Best Fitness Band Under 3000 in India 2022


We often don’t get enough time to take care of ourselves and this is where a smart band can come in the frame for keeping track and records of our fitness activities so that we can get the desired results for our health.

There’s always a fitness band for everyone. If you are looking for yours, then have a look at these some of the best fitness band names that you can rely on under the price range of INR 3,000.


Best Fitness Band Under 3000

These are Best Fitness Band Under Rs 3000 in India

  • Honor Band 4 Perfect Fit Smart Band
  • MevoFit Bold HR Fitness Band
  • LCARE Band 2S Fitness Band
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 3 (20 Days Battery Life)
  • Toreto Bloom Smart Watch
  • GOQii VITAL Fitness Band
  • Lenovo HW02 Plus Heart Rate Fitness Band
  • Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker
  • SOULFIT Amaze HR Fitness Tracker
  • Echo Dash HR Fitness Band
  • Muzili Activity Tracker
  • HolyHigh 115 Plus Fitness Tracker


Best Smart Band Under 3000

Here are the Best Smart Bands available in the Indian market 2022 under Rs.3000.


Honor Band 4 Perfect Fit Smart Band

Honor Band 4 Perfect Fit Smart Activity Band, Best Fitness Band Under 3000

When looking for the best fitness band, you can completely rely on Honor. It is a brand which is a feature-rich fitness brand as it comes loaded with a lot of amazing features for its users.

To begin with, Honor 4 comes with a full-color touch screen display which is made using 2.5D full scratch-free glass. Along with this, it also makes use of 0.95-inch of AMOLED touch for the large color screen. The screen’s brightness can fully be adjusted and controlled which makes it really convenient for the users to view the texts, numbers, etc. on the screen quite easily.

It is not just the brightness but you also get a vivid and dynamic display for the proper accessing of this smart band. Its build quality is also amazing and it does not cause any infections or irritations on the skin. It comes in a belt clip design which makes it fit pretty comfortable and smooth for the users.

This Honor Band 4 is made with high-quality sensors which offer uninterrupted and superb monitoring of the health activities. It makes use of its heart rate monitoring feature which accurately monitors the heart rate for 24-hours. Besides this, thanks to its feature called scientific sleep monitoring, this activity tracker can help the users to improve their sleep with proper collection and analysis of the sleep data.

Accompanying these general uses of the smart band, it can also be used for multiple sports modes as well as for swimming posture recognition. As a matter of fact, this smart band is water resistant for up to 50m along with being sweat-proof. You can use this smart band for 17-hours continuously with its single charging.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Belt clip design for extreme comfort
  • Accurate monitoring by sensors
  • Non-reflective display
  • Full-color touch with scratch-free glass


  • Lots of features for the beginners


MevoFit Bold HR Fitness Band

MevoFit Bold HR the Best Fitness Band Under 3000 in india 2022

MevoFit is an Indian company which is specialized in designed fitness accessories for the ease of the users. All its products are available at an affordable price range along with being lightweight and compact in size.

The design of this fitness band has been kept minimal with pleasing aesthetics which makes it look cool. Its ergonomic design is not only trendy but is also lightweight and comfortable on the wrist. The strap is durable and also offers the needed security while wearing it on the wrist.

This is a smart band which is designed for athletics and sports person as it gives accurate measurements for their steps, distance, running and other sports activities. It has also been designed in such a way that it is water resistant and thus can be used for all the water sports as well. It also comes with an interesting feature of gesture control with which the users can access its features just by their gestures.

Well, this activity tracker is not just limited to tracking your indoor and outdoor activities but it can also be used for handling calls, messages and other third-party apps such as WhatsApp, messenger, etc. Thanks to its large and colorful display, the users can easily access all the required features without facing any difficulties. The users can also easily change the settings related to its brightness, colors, contrast, etc. for a pleasing view on the smart band’s screen.

With its feature of direct USB charging, it can easily be charged by using laptops or other devices which saves time. You get the maximum battery time of 5-days with a single charging of this smart band. Along with this, you can also rely on its anti-lost feature.


  • Water resistant
  • Made for athletics
  • Accurate sensors
  • Gesture control with an anti-lost feature


  • Battery life can be improved


LCARE Band 2S Fitness Band

LCARE Band 2S Fitness Band, Best Smart Band Under 3000

Third, on the list is this fitness band from LCARE which combines ease and convenience for its users in their products. Other than offering an easy hand for accessing it, the users can also be certain that this fitness band is one reliable and dependable one. Overall, you can expect to get great value for your money with the use of this activity tracker.

The LCARE 2S band makes use of effective and accurate sensors which continuously monitors the heart rate, step count along with the sleep pattern of the users. Thanks to its sophisticated and detailed algorithm, this device can completely be relied upon for getting detailed results for tracking and monitoring the health conditions of the users. You can wear it all day long for getting consistent performance.

Coming to its built quality, it comes in a strap which is comfortable and does not cause any skin infection or irritation. It fits completely secured on the wrist of its users and thus offers good flexibility to the users to do any kind of activity. Since it is lightweight; you can wear it all day long without feeling a thing.

This smart band can also be connected with the bluetooth for expanding its usage. As soon as this activity tracker is connected with the bluetooth, it can easily access all the calls, messages, and other social media notifications instantly. The touch of its screen is also responsive which makes sure that users never miss any important message.

It also offers non-reflective brightness to the users so that they can view all the texts, messages and numbers easily on the screen. You can use this band for monitoring your blood pressure as well and it comes with 2-year warranty time.


  • Can be used to monitor blood pressure
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use


  • Battery could get better


Xiaomi Mi Band 3 (20 Days Battery Life)

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 which offers 20 Days Battery Life

Xiaomi was one of the first companies which introduced the concept of fitness bands in India. Over the years, this brand has launched a number of models of fitness bands for its Indian users and all have been pretty amazing. With the improved design and features, this Mi band 3 is a complete package which can benefit its users in all the possible ways.

It is a simplistic fitness band which offers varying features to the users which can be easily accessed. Thus, this fitness band becomes quite handy for beginners. Other than this, it offers accurate monitoring results and thus is one of the reliable fitness bands that you can use.

Its design is kept true to the real world and as a result, it looks good on people of all age groups. It is designed with a silicone strap which is lightweight as well as comfortable and secure. The most important benefit of the silicone strap is that it does not cause any infection or irritation on the skin.

It uses OLED display in a horizontal direction which offers the maximum screen to the users to read all the desired information. Its display is quite responsive even under the direct sunlight. Though, the visibility level is amazing in indoor conditions but you may have to strain your eyes a bit for outdoor use.

It depends on high-quality sensors and thus gives accurate and relevant readings for the heart rate, step count and sleep monitoring. With its detailed specification, the users can always keep a check on their health status without any hassles. This activity tracker can be used for 20-days with a single charge.


  • Comfortable build and fit
  • Excellent 20-days battery life
  • Horizontal display
  • Responsive actions for incoming calls and messages


  • Visibility gets a little less under sunlight


Toreto Bloom SmartWatch

Toreto Bloom Smart Watch

If you are looking for a stylish yet performing fitness band, then this Toreto fitness band can be your desired option. It comes in an interesting design which can catch anybody’s attention along with effective sensors which can deliver its users with effective results.

It comes with a metallic built along with the non-scratch screen which makes it pretty suitable to be used during all types of activities. It is lightweight which offers the needed flexibility to its users to be worn for a full day without feeling any hassles. The interchangeable silicone strap is skin-friendly and thus causes no infections and irritations.

It has a decent brightness which makes it really feasible for the users to get the calls, texts, numbers, etc. visible from quite a distance as well. It also offers a color display which again is pleasing to the eyes of the users. The large screen ensures that the users don’t really have to feel any strain on their eyes while accessing this smartwatch.

You can totally rely on this smartwatch for getting detailed and accurate measurements of your heart rate, step counts and sleeping pattern. Other than these basic observations, this smartwatch can also be used for keeping a track of the blood pressure as well. This means that you can get complete health records with this smartwatch in the easiest manner possible.

You can also connect this smart band with the bluetooth 4.4 to get an instant and responsive connection with the calls, messages and other social media platforms. It has 7-days of working time and 20-days of standby time. It comes with 12-months of warranty against the possible defects and problems that the users may feel.


  • Waterproof design
  • Stylish and cool looks
  • Lightweight
  • Can monitor blood pressure as well


  • May look too flashy for some users


GOQii VITAL 2.0 Fitness Band with 3-months Personal Coaching

GOQii VITAL Smart Fitness Band

Coming from India’s best preventive health care brand, you can never go wrong when it comes to GOQii. The fitness band from the brand comes loaded with a number of features which helps the users to stay aware and updated about their health without any struggles.

This GOQii fitness band serves the basic necessities of updating the users with their health activities and also tracking their heart rate, sleeping pattern, step count. But along with this, it can also be used to monitor the blood pressure of the user without any hassles. If you are quite an active person, then you can also use this smart band for keeping a count of the burned calories, active hours, exercise log, etc.

The band is available with OLED display which makes it really convenient for the users to view all the required relevant information on its screen without stressing their eyes. The colored display tends to attract the users along with being visible to them from a distance.

Coming to the design of this smart band, then it has been designed to offer a comfortable and secure fit to the users. Since, it is lightweight; it never bothers its users against the various activities that they do. It is designed with a skin-friendly strap which prevents causing any skin rashes, infections and irritation during the use.

One of the distinguishing features that you will get with this fitness tracker is personal coaching. You get 3-months subscription to personal coaching with this product in which you can get the required suggestions on how to improve your health.

This fitness band is also waterproof and comes with 1-year of warranty. You can also connect it with bluetooth and then can get quick and instant access to all your calls, messages and social media notifications.


  • 3-months personal coaching
  • Waterproof and sweat resistant
  • Non-reflective screen
  • OLED colorful display


  • Average battery life


Lenovo HW02 Plus Heart Rate Fitness Band

Lenovo HW02 Plus Heart Rate Fitness tracker

Lenovo is a great option in a fitness band for everyone who is looking for an affordable and amazing fitness band. It does not only look good on each type of users but it is also easy and convenient to use and as a result, gets preferred by even the beginners.

To begin with the description of this product, it comes with its distinguishing advantage of PIA score. By using this feature, this fitness band compares your recorded heart rate data and other body metrics data against the normal level. This lets the users get relevant and detailed information about their fitness regime and also about the various ways in which they can improve.

Along with this amazing feature, it makes use of a dynamic heart rate monitor which provides an accurate analysis of the user’s heart rate. The sport and never sleep mode also adds to the charm working of this fitness tracker. This activity tracker is sufficient for all your needs for maintaining your health in the best possible manner.

It is not just its features which are impressive but it also comes with an integrated dual color wrist band for making it an attraction. The build quality of the band is suitable for the skin and doesn’t cause any infection and irritation. It is also designed to be lightweight and comfortable and thus it can be worn all day long.

It makes use of OLED display which is quite decent for its users to get required visibility from a distance as well. You can connect this fitness activity tracker with the bluetooth and thus can get instant response for all your calls and messages.


  • Waterproof and sweat/dirt resistant
  • Non-reflective decent display
  • Uses PIA score
  • Comfortable and secure fit


  • Step tracking could get better


Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker with 3-months Personalized Health Coaching

Boltt Beat HR Activity Band

If you are looking for a simple looking fitness band which can offer you with a number of amazing features to improve and monitor your health activities, then your search should end on this Boltt beat HR band. It comes in a stylish black color which looks good on everyone and also serves the users with the simple accessible features.

This fitness band can be seen as the perfect combination of aesthetics, technology, and fashion. It also accompanies an excellent build design with which it impresses the users. As it is made using a skin-friendly strap, it can be used for the entire day without feeling a thing.

Special care has been taken to make this fitness band lightweight so that it doesn’t interfere during the heavy workout sessions. You can also use this band during swimming as it is waterproof and sweat resistant, though it catches dust quite easily.

It can be used to keep track and monitor the heart rate of the users for 24X7 so that they can perform better during the workout sessions. Along with this, it also monitors hourly calories, distance, steps, running, walking and active time. You can also avail its benefits by using intelligent motion and automatic sleep detection features.

The activity tracker can be connected to the available Boltt health app. The major benefit of this app is that it offers personalized coaching to users. Your personalized coach will not only tracks your performance but will also provide you with the needed suggestions for improvement.

With the use of this smart band, you also get quick access to social media alerts along with the proper management of calls, messages, and notifications.


  • Personalized coaching for better results
  • Instant connection with the app
  • Simple yet attractive design
  • 24X7 heart rate monitoring


  • Charging is slow


SOULFIT Amaze HR Fitness Tracker

SOULFIT Amaze HR a Beauficul Fitness Bands

SOULFIT is another amazing brand name which offers the required features to the users for monitoring their health needs. This particular model of fitness band from the brand is not only attractive in its looks but is also attractive in its overall performance.

It makes use of G-sensors which are known to accurately observe and monitor the health activities of the users. Thanks to its effective and efficient sensors, it can keep a track of the blood pressure, heart rate, and sleeping pattern as well as step count for its users. Along with this, if you are active throughout your day, then this activity tracker will analyze the relevant data for that activity as well.

You can connect this smart band with the bluetooth 4.0 for getting instant and responsive access to the calls, messages, notifications, and alerts. Thanks to its 0.9-inch TFT color screen, it offers a great quality of display to its users which can be viewed from quite a distance. The dual color wrist band also enhances the attraction of this fitness smart band.

The strap of this smart band is made with the combination of PC and silica gel which reduces the risk of any skin infection or irritation. Also, it is lightweight and thus becomes to carry along throughout the day.

As an added benefit, this smart band comes with USB charging which saves the maximum time of the users. You can use this waterproof and sweat resistant smart band for a maximum of 3-days in general and for 7-days on standby mode.


  • Effective G-sensors
  • Attractive looks
  • TFT color screen with a great display
  • PC and silica gel strap band


  • Average battery life


Mevofit Echo Dash HR Fitness Band

Echo Dash HR Smart Fitness Band

This fitness band is brought to you in association with the well-known name in the health sector – MevoFit. This fitness brand is known to deliver its fitness trackers which are stylish, sleek, powerful and responsive and the same can be expected from this particular model.

In simple words, it can be seen as a fitness band that actually counts. It combines the benefits of all-day activity tracker along with the heart rate tracker which manages all the activities of the users while keeping the record of their heart rate. You can also rely on this smart band for getting accurate details and recordings for calories, distance, steps, etc.

One of the best advantages of this smart band is its gesture control. You don’t have to tap on the screen every time for accessing it; you simply can control it by your gestures. You also can get an instant response to all the incoming calls, messages and other notifications and alerts.

Coming to its design, it gives the benefits of interchangeable straps to its users. The straps are of high-quality which prevents any infections or irritations and thus can be used for the entire day without any second thoughts. It is also lightweight, waterproof, dust/sweat resistant and scratch resistant which makes it handling really easy for the users.

In order to save the maximum time of the users, this fitness activity tracker can be charged by USB connections. With a single charging session, it can offer its working and benefits for the maximum of 7-10 days, depending upon the use.


  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Waterproof, dust/sweat resistant, scratch proof
  • Gesture control
  • Interchangeable high-quality straps


  • Little of the reflective display under direct sun


Muzili Activity Tracker

Muzili fitness Bands

Next on the list is this Muzili activity tracker which has been designed specifically for the convenience and ease of the users. It is one of the few affordable activity trackers whose features are so simple to access that it can be used even by the beginners.

It has been designed to attract the users in the first attempt itself. It comes with a colorful screen display which makes it really effective and easy for the users to view all the numbers and texts even in the sunlight. The screen is of high definition and thus the users can expect to get the desired clarity while viewing the details on the screen.

The brand understands the importance of having a constant heart rate during exercise and thus makes use of its effective heart rate monitor which offers a constant observation. Along with the proper monitoring of the heart rate, it also offers benefits like analyzing the sleeping pattern, step count, silent alarms, etc. Another thing to notice in this activity tracker is the fact that it is waterproof and sweat resistant and as a result of this, it can be used even for activities like swimming, etc.

Well, you not only can monitor your health activities but also can be responsive to the incoming calls and messages during the use of this Muzili activity tracker. It can easily be connected with bluetooth and thus offers you a whole bundle of benefits. It can be used for 7-days with 1-2 hours of charging.

Talking about its design, then you will fall in love with the sleek and ergonomic design of this smart band. Its straps are made of high-quality and are lightweight so that it doesn’t cause you any skin infections or irritations even when used for the entire day.


  • Waterproof and sweat resistant
  • Responsive and effective trackers
  • Different exercise modes available
  • High definition screen with a colorful display


  • Battery could be better


HolyHigh 115 Plus Fitness Tracker

HolyHigh 115 Plus Fitness Tracker

Last but not least on the list is the activity tracker from the brand HolyHigh which is known for its simple features wrapped with high efficiency. This fitness band is compatible with almost all the smart devices and thus you can use it with any of the devices without facing any difficulties or hassles.

It comes with effective all day activities trackers which monitors all the relevant data of the activities that you do throughout the day. it also makes sure to only track the relevant information with the elimination of the unwanted data. Along with this, you can use this tracker band for monitoring your heart rate, steps, sleep, calories count, walking, running, etc.

This fitness band has been designed to be waterproof so that it can be effectively used for activities like swimming. It is a lightweight band which is made using high-quality straps which can be used for the entire day without causing any skin problems and infections. The users can also rely on the comfortable and secure fit that they get with this activity tracker.


  • Easy to use
  • Instant response to calls, messages, etc.
  • All day activity tracking


  • Reflective screen



A suitable fitness smart band is an unsaid necessity in today’s time and thus we would like to recommend the use of Honor Band 4 Perfect Fit Smart Band. This band is reliable, durable and is also consistent with its results. By using this charming fitness band, you can certainly charm others with your lean personality and health.

If you are in need of any other information or details about the fitness activity tracker, then please do comment below. We will get in touch with you with the required help.

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