Top 5 Best Egg Boiler in India 2022

How many of you are fond of having eggs as your first meal in the morning? Well, most of us do, including me.

Though boiling an egg is not any rocket science but honestly, getting a perfectly boiled egg can sometimes be tough. You don’t want an over-cooked or undercooked egg, right?

How about using an egg boiler for that perfectly boiled egg? Here we have some of the best egg boilers in India that can offer you those perfectly boiled eggs to cherish.

Read along and find that the most suitable egg boiler that can make your mornings more relaxing and nutritious.


Best Egg Boiler in India

  • Kent Instant Electric Egg Boiler 360-Watt (16020)
  • Inalsa Oggi 360-Watt Electric Egg Boiler
  • Prestige Electric Egg Boiler PEGB-01 (41042)
  • Stvin Double Layer Electric Egg Cooker
  • Goodway Electric Egg Boiler
  • PETRICE 2-In-1 Multi-functional Electric Mini Egg Boiler


Best Egg Boiler In India 2022

Kent Instant Egg Boiler 360-Watt (16020):

Kent Instant Egg Boiler 360-Watt (16020)


Kent is known to make quality kitchen appliances and this amazing egg boiler is one of them. According to the preference, this egg boiler can be operated in 3 different modes – soft, medium and harde.

One of the best qualities of this egg boiler is its simple one-touch operation. Simply just put the eggs inside the boiler with an appropriate amount of water and choose the desired mode. To make sure your eggs are well-boiled, this KENT egg boiler automatically turns off.

You can boil 7-eggs in one go in this product and thus can simply prepare breakfast for your entire family. Thanks to its stainless steel body and a flat heating plate, you can get your quality boiled eggs within no time.

Last but not least, you also get the maximum warranty time of 1-year with this KENT egg boiler to handle all types of situations in the best possible manner.


  • Easy to use one-button operation
  • Can be used in 3 different modes according to the need
  • Enabled with an automatic off feature for well-boiled quality eggs
  • Can be used for 7-eggs at maximum
  • Designed with stainless steel material and flat heating plate


Inalsa Oggi 360-Watt Egg Boiler:

Inalsa Oggi 360-Watt Egg Boiler


Ever since 1985, Inalsa has been producing high-quality home appliances for its users. The brand understands the needs and requirements of its users and thus delivers them the perfect products just like this egg boiler.

It can be used to boil 7-eggs at a time and that too perfectly without any hassles. The available water measuring cup and piercer further make it easy for the users to get delicious eggs in their meals.

This Inalsa Oggi egg boiler is designed for the convenience of its users as it can be operated very easily with just a single touch. The available on/off button offers an easy hand operation for the users and the light indicators complete the overall performance.

Not to forget its stylish design can really add a style statement to your kitchen. Thanks to its stainless steel lid and removable tray, it is quite convenient to clean this product. Lastly, its low power consumption (360-Watt) and offered 1-year warranty time really make it worthy to invest in this product.


  • Can be used to boil 7-eggs at a time
  • Easy to clean with its removable egg tray
  • Can be used at low power consumption without any compromises
  • Available with an easy-to-use on/off switch and light indicators


Prestige Egg Boiler PEGB-01 (41042):

Prestige Egg Boiler PEGB-01 (41042)


Prestige is one of the best and reputed brand names in India which needs no introduction. The highly dedicated performance and the ever-stylish design of the products speak tons about the brand value of Prestige.

You can boil 7-eggs in this product and prepare a healthy meal for all your family members in a single-use. Its stainless steel is highly durable and long-lasting, whereas the plastic lid allows the users to keep a check on the boiling process.

You can use this product in 3-different modes – soft, medium and hard, depending upon your need and choice. The available measuring cup allows the users to maintain the desired amount of water in the product for perfectly boiling eggs. It automatically turns off once the eggs are boiled.

Thanks to its one-touch usage, it can be used by anyone without any difficulties. Lastly, there is also a 1-year warranty available with this product to handle any adverse situation or condition.


  • It can be used to boil 7-eggs
  • Designed with a durable stainless steel body and high-quality plastic lid
  • Offers 3-different operational modes to the users – soft, medium and hard
  • One-touch operation for easy usage with an auto shut-off feature


Stvin Double Layer Electric Egg Cooker:

Stvin Double Layer Electric Egg Cooker


This double layer egg boiler is simply suitable for all those users who are looking for a multi-purpose product. Besides the basic functionalities, it also offers a very useful measuring glass to its users for preparing the perfect dish.

Well, thanks to the double layer cooking style, it can be used to boil up to 14-eggs in a single go. The users can also use it to steam different vegetables, to boil milk and to even cook Maggi. Despite its large capacity, it is available in a compact size and thus can be conveniently stored at any desired location without any hassles.

Its crystal clear top cover is so made to offer a very appealing appearance to the product. Also, you can very efficiently monitor the entire boiling process through the transparent cover for maximum satisfaction. Along with this, it is designed with high-quality food-grade material to make a lasting impression on the users.


  • Can be used to boil 14-eggs
  • Useful to boil and steam different vegetables
  • Available in a compact size for easy storage
  • Transparent cover for attractive look and monitoring


Goodway Electric Egg Boiler:

Goodway Electric Egg Boiler


If you are looking for a simple yet cute egg boiler, then your search ends here. This Goodway egg boiler comes with the total capacity of boiling 5-eggs at one time within just 7-8 minutes.

Its compact size really makes it convenient for the people to easily store it anywhere they need. Also, it consumes very less amount of water (approximately 25mL) to perfectly boil the eggs. Other than this, it also consumes only 200W of power for boiling eggs and thus can be trusted as a power-saving machine.

Thanks to its stainless steel body, it can be trusted to offer a high-quality built to its users. Moreover, you can also use this product to perfectly boil different sizes of eggs without any hassles.

To conclude, it can be the best option to invest in by people who are always in a hurry, fitness enthusiast and bachelors. You also get the warranty time of 6-months with this product.


  • Can be used for boiling 5-eggs at a time
  • Requires minimal amount of water and power for boiling eggs
  • Available in a compact size for easy storage
  • Designed with a stainless steel body and can be used for different sizes of eggs


PETRICE 2-In-1 Multi-Functional Electric Mini Egg Boiler:

PETRICE 2-In-1 Multi-Functional Electric Mini Egg Boiler


This multi-functional egg boiler is everything that you need for a delicious complete meal. Apart from simply using it to boil eggs, you can also use it to make simple, easy but mouth-watering dishes.

To begin with, it can be used to boil 7-eggs within no time. Simply place the eggs in the tray with a sufficient amount of water and let this amazing product boil your eggs. It will automatically get switched-off once the eggs are done.

Thanks to its uniform heating and high thermal efficiency, the users can also make dishes like an omelet and pizza. It saves a lot of your power/time and still manages to be of the best use. It offers a non-sticky base and a transparent lid for easy and convenient cooking.

Lastly, it is available in a stylish appearance and easy-to-use design. You can also rely on the high durability of this product in the long run.


  • Can be used to boil 7-eggs in a single go
  • Uses uniform heating and high thermal efficiency for simple cooking
  • Available with non-stick base and transparent cooking lid
  • Consumes minimal energy with the automatic switch-off feature enabled



Amidst these varieties of egg boilers, we would like to recommend the use of Kent Instant Egg Boiler 360-Watt (16020).

It comes in a stainless body with an adequate heating plate and 3-different boiling modes to boil 7-eggs within no time. Its additional features like automatic shut-off and one-touch use further make it a complete package to be used.

If you have any doubts or concerns related to the best egg boiler in India, please do comment below and let us know. We are here with all our dedication to serve you with the best information and details.

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