along with the basic features of the food processor, you also get a juicer for taking the juices from your favorite fruits and vegetables. This multi-use food processor can be accessed in the 2-speed variant and thus can make cooking quite convenient.

The material used in this juicer is high-quality plastic which matches with any room décor. There is also the good provision of the user’s safety as it comes with inbuilt safety features, along with the sturdy base. The stainless steel blades also maintain the consistency of the food quality. You also get 2-years to warranty with this food processor.


  • Multi-purpose food processor
  • Uses just 500W of motor
  • Mostly used for juicing and chopping


Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor:

Wonderchef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor This food processor is suitably designed to complement your busy lifestyle with its multi-functional features and amazing quality. It is a versatile food processor that can be used as per the requirements of the users for reducing the preparation time of the food items.

The 3-layers of stainless steel blades ensure perfect precision for chopping, slicing, and other operations. The food processor is designed using high-quality polycarbonate plastic which helps in preserving the quality of food without disturbing the food’s natural odor.

It also has a unique dual speed processing which gives the liberty to the user for getting the required consistency in their food ingredients. The two-gears setting of the food processor effectively controls the power and speed during the operations. This non-electric food processor is compact in size and fits in just a little space in your kitchen. The food processor also does complete justice to the safety features that are expected.

The sturdy base and in-built safety locks not only delivers a smooth grip on the surface but also ensures the proper locking of the lids while the processor is in operation. Make your cooking efficient and quick by reducing the consumed time with the help of this amazing and durable food processor.


  • High durability and quality
  • Unbreakable jars and blades
  • Polycarbonate plastic to prevent natural odor of food
  • Affordable


How to choose the best food processor in India 2022?

Choosing the most suitable food processor can be difficult as they all appear to be the same. But with these factors in mind, you would easily select the right food processor for your needs.


1) The speed of the processor:

A food processor is a combination of mixer and grinder and is used to perform different tasks. It thus needs varying speed to deliver the best results. Therefore, you should look for a food processor that allows you with multiple speed options. In general, a food processor comes with 2-speed options but there are many which can be found with 3-speed options. Remember, varying speed means better hold of varying work.


2) Power of the food processor:

Your chosen food processor should be strong enough to perform and handle different types of operations like kneading, chopping, shredding, etc. A food processor with high power will easily perform all these tasks without any problem. The minimum power requirement that you can look in a food processor is that of 600W. Any motor which is less than 600W can be skipped, when looking for a durable and performing food processor. However, you can always choose a food processor with more power like that of 1000W.


3) Capacity or size of the food processor:

The size options of the food processor usually depend on the size of the family. You would need a large size of the food processor if you have a large family. The food processor comes with size variations from 7-cup to 20-cups. You should consider the size and food habits of your family members and then should select the size of the processor. Normally, an Indian family has 4-5 members, so, a food processor with 10 attachments or 10-cup size would be the ideal option.


4) Additional attachments and features:

Other than the normal functions, features, and attachments available with the food processor, you should look for an option that provides you with some extra of these. Now, which additional features or accessories should you look for? Well, this again depends upon your family and their eating habits. You should look for those additional features, attachments or accessories that would help you in meeting the needs of family and would simplify your work as well.


5) After sales services:

This is an important factor to look for as you certainly wouldn’t want to keep waiting for getting assistance for your faulty food processor, at the time of emergency. A good after-sales service facility will let you get the required help within no time and thus will not waste any of your energy or efforts, dealing with the non-functional or faulty food processor.


6) Warranty:

Other than having a stable after sales services facility, you should also consider getting a good warranty time with your processor. Since a food processor is a machine and you may need any assistance with it at any time. Also, you would need to maintain it in the best manner to get the desired result as well. This is where having a decent warranty time will help you. It is better to choose a food processor with higher warranty time as the electronic product can go bad at any time.


7) Brand of the food processor:

Planning to buy a cheap food processor from a local brand? Not a good idea! Your local brand food processor may appear the same as a branded food processor in its looks but inside its functioning will make a huge difference. Always remember to only choose a branded food processor. When you buy a food processor from a brand, you not only get a product but you also get:

  • Authenticity
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Security
  • Trust

Certainly, a local food processor will not be accompanied with these. So, what will you choose – a standard branded food processor with all these benefits or a local food processor without any guarantee?


8) Price:

Last but not least, check the price of the food processor when making a decision. There are many food processors available in many price ranges. Choose the one which offers you with all the desired requirements and yet fall in your decided budget. Don’t end up spending way more than your decided budget.


Conclusion for the Best Food Processor:

Investing in the right food processor is important for getting the expected ease and convenience. We strongly recommend Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750W Food Processor, it has all the required features that will make your cooking simply amazing. Have some doubts? Do comment your doubts and concerns below and we will reach out to you with the best possible information. We would love to hear from you

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