10 Best Barbeque Grill in India 2022

Unfortunately, lighting a traditional charcoal grill is not always possible, especially if you plan to install it in a public place. This problem can be an electric grill, considered inexpensive, and most importantly – a healthy alternative to a charcoal grill. So, get acquainted with the TOP 10 best electric grills 2022: which to choose for the house and cottage?

Hiding is useless! Grilling is our national sport. After all, how to resist this unique taste and aroma of grilled dishes? Crispy, juicy sausages, tender, melting in the mouth, pork neck, or delicious fragrant kebabs? And good weather attracts you with rest “in the open air.” It is impossible to resist!

With sunny spring weather, the barbecue season is approaching, and this is worth taking advantage of. However, the weather is not always conducive to this, so an electric grill comes to the rescue – both at home and in the garden. This device allows you to cook a grill in any condition – in the kitchen, on the balcony, and in the park. An excellent electric grill will last a long time and allow you to grill not only in spring and summer but also in other months of the year. This is the perfect solution for barbecue lovers. But which electric grill is worth buying?

Learn about the varieties of electric grills and tips on how to make the right choice. See also rating: the best electric grills for your kitchen, balcony, and garden. What to look for when buying an electric grill? Which electric grill to choose? You’ll learn from today’s guide.


Top 10 Best Barbeque Grill In India

An electric grill can have different functions, so what should you buy to perform your task best? It all depends, of course, on the conditions in which you want to cook the grill (in the kitchen, on the terrace or balcony?) And at what level of development you are. We have collected various electric grills and made a small rating, including open and closed grills. Of course, it’s impossible to determine which device is better, but we have a few favorites that may interest you.

H Hy-tec Briefcase Metal Barbecue

H Hy-tec Briefcase Metal Barbecue


  • Grill Type: Table, With Hob, Open + Closed
  • Power: 2400 W
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel

Can’t decide whether you prefer an electric grill: closed or open? The Ariete BBQ home electric grill is the solution to your dilemma. Half of the appliance is an available smooth surface for the grill, and the other half is a closed plate with lattice ribs.

The Ariete BBQ electric grill is a large grill area where you can prepare many meals at once for a large group of guests. It’s a 3-in-1 electric grill – a flat surface allows you to fry, and a jagged surface allows you to grill dishes and roast sandwiches. A huge plus of this model is the material itself – durable stainless steel, resistant to mechanical damage.


  • temperature control,
  • finished light,
  • adjustment of the upper heating plate,
  • barbecue function,
  • Toaster function,
  • system of fat draining into the container.


Prestige PPBW 04 Barbeque

Prestige PPBW 04 Barbeque


  • Grill Type: Table, With Hob, Open
  • Power: 2000 W
  • Case Material: Plastic

Another electric table grill of the same brand: Grill Ariete La Grigliata. This grill model is slightly different from its predecessor. The body is made of less durable plastic, which is not as resistant to damage as steel. However, the heating plate itself is made of durable cast iron with an additional non-stick coating.

The manufacturer guarantees that the stove can cook food without fat, but it is always better to use little oil. The electric grill additionally has a glass lid that speeds up the grilling process and protects against fat splashes. After the thermostat is turned off, the grill can be used as a tray for serving.


  • removable thermostat — temperature control,
  • can be used as a tray – after disconnecting the thermostat,
  • glass cover included,
  • possibility to wash the plates in the dishwasher.


Peng Essentials 3 in 1 Barrel Charcoal Barbeque Grill

Peng Essentials 3 in 1 Barrel Charcoal Barbeque Grill Best Barbeque Grill in India


  • Grill type: table, baking sheet, open
  • Power: 1250 W
  • Case Material: Plastic

This time the grill from the brand Botti. The Botti Forti Electric Grill is a straightforward device, ideal for all grill lovers looking for complex solutions. It is perfect for those who do not have their plot or garden but want to grill at home. Instead of the classic grille in the model, there is a tray with holes covered with a non-stick coating. A large heating surface allows you to prepare several products for the whole family. The hob can be removed and washed thoroughly.


  • Temperature control,
  • removable heating plate.


Hytec BBQ1 Portable Metal Barbeque

Hytec BBQ1 Portable Metal Barbeque


  • Grill type: table, with a racket
  • Power: 1200 W
  • Case Material: Metal

The Camry Home Electric Grill is a raclette grill with mini pans that cook your meals among a large group of guests. The upper heating plate has a non-stick coating and will enable you to cook meat, fish, vegetables, and barbecue on the grill.

On the other hand, on the bottom plate, put small pans with unheated handles, where you can fry eggs and bake various ingredients under a layer of cheese. Such equipment is sure to diversify the meeting! In addition, the grille is made of metal, making it more resistant to damage than plastic devices—a great way to spend time with family and friends.


  • Raclette function – 6 small pots included,
  • frying pan handles unheated,
  • removable grille,
  • On/off switch.


Home Buy Barbecue Charcoal Grill

Home Buy Barbecue Charcoal Grill


  • Grill type: table, cooking, outdoor
  • Power: 1500 W

At first glance, the electric grill Botti Permo looks like an ordinary serving tray. It has another feature! Equipped with a smooth ceramic-coated hob, it allows you to grill a variety of dishes. You can cook juicy meat, fish, colorful vegetables, and crispy toast on such a grill.

Charming looks electric grill Botti Permo put on the table. The most significant advantage of this grill model is the ceramic coating itself, which provides a healthy and almost low-fat grilling. It is safe when in contact with food and does not emit toxic substances when exposed to high temperatures. In addition, it is smooth and straightforward to maintain.


  • adjustable thermostat,
  • control lamp, zak
  • cool handles


Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill

Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal Grill


  • Grill type: table, cooking, lockable
  • Case material: stainless steel.
  • Power: 1500 W

The Morphy Richards Intell grill Closed Electric Grill is my number one on the list of grilling devices, although its price is relatively high. The device serves as a classic grill for cooking meat, fish, and vegetables and as a toaster to cook delicious toast. The case is made of durable stainless steel, and the heating plates are covered with a non-stick coating so that you can fry dishes with a small amount of fat. Food will not stick to the surface.

Overall, it’s the perfect set! Notably, the device is equipped with a digital display and buttons that allow you to adjust the temperature and cooking time on the grill accurately. In addition, the grill comes with a sensor that measures the temperature of grilled foods – excellent. The kit also includes a tray for drops, on which melted fat flows, and a shoulder blade, which will be helpful when cooking on the grill.


  • digital display,
  • temperature control,
  • temperature sensor,
  • tray for drops,
  • non-slip legs,
  • storage cord.


Athena Creations Charcoal Barbecue Grill

Athena Creations Charcoal Barbecue Grill


  • Grill type: table, cooking, lockable
  • Case material: stainless steel.
  • Power: 2000 W

The Botti Healthy Line grill is very similar to the grill device from the first position. Still, instead of a digital display, it has two handles – for adjusting the temperature and setting the time. Also, on the grille, two control lamps inform about the degree of heating of the plate.

The case is made of one of the most durable materials – stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it. Cooking surfaces have a non-stick coating, which ensures cooking on the grill without burning products. Electric grill Botti Healthy Line performs another vital function – protection against overheating. It acts as a classic grill and sandwich.


  • adjustable thermostat,
  • timer up to 30 minutes,
  • overheating protection,
  • two control lamps,
  • adjustable hinges


Starvin HotL Barbecue Grill

Starvin HotL Barbecue Grill Best Barbeque Grill in India


  • Grill type: table, cooking, lockable
  • Case Material: Metal
  • Power: 1200 W

The Ariete Metal Grill is the same as the previous case: the practical 2in1 is a classic electric grill and sandwich. The device’s price is much lower than the apparatus above, but it’s still not a grill from the cheapest price range.

Why is it worth it? The grill body is made of damage-resistant metal, and the hob is covered with Teflon non-stick coating. What’s more, the plates are removable and can be washed in the dishwasher! Therefore, they are straightforward to clean. You can close the grill and bake the ingredients on both sides simultaneously or fully unfold to create a large grill surface.


  • thermostat
  • finished light,
  • adjustment of the height of the upper plate,
  • possibility of removing the heating plates and washing in the dishwasher,
  • optional: fat stand and the shoulder blade


Cello Ultra CLO BBQ

Cello Ultra CLO BBQ


  • Grill type: table, with plate and lid
  • Power: 1300 W

The Botti Weruto electric grill can mostly be qualified as open grills, but I put the device in the closed grill classification because of the glass lid attached to it. Due to its round shape, the grill resembles a kitchen pan designed for grilling. However, unlike a conventional frying pan, the dishes are not placed on the stove but are connected to electricity.

The hob has a non-stick coating that prevents grilled products from sticking to the surface. In addition, the plate can be removed from the device to clean its surface of frozen fat and food residues easily. Interestingly, the Botti Weruto grill is also suitable for baking pizza.! For this reason, it could not be absent from the ranking of the ten best electric grills. A device that can fry juicy sausages and bake homemade pizza? It’s the perfect combination for you.


  • temperature control,
  • fat removal system,
  • non-heating handle,
  • tempered glass cover,
  • possibility to bake pizza


Indiatradition Barbecue Grill

Indiatradition Barbecue Grill


  • Grill type: garden table, with hob, lockable
  • Case Material: Plastic
  • Power: 2200 W

Electric grill Ariete La Grigliata New is suitable for both home and garden. It is equipped with a high-quality cast iron hob with a non-stick coating. Thanks to this, you can cook on the grill products even with a small amount of fat. The grill also has a hinged glass lid that can be removed if necessary. The top speeds up cooking and protect against grease splashes, but it is impossible to cook ingredients on both sides of the grill.


  • removable thermostat,
  • included fat tray,
  • removable glass cover.

Which electric grill would be the best? The one that will meet your expectations! Think about what excites you the most. Do you want to grill and cook in small pans at the same time? Or maybe you want to roast the sandwiches in the toaster? There are grills on the market designed not only for the classic grill but also with other features. Before buying a device, it’s also worth looking at the functionality they offer that will help you grill effectively.


Electric grill or traditional grill?

The traditional barbecue, kind in the garden, is, of course, a symbol of a picnic and a summer barbecue. The traditional grill that reigns supreme during the barbecue season is usually a charcoal grill. Rising smoke gives cooked meat, fish, and vegetables a unique taste and aroma. Therefore, such a grill has many supporters, but more and more people are leaning towards an electric grill that allows you to grill all year round! However, this type of grill requires appropriate weather conditions to ignite it.

Classic grill on coals for the garden

There are popular disposable and reusable grills. You will find both small and large models. Portable grills are often chosen, which are easy to put in the car’s trunk and take with you as friends or on a hike. However, charcoal grills can not be used indoors because of the rising smoke. Placing them on the balcony will also not be the best idea if there are neighbors around. However, they are ideal in the garden or in any other place where barbecue is not prohibited.

However, a traditional charcoal grill requires a bit of fun – first, you need to light the coal, control the temperature and add charcoal if necessary. Second, to prepare a meal quickly, meetings on such a grill have their atmosphere, but cooking on coals requires much more work than an electric grill. Hence, it is not a device that will allow you to prepare a meal quickly.


Electric grill for kitchen and balcony

In turn, the electric grill can be used in the spring-summer season and all year round! As such, it’s an excellent device for big grilled food lovers who are looking forward to the barbecue season during the colder months.

Unlike a traditional charcoal grill, it does not need to be ignited for a few minutes. There is also no rising smoke, which prevents the possibility of grilling in rooms and on block balconies. On the other hand, the electric grill heats up quickly, so don’t hesitate to put meat and vegetables on it, even if you’re starving and only going to cook food for one person.

It is worth choosing an electric grill with removable heating plates because such a device is also much easier to keep clean than a traditional grill with a grill on which fat is deposited. However, such a grill requires a power source. This, on the one hand, is a disadvantage of the device, and on the other, the advantage is that it does not smoke, so that the grill can be cooked in the kitchen or on the balcony. Thus, whether it’s raining outside or the wind is raging, you can light an electric grill at any time and cook delicious meals.


Electric grill – is it worth it?

You already know how a traditional charcoal grill differs from an electric grill. Of course, it is impossible to say unequivocally that one device is better than another. It all depends on what you care about the most. A traditional garden grill creates a unique atmosphere and facilitates meetings in large groups. Gives dishes a characteristic taste and aroma. However, it can only be used in good weather and outdoors. This is not the case with a home electric grill! So is it worth buying an electric grill? It’s worth it! Just look at its benefits.


  • safe to use,
  • does not require coal for ignition,
  • heats up very quickly – allows you to cook quick meals,
  • it can be heated even for 1-2 people,
  • does not produce suffocating smoke
  • can be used indoors and on the balcony,
  • easy to clean,
  • can be used all year round, regardless of weather conditions,
  • it can be put on the table during a house party.


  • Electricity connection is required.


What to buy an electric grill?

You decided to buy an electric grill … What’s next? There are so many different grill models on the market that the choice can make you dizzy. We have for you a small selection of types of electric grills that will simplify your purchase. There are four main types to get to know. The section will help you choose which electric grill to buy for the kitchen, balcony, and garden.

Separation on the surface of the grill:

Electric grill with barbecue made of a heater with a grill mounted on it. Its appearance resembles a traditional charcoal garden barbecue, so it should appeal to the biggest grill lovers. Melting fat from meat flows to the heater (in a conventional charcoal grill). On the other hand, such a grill has a large surface for grilling, which allows you to cook different dishes simultaneously. In addition, some models are equipped with an adjustable thermostat that allows you to set the appropriate grill temperature.


  • reminiscent of a traditional barbecue on coals,
  • large grill area.


  • The fat drains on the heater are challenging to keep clean; grilling on both sides is impossible.


Electric grill with hob

It consists of a heating stove, on which you can put dishes for the grill, and a powerful heater. On such a plate is applied non-stick coating – most often it is Teflon or ceramics. Unlike a grill, ghee does not enter the heater but through exceptional gutters into the tray for collecting drops. This is a very great convenience, thanks to which the electric grill with a hob is very easy to clean. Unfortunately, not every model is equipped with such a tank. However, you can disassemble the hob and wash it thoroughly.


  • equipped with a plate with a coating to which food does not stick,
  • Melting fat flows not into the heater but the grooves,
  • very clean benches,
  • Models with a large grill area are available.


Electric raclette grill with mini pans

The multifunctional device of round or rectangular shape. At the top is a plate for cooking on the grill, and at the bottom, there is a place for mini pans for melting cheese and frying eggs. This allows you to cook different dishes at once. Such a grill is often put on the table around which guests gather – each of them can make his casserole, which he puts on a small frying pan, usually covered with Teflon. In turn, the grilled slab itself is very often made of stone. As a result, fat does not drip on the heater but remains in the trays.


  • multifunctional device – the ability to cook different dishes at once,
  • some models are also equipped with fondue function,
  • fat melts in grooves,
  • Easy to keep clean.


Size classification:

Electric table grill for kitchen, home

On the market, you will find a closed electric grill resembling a sandwich maker and a grill with a tempered glass lid that protects against the hot splashing of fat. The device is smaller, allowing you to install the grill on the table or the counter. Designed for home use, in your kitchen, in a small group of guests. They do not take up much space in the kitchen room.,


  • small, compact size – take up little space,
  • Ideal for use in the kitchen,
  • closed grill-toaster allows you to cook dishes on the grill at the same time on both sides,
  • Suitable for grilling in a small group.


  • a small grill area.
  1. Electric grill on legs, garden

Their dimensions are more significant than a table grill, which provides a large surface for cooking. They are equipped with a grille or hob. They resemble traditional barbecues on coals on legs. They can be used in the garden, on the plot, the terrace, and balcony. However, you will need an extension cord that will allow you to connect the grille to the outlet.


  • large grill area,
  • similar to a traditional barbecue,
  • can be used outdoors,
  • Ideal as an electric balcony grill,
  • Suitable for grilling in a large company.


  • takes up more space at home.


How to choose an electric grill or what to look for?

To determine the specific type of electric grill is not enough. To choose a perfect electric grill, you need to pay attention to its parameters and additional functions. Each device offers different features that may or may not be helpful to you.

Price for electric grill

How much does an electric grill cost? It all depends on the model and the features that the device offers.

  • Electric steels from a lower-priced category will be made of less durable material – plastic. It is recommended that people who are just starting their adventure with the grill do not care about professional appliances.
  • Electric grills of the middle class will find raclette grills with a grill of stone, open grills with ceramic coating, and closed toasters with adjustable temperature.
  • High-end electric grills are grills of well-known, reliable brands, often equipped with additional functions. These can be a raclette grill with fondue function, an electric toaster with a digital display, and a thermostat grill.


Electric grill – what power?

The device’s power is one of the parameters that you need to pay attention to when choosing an electric grill. The higher the power, the faster the grill element heats up, and, thus, grilled products quickly become ready for use. Of course, each dish will require a different heating temperature, but the power is worth it. The best electric grill is one, the power of which is 1500-2200 V. On the market, there are grills with a lower capacity of 400-1200 watts.


Good electric grill with switch

Contrary to appearance, not every electric grill is equipped with an on/off switch, so don’t take it for granted! Only some models have a corresponding button that allows you to turn the device on and off. However, grills can be turned off only by removing the plug from the outlet without such a switch. And it’s not a very convenient solution and can be dangerous if you forget it!


Electric grill – with or without cover?

An electric grill may or may not have a cover. What will it be equipped with, and what task does the case perform? Table grills for the kitchen, requiring when preparing the grill to approach the grill or hob, are often equipped with a lid. The lid speeds up the process of cooking ingredients on the grill and protects against splashes of fat. The cover must be adapted to the size of the grill and is most often made of tempered glass.


Grill temperature control

Remember that each ingredient requires a different cooking temperature to give it the desired taste, juiciness, and degree of browning. Therefore, it is worth having a home electric grill equipped with such functionality. The temperature is usually adjusted with a pen but can also be set on a digital display.


Is the electric grill closed or open?

An electric grill can be fully open and even without a lid, but it can also be a double-sided electric grill closed like a sandwich.

  • Electric open grills without a lid are devices with a larger grill surface, usually intended for use in the garden, on the balcony, or at home for making raclettes.
  • Closed electric grills + toasters are smaller devices designed for placement on the table and use in the kitchen. They allow you to cook the ingredients on the grill on both sides at the same time. You can also use sandwiches to make grilled sandwiches with various ingredients.


Easy to clean the grill

Of course, cleaning the grill of frozen fat and burnt food residues is not the easiest. When buying a barbecue, you should pay attention to whether the model you choose is easy or difficult to clean. For example, electric grills with a non-stick coating heating plate will not be as complex as electric grills with a grill in which melting fat drains on the heater. In some models, individual parts can also be removed and washed in the dishwasher, significantly speeding up the device’s cleaning.


Additional functions of the electric finder – which to choose?

Professional electric grills also offer several additional features that will make grilling more accessible and more enjoyable. Of course, they are not necessary, but they are an exciting and practical addition to the device. An electric grill can have functions such as:

Readiness level indicator

A home or garden electric grill can be equipped with an indicator indicating the degree of cooking. In addition to the temperature control function, the grill should also have this useful function. This is especially important for closed grills, where, unlike open grills, you cannot constantly monitor the degree of browning of products. However, when you throw them on an open grill, you can see if they are adequately cooked with the naked eye.

After the grid closes, you will no longer have this opportunity. You can, of course, lift the grill lid, but don’t do it too often so as not to lower the grill temperature. The device is equipped with a color-changing LED, but it can also generate sound signals at every cooking stage. This indicator shows whether the meat is fried light, medium or hard.


Measurement of meat thickness

It’s now clear that each ingredient requires a different cooking time on the grill. But how do you choose the right time to fry pork neck, chicken breast, or another piece of meat? After all, it cannot be damp or too dry. This is where automatic measurement of the thickness of a piece of meat comes to the rescue. Some electric grills are equipped with this feature. The device measures and automatically selects the appropriate temperature and cooking time on the grill.


Electric grill with interchangeable plates

You can also choose an electric grill with removable plates that you can change depending on your needs. Leaves can be used not only for grilling but also for roasting sandwiches and baking waffles. So it’s a 3-in-1 electric grill — a regular grill, toaster, and waffle iron.


Adjustment of the position of the top plate

The ability to adjust the position of the top plate is a handy feature in the case of lockable electric grills. It allows you to adjust the distance between the product placed for the grill and the top heating plate. The right combination will allow you to cook the ingredient on the grill to the correct extent and at the right time.


Overheat protection and cover lock

It is worth it if a thermal fuse in the home electric grill protects the device from overheating. This feature significantly prolongs the life of the device so that the grill will last in your kitchen for a long time. Another practical feature is the lid lock, which simplifies the device’s storage and protects against burns when using the grill in the presence of children.


Sloping surface and fat removal system

Without fat, there’s no real grill, that’s for sure. Each ingredient should be greased with a silicone brush before being placed on a grill or hob. This will prevent products from sticking to the grate and at the same time give them a characteristic taste and aroma. However, problems may arise with melted fat, so it is worth making the frying surface slightly inclined to drain it into special containers for drops. If the electric roof does not have an inclined surface, it is worth having a fat removal system.


Automatic grilling programs

Self-selection of temperature and cooking time for a particular dish can be difficult, especially for people just starting their grill adventure. Some electric grills solve these problems and offer automatic grill programs. All you have to do is put a specific product on a grill or plate and choose a program. The grill will select the right temperature and time for the preparation of the dish. Depending on the model chosen, you can select a program for grilling red meat, poultry, fish, hamburgers, and vegetables.

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